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Meet Our Sponsors: Safe Waters Foundation

SWF 002 welcome 2
The members and officers of Safe Waters Foundation welcome people to SWF at Fantasy Faire.

Safe Waters Foundation and all its aquatics sponsor the Faire this year. GraceSWF Wrigglesworth, the founder of SWF, tells us about the Foundation, how it works to reach out to all the mer-folk of Second Life and to show the way to the ocean to those who might become curious about the life in the waves. 

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

We wanted to be a support to the RFL fundraising effort and also let people know that the fantasy of being mermaid/merman is available in Second Life. Almost every mermaid or merman has been impacted by cancer and joining the fight seemed a good use of the funds we’ve raised. Sponsorship at Fantasy Faire seemed like a wonderful way to show support – Merfolk for RFL!

SWF article 006 officers2
Safe Waters Founder GraceSWF Wrigglesworth (right) and SWF officer Celtic Infinity (left).

How did you become a mer in Second Life? How did Safe Waters Foundation come to existence?

I’ll never forget the day I discovered my first SL mermaid. I’d seen a notecard that said I could be a mermaid in a roleplay, but could find no other information. One day (much to my surprise) I spotted a mermaid flying way up in the sky overhead (very rapidly). I rushed to follow her but it was hard still to move and she was fast! I almost lost her, but eventually she gave me some help. It was still a struggle to become a mermaid in this new virtual world but with some effort, I did it. The joy of swimming, exploring underwater worlds and dancing as a mermaid – oh gosh, it was joyful! I was hooked on mermaids and just kept discovering more and more as I went along.

Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) started out of my passionate desire to help new mermaids/mermen (I like to call them merms) in Second Life. I started with a little folder of notecards I’d update regularly and give out. Other people started joining the group, and we discovered the usefulness of group chat for finding other merms. We’ve got a mission, a charter, headquarters and a number of helpful programs now. It’s no longer “my group” – it really is “our group” – as so many have contributed their talents. So many people enjoy helping others become merm – and there are so many different ways to help. I think we do a good job of helping overall.

SWF 001 meeting
The popular weekly meetings of SWF take place on Saturdays 10am SLT. Arrive early to avoid mer lag!

How does Safe Waters Foundation work? What can we expect of you during the Faire?

The goals of SWF are:
-To assist those considering a mer life.
-To increase awareness in the general public that there is a mer option.
-To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible.
-To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community.

You can read more about at our website: http://www.goldmermaid.com/SWF/

There sometimes has been some confusion because of our name – our goal isn’t to make the waters safe for merms. We aren’t the United Nations for merms – seeking to intervene in conflicts and be the peacemakers. Quite the opposite – I’ve tried to steer us out of the “wars” that seem inevitably to come up – to let the parties involved solve it among themselves. I’ve lost friends over this distinction – but I just don’t have the desire or the energy to be the peacemaker of Second Life merms.

The other confusion is that some people think that SWF is a Real Life organization – doing environmental actions to make the waters safe and healthy. I wish I was able to raise it up to that, but until now – that is beyond the scope of our little organization.

A personal goal for SWF that I still maintain is a hope to make it more multi-national. Right now everything is in English. I’d like to translate the core support pieces and even have chapters that meet in times that make sense for different time zones. We have one support group meeting weekly that is well attended but very inconvenient if you are in Europe, Japan or Australia!

At Fantasy Faire this year I hope you will see more mermaids and mermen! And if you have any interest at all in trying out the mer option – I hope you will delight in the multiple resources that SWF makes readily available.

SWF 003 information
SWF help desk and members. Note that SWF supports all aquatics – there’s a friendly sea monster in the center.

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

Second Life is all about fantasy. People can be whatever they want and do as they wish with very few limits. I like to say that SL allows people to explore their true self, to grow into themselves and lead a fantasy life the way a person would if God allowed us to set it all up. The fantasy options with SL are just where those fantasies look a lot different than the real life options. My inner self is a mermaid that loves the ocean and whales. My fantasy is very aquatic. :)

SWF 005 officers1
Some of the SWF officers. Left to right: Serafin Galli, WriterofPoetry Oceanlane, GraceSWF Wrigglesworth and Celtic Infinity. Note that Writer is a merman – mermaids are rare but mermen are even more rare!

Do you have a favorite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

I think my favorite memory is swimming in a mer grotto that Corkie Houston had built in one of the sims – I don’t remember the year. Her freebies included a ride-able manta ray! So many people were delighted to discover me when I relaxed in Corkie’s grotto. I felt like a mermaid ambassador. I also remember rescuing a few friends from jail – all in the name of raising funds for RFL! I’m looking forward to getting a bigger global picture of the Faire this year as part of it.

Thank you, Grace, for taking the time to chat with us and to share the delight of the aquatic life with us!

SWF 004 exploring
Some of the SWF officers dancing (merms love to dance). SyrenaViolet on right and Serafin Galli next to her.

Meet Our Sponsors – .Luminary.


Augurer of .Luminary. joins the impressive crowd of our sponsors this year and shares with us her theater background and how it has affected her Second Life creativity. There’s also sneak peeks of her Faire wares!

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

I’ve been participating in the FF and RFL Clothing Faire for a number of years now, under different brand names. I had always said “Next year, I sponsor” but never managed to do it. This year felt right, and I couldn’t be more excited to do it!

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I began making clothing in SL about 7 years ago. I was around back before flexi prims existed, much less sculpt or mesh. Everything was system layers, but I was amazed even then at the creativity people had. I wanted to learn!

My fellow designers inspire me quite a bit. I see the amazing things they make, and I get that bug to make something instantly. The designer community in Second Life is incredibly supportive, helpful, caring, and I’ve made some wonderful friendships from it.

I also have a background in theater. I’ve heard it said that “The theatre is an empty box, and it is our job to fill it with fury, ecstasy, and with revolution.” – I think that’s an apt description for Second Life as well. It’s an empty box, and nothing is more inspiring than a box waiting to be filled.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? Give us some sneak peeks or teasers!

I’ve been pretty busy and taking my time with each of the designs. As soon as I signed up, I knew I wanted to do an outfit for 4 very special people in my real life, and have each outfit inspired by them.

I’m bringing to the faire stories of people, made into clothing. It’s the best tribute I can give them.

I can tell you that there will be at least 4 new releases, some for women, and some for men!

RFL Teaser - Luminary

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

As I said before, I have a background in theater. My day job is actually professional acting. My focus is primarily in Shakespeare, so I was introduced to historical and fantasy costuming through that.

There is nothing quite like putting on your costume for the first time and instantly -becoming- that character. The same holds true for the fantasy genre! We all know that thrilling moment when you put on a new piece of jewelry, outfit, or skin and you just know it’s perfect for your character!

I’m an avid roleplayer. When I’m not pretending to be someone else professionally, I log on and pretend to be someone else here. The sky is the limit in SL, and that will never cease to amaze me. I’ve probably roleplayed with most of my customers, and I love seeing my designs on them!

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Years and Years ago, the faire’s theme was Pirates. I decided to take a real fantasy spin on it and go with a theme of Homer’s Odyssey. A few designer friends and I stayed up all night many nights in a row just keeping each other company while we created.

As a joke (and probably because we were sleep deprived), we all hid a mudkip from Pokemon in our booths that year. Delora Starbrook from Haven Designs, Talyn Barrett from Analise and I had a blast turning it into a game of hide and seek the mudkip.

This year, I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone else designs. With mesh in full swing, and with fantasy creators getting more and more exposure, this year’s Faire promises to be one of the best!

Thank you, Augurer, for taking the time to chat with us. We’re delighted that you chose this year to sponsor the Faire!

Meet Our Sponsors: Spyralle


Spyralle is sponsoring the Faire again with the beauty of exquisite fractal creations. Kerryth Tarantal shares with us her reasons to relay, her earliest fantasy memories and her growth as a Second Life creator. You can read more in the last year’s interview here

This is not your first time sponsoring Fantasy Faire. Do you have personal reasons to support RFL? Do you want to share those with us?

I am a 3-time cancer survivor, three different cancers. I was diagnosed with the first one almost 19 years ago. The most recent was five years ago. I literally owe my life to the research that has been made possible by the donations of thousands of caring people, and I want to pass it forward. I am passionate about this cause in SL not just because of my own experience but because of the people I know whose lives depend on continued research. Also the people we have lost. And, of course, the joyful experiences I’ve had and the wonderful people I’ve met, being engaged with Relay for Life in SL. This is truly a joy and a labor of love.

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I started very small, making simple prim things for one of my first homes in Second Life. I rented a little island, and the ground was not flat. I had to make a prim foundation to put under my house. It was like magic, and I remember thinking “Wow! I can do this!” I kept trying things, and then I took a basic building class, and there was no turning back. I had always loved creating things in RL – I make costumes and textile art and fractals – but this was like magic! I find inspiration everywhere – colors, textures, shapes – anything visual. I have been a fractal artist for years, and I always dreamed of applying the images I made to textiles, to my wearable creations, but it’s hard to translate these intricate images into media like embroidery, painting, beadwork. Printing is expensive, and compared to pixels, it is dark and dull. Second Life is a world made of light, the native medium of my fractal art.

Creating things made of pixels seemed to be a natural direction.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? Give us some sneak peeks or teasers!

I am working on half a dozen projects. Whichever ones are farthest along by the last weekend in April are the ones that will appear at the Faire. If you want a teaser, look at everything new I’ve come out with since the beginning of the year. Look at my blog. Look at the hunt prizes. Hunts are my lab, my workshop. The pictures I’m sending give some hints. One thing that is safe to say is that there will be headpieces – accessories to be worn above the neck. Exactly which ones will make the grade in time is something that is yet to be determined.


What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

If you count fairy tales, I don’t even remember the first time. I had read every fairy tale collection I could get my hands on when I was in elementary school. I discovered modern fantasy as a teenager. The Lord of the Rings, of course. It was like coming home. Yes, THIS! This is what I have always been looking for! This is the imagination set free. It didn’t hurt that fantasy was a genre in which people could be absolutely unapologetic about creating visual beauty.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I am looking forward to being bowled over by the creative vision of everyone involved in Fantasy Faire. It is the most amazing, incredible visual feast one could ever hope to see. Every year I think, they’ll never top this. And then they do. To play a small role on that magnificent stage with all these wonderful, creative people is a delight and inspiration. It is the high point of my year in SL. And we have so much fun, don’t we?

Thank you, Kerryth, for taking the time to chat with us. We’re excited to see what you will bring to the Faire!


Meet Our Sponsors: Curious Kitties

Ameshin Yossarian, the creator of Curious Kitties, shares with us her reasons to sponsor the Faire and her early-found love for fantasy. She also talks of her background as an artist and teases us with her upcoming Faire releases!

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

I’d have a harder time thinking of why not to be a sponsor! I absolutely love the Fantasy Faire & hope it can continue to be a part of Second Life & RFL every year!

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I began building in Second Life when a customer from another popular virtual world at the time (in 2004) suggested I give SL a try.
This is my 10th year in Second Life now!

What inspires me to create in general is a natural drive. I’ve been an artist for longer then I can remember (I’m also a freelance artist/designer by trade) so I generally love to create in various mediums one of them luckily being 3D & textures which comes in really handy when creating in Second Life!

I really love it when people can enjoy wearing & using the art I create, its very exciting even after all this time!

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? Give us some sneak peeks or teasers!

This year I’m bringing TONS of items to the Faire! Magical, Elven, & Original Fantasy Genres!

These new items are top secret & will be revealed at the Faire! Accessories, clothing & avatars using some new methods & new features! Plus some of the more classic designs for the more traditional Second Lifers!


What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

The first time I encountered the fantasy genre was probably before I had much understanding of the actual world. Probably starting at around 1~2 I enjoyed childrens picture books about fairies, mermaids, elves, goblins etc.

I just generally love anything fantasy! Its unique & wild. The fantasy genre doesn’t have any really hard set limits so I love that!

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

I don’t have a favourite Faire memory, but thats actually a good thing. I’ve been attending the Fantasy Faire every year & theres always special memories each time. The Faire & Second Life have been evolving, and its always extremely exciting to see an entirely new & unique Fantasy Faire each year!

Thank you, Ameshin, for taking the time to chat with us. We’re honoured to have you join us again at the Faire!

Meet Our Sponsors: L’Uomo

Miro Collas

Miro Collas, the creator of L’Uomo – A Better Male Avatar is sponsoring the Faire again this year.  Miro shares with us his reasons to relay, how he started building in Second Life and also news on the latest L’Uomo products.

1) This is not your first time sponsoring Fantasy Faire. Do you have personal reasons to support RFL? Do you want to share those with us?

I think many of us have personal reasons, yes. I lost my mother, as well as a very close friend, to cancer. I don’t think much else needs to be said … I think many can relate through their own experiences. Anyway, I intend to be involved with RFL, through Fantasy Faire, again each year.

2) How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I’ve had an odd journey in that respect. I started selling digital art. Needless to say, that didn’t do so well… art rarely does in SL. Then I moved to poses and some animations. Then I had an inspiration to do something with the then new glow feature, and called it Living Light. It went surprisingly well. ;-)

I don’t know where the inspiration comes from. I know I can’t make it happen – it just does. But I do try to do things that haven’t been done before, or at least to do them in different ways. Some things work very well, others flop badly. But that’s fine, even the disasters are part of the learning process.

3) What’s the latest news with L’Uomo, any new releases or projects you wish to share with us?

L’Uomo is a series of human male mesh avatars, from swimmer build, to more-than-real muscular. The latest products in the series, add a new feature: muscles that flex. There are two of these, so far, and the most recent is Scott:

scottflex1Naturally, pics don’t show the flex; I did a video for the first release.
(Yes, I am crap at making machinima!)

4) What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

I’ve loved fantasy and sci fi since I was a child. I devoured Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, Ursula K. Le Guin, John Wyndham and more, whose names I am blanking right now. I love the ability to imagine worlds beyond the possible, populated with beings who fit and respond to that world in plausible ways – and that it the essence of good story telling, I think: not just the fantasy world itself, but how the characters respond to it.

In this is also what drew me, and keeps me, in SL: the ability to go beyond the possible, beyond the limits of real life. Many of the things I have made are not possible in RL, like many of my old silk designs: they would just fall off in RL. ;-)

5) What are you looking forward to most this year?

As always, seeing the many and varied forms of creative expression, from the sim builds, to the offerings of the many participating designers. While it is running, I visit the faire repeatedly, so I can see everything. Fantasy Faire is an amazing experience, to me, and always has been. Each year, I am blown away by what people create, how they use their imagination. :-)

Thank you, Miro, for taking the time to chat with us. We’re happy to have you with us again! scottflex3