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Echtra Performs

Loki Performs


I’ve been spending a lot of time at Fantasy Faire on the Echtra region. This is largely because there are areas there where I can sleep in the hay and Loki Eliot wouldn’t let me into his tavern, he mumbled something about “Drunken Dwarfins causing chaos”.before chasing me off with a pitchfork and torch.

However, I forgive Loki because he has created a quite fantastical region full of light, mischief and magic.

There is also a very artistic feeling to the region with the beautiful Lost Unicorn Gallery at its heart, if you like fantasy art then the lost unicorn gallery is a place well worth visiting.

There are also street performances here with music, dance, light, fire and of course, dancing. I have engaged in a jig or two myself.

To pay homage to Echtra and to show thanks for Loki’s hospitality (he didn’t really make me sleep on the streets), I decided to fire up Open Broadcaster Software and record a video. I then realised I would have to record it again as my PC required lower settings, and then there was a need for another take, on lower settings ….

Eventually, the video was made, not as artistic or impressive as one hoped, but if you squint, you may see a unicorn or two!

Oh and yes, it does rain a lot in Echtra!

A Suitor for the Queen: Updates

Thursday, April 28th
Mysteries Revealed!


A long wooden table was set as the guest came together for dinner. As might well be expected, the conversation turned to the Suitors for the Queen. It was noted that two of the suitors were missing, The Baron Bard Gage and The Prince Kelmor. King Bump and Prince Vindonus took up seats on either side of the Queen. Little did any of the court know that Baron Bard Gage Colinsgrove was stepping out of the bushes as poorly disguised High Elven retainers pass, hearing them discuss various ways to ‘solve’ the Bard problem. His scarlet doublet is torn and dirty, but he doesn’t seem to care at the moment, following them closely from the shadows.

Lady Malada had a question for Prince Vindonus, It seemed that one of the Jewels that had been in his gift had been coated in a love potion. All eyes turned to the Prince and he was hard pressed to explain, but he did so offering “”it seems my sister the romantic has had her hands in the gift. She has been all wide eyed and enamored with you Tari, since she has read some of your history that one of my men was able to obtain. She thinks to be the aunt of our children” This sparked some more questions, and then when he offered Comet his flask here was much debate. Lord Faulkes and Lady Acacia both offered to test it, but it was Lord Faulkes who took a long swig. Very shortly thereafter he began to profess how enamored he was by the Lady Malakyte.

Prince Vin

The Queen’s guard, has many questions for the member of the court about the suitors, and the ladies answer them, expressing their concerns and thoughts. Qυεεŋ Coмεŧ tells them all “I will confess, as my ladies all suspect, I have played a part to you all for my own reasons. I am neither silly nor frivolous. I wished to observe my suitors from a place where they may not know my intentions nor my intelligence”

Queen Comet and Guard

Shortly after this announcement, the Queen’s guard Pelinor was called away, only to return after a brief absence. She gathers several members of the court and rushes off with them. They discover Druul who is dragging a body across the pavilion of what appears to be the northman before turning to look up, “Huh!? Who goes dar!? You not sposed ta be here!? Yar be trespsin in the lands of the dark prince! Throw ye selves back to the sky king or ye be gettins the guttins!”

What they Found

Pelinor drews her famous blade, it rings in the air like fine crystal as she took a step forward… “You are outnumbered, outwitted and out-thunk my green friend… perhaps you can profit by explaining yourself? Unless you wish your guts for garters?” Prince Vindonus pulled a dagger from his waist, his knees bend slightly and he comes up on the balls of his feet.

Orc and Prince

The Orc swiped his axe at the group, “Northman be stickin his nose where it don’t belong! He gots the guttins for it! Dark Prince won’t be appy ta see youz snoops in ‘is land. Git out! Or I be a callin him ta wipe ye outz!”
At this the Prince calls for the capture of the orc, but the Queens guard questions him on the Dark Princes intent. The Orc responded by smacking his head against his shield, “What are ye stupid?! Dark Prince and ye lightie kingdom up there been warring with the dark prince for dese lands for ages! Dark Prince just be a smartin! Be marrying ye queen! Den he gets all o Twilights Illushins for imself!” causig the Lord Linn and the Lady Zemira to question the intent to marry the Queen. Druul laughed and said “Ye think the dark prince be a lettin you suitors win his queen dat easy!? He be a….” He paiuses and scratches his head, “Wait… nope! Da Dark Prince be a tellin ya Druul not ta tell. Be sayin, ‘Nope Druuls! I guts ya if ye be talkin!”


Meet Our World Builders: Haveit Neox

Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis. photo by Lilia
Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis, photo by Lilia Artis.

Haveit Neox, the world builder of Sapphire Mirror Lake, shares with us the story of this beautiful world full of art and entertainment. He talks about his other art projects, shares stories of centaurs, reveals the soundtrack of Sapphire Mirror Lake and how it has been like dancing in one of the shows!

You have now been involved in the building of Fairelands for three years. Has the process of creating changed in this time, or your experience as a world-builder?

Color, and lots of it – I would say is a significant change. In many of my exhibits, I often tint in the family of browns, with accents of other colors. For Sapphire Mirror Lake however, it’s the reverse. Vivid color dominates the scenes. I’ve used variations of blues and reds in most of the figures, and in the underwater scene. For the festival around the giant centaur skeleton, I went wild with the child-like primary palette of yellow, red and blue. Secondary colors are also present there, but the main impact is delivered by the primary colors for a joyful toy-like aura. My friend Lilia Artis is a big influence there, always encouraging me on for more color. Hope I haven’t gone overboard! Another change is in the increase of mesh. The majority of builds on the sim are new and made for their unveiling at Fantasy Faire.

flower power 1_001

How was Sapphire Mirror Lake born? What inspired it, what is its story?

Sapphire Mirror Lake falls into a recurring theme for many of my builds where I focus on centaurs; a mythical creature begging for an appearance at Fantasy Faire. Practically speaking in terms of sim development, I keep a large area around the stage clear so that the performers have ample room to construct large sets if they need. In this way, I spaced the colorful islands of buildings sparsely around the sim as points of interest for visitors to enjoy and explore between performances. To fill out the wide open lake, I chose the mirror water to reflect the buildings trailing across the surface. The water setting also offers just the right amount of murk under the lake. The sky setting illuminates the figures, yet gives a hint of shadow effect. Under the lake is where the builds are more densely packed as they do not conflict with the stage. But how do you get there? The mirror is a magical layer of sapphire stones shielding the waters of the lake. To access the blue world, you must go to either of the two gateways, found on different parts of the sim. Just look for archways with stairs that lead into the water. One is in the archway under the theater. The other is at the Sea Temple where you find musicians. They safely take us below the surface of the lake. By descending the mirror, we travel to another time and dimension, into the realm of the centaurs.

royal performance_001

The story:

On the first warm day of Spring every year, the people at Sapphire Mirror Lake indulge in a week of festivals and rituals, when they reconstruct an Iron Age skeleton of what we may call today a mythical beast: the centaur. It is said the secrets of a powerful lost technology are locked in their bones. If the worshipers succeed at reconstructing the skeleton in an exact, prescribed manner, one may hear the bones singing out the knowledge of an extraordinary past. To this day, the exact prescription has not yet been met. This year, the specimen is gargantuan in size, but will it sing?

sapphire 9_001

What is new in your Second Life, what have you been up to the last year?

My LEA exhibit “City Inside Out” had its closing event in June last year. I made a film about the installation, which was one of my more interactive and complex pieces (see the video here). Later I set up an exhibit at Wolves Land and a full sim exhibit at Berg by Nordan Art. Lilia Artis and I made a couple machinima together for the University of Western Australia (see the video here). Recently, Lilia and I also collaborated on a piece for the Spring 2016 Art Show presented by Windlight Magazine. As you might have noticed, we have worked together on a variety of projects. I am very appreciative for her talented assistance and production of her own work in the preparation for this year’s Fantasy Faire with building, textures, and writing. We work very well together as a team.

Carousel 4_001

I couldn’t help but notice centaurs in Sapphire Mirror Lake, and I remember them from the Palace of Tears as well. What is their story?

I built two adjoining sims which share a common culture, Sparquerry and ACC Alpha. Since 2010, they have been the abode of centaurs, clearly evidenced in the architecture of both sims. The temple at Sparquerry has a generous number of centaurs affixed to its tower. Another place centaur enthusiasts may enjoy is Centaurs’ Hall on the Verdigris sim. The large palace is filled with their culture. As you might have guessed, Lilia Artis helped me with that build too! Accompanying the buildings at Sapphire Mirror Lake are texts written in their language, which visitors may have seen engraved into the walls and written in books. It is not only a visual cue, the centaur language is actually functional, and has meaning. Because I have this ongoing history, it is a theme that shows up frequently in my exhibits. I met Lilia Artis in 2010, at a time when there were only a couple centaurs on the sims. She loved them and suggested making more, to fill out a story for the sims based on these marvelous mythical creatures. We are both artists in real life, and she is also an author, so I took her advice enthusiastically, and the rest is history!

Procession 3_001

Little bird told me that you are a part of the Misfits dance performances! Tell us about it, how did that start, how has that been like, when are the shows?

Oh, you know that little bird too:) JenzZa invited me to perform with her Misfits troupe in the finale piece “No Alice”. I first saw her troupe’s wonderful performance at Fantasy Faire last year, and jumped at the invitation. I’ve never done this kind of thing before, so this is a fun venture to see the audience from the stage. As of my writing this answer, there still remain two more shows at Fantasy Faire by the Misfits: Friday and Saturday at 5 pm SLT . In this performance, I am a playing card, and am thankful that regardless of my inexperience, JenzZa’s programming and the kind aid of the Misfits guiding and looking after me, will guarantee I don’t trip over my pointy socks. Please, no autographs:)

Do you listen to music when building? Do your works have theme songs, does Sapphire Mirror Lake have one?

I listen to music about half the time while building, especially toward the final stages when the essence of the piece starts taking on the look I was after. There are many kinds of music I listen to. The most frequent is European classical music, and various Asian classical forms, perhaps most frequently Southern Asian and South East Asian pieces. Rhythm, complex rhythm; Indian ragas, African drums, Balinese drums with their melodious metallic percussion, gongs and chimes… they all excite my imagination. While putting together the ritualistic scenes for Sapphire Mirror Lake, I listened quite a bit to the traditional performances of Kathakali dance from Southern India. I can watch for hours, always intrigued by this dance form of the face, and hands. It is a stylized kind of artistic sign language, with great control and attention to the eyes and facial muscles. The body movements are exacting, distinguished and graceful, but there is also a casual naturalness which makes the dancers seem like our neighbors. I love this extraordinary contrast. If I want to get hypnotized, I watch and listen to Kathakali. This is one of my favorites. And here is a piece of Indonesian music that fits the sim very well.

upsidedown skeleton 1_001

What are you looking forward to most this year in the Faire?

Performances! Writing venues! Fantasy Faire Radio! The HUNT! The array of events! Touring around the Fairelands! Receiving visitors! Seeing the blogs and videos! Reading the tally of donations for RFL at the end of the Faire! And lots more! These are a few of my favorite things:) I learned recently that there are 500 participating organizers and creators bringing Fantasy Faire to life. My hat is off to all of these folks who sat dedicated on their 500 chairs, with their 500 computers, 500 mice, 150,000 cups of coffee, tea, water, and green juices, 1,873 accidental spills on 500 keyboards, and the thousands of hours of obligatory lost sleep, coupled with the thrill of participating in something of great value. I am grateful to all of you in the supportive and friendly Fantasy Faire team who keep the Fairelands running smoothly. Thank you for the interview Sonya. I certainly include that in the list! And shopping, of course!

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Haveit! Thank you for bringing magic into the Fairelands!

path 3_001

Voting for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire: Who’s winning?

Report as of 12 noon Friday, 29th April

And in news from the Fairelands very own elections … here are the current standing in the contest for King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire:

Bear in mind that these are the results of the very earliest primaries; all is still to play for!


FF KQC Snape copy

In the lead at the moment is the perhaps surprising figure of Severus Snape with 1,450 Lind … we mean votes.

In second place, is the Goblin King with 1,010 votes.

These two lead the field by a considerable margin.

 FF KQC GoblinKing copy  FF KQC Tyrion copy

In third place is Tyrion Lannister with 250 votes.

 FF KQC Oberon copy  FF KQC MadHatter copy

He is trailed by Oberon with 150 votes, and The Mad Hatter with 100 votes.

Remember – there is still time for these positions to shift radically!


In the contest for Queen of Fantasy Faire, we have a slightly surprising leader.

FF KQC TobyDaye copy

Beating out more traditional candidates with 600 votes is the brooding but hugely talented October (Toby) Daye, the heroine of Seanan McGuire‘s October Day series.

 FF KQC Maleficent copy  FF KQC Galadriel copy

Her nearest rival is Maleficent with 401 votes, followed by Galadriel with 206.

 FF KQC Titania copy  FF KQC FirionaVie copy

Titania and Firiona Vie are currently bringing up the rear with 100 votes and 50 votes respectively.


FF KQC LastUnicorn copy

This competition sees the clearest margin of all at the moment. Charging into the lead is The Last Unicorn with 2,000 votes.

FF 2016 KQC Krosp copy

Closest to that impressive score is Krosp, Emperor of All Cats with 850 votes

The other three candidates are trailing by some margin. The Cheshire Cat has 157 votes, K9 (the mechanical dog from Dr Who) has 56 votes, and Mrs Norris, the cat who was so mean to Harry Potter and his friends, has just 20 votes.

 FF KQC CheshireCat small  FF KQC K9 small
 FF KQC Mrs Norris small

But everything could change in the next two days … and it’s all down to YOU.

How do I vote?
RFL kiosks have been set up in the name of each candidate at the Landing Point in Sapphire Mirror Lake. To register a vote, simply pay the kiosk dedicated to your particular candidate. You can pay as much or as little as you want but … the more you pay, the more chance your candidate has of becoming King, Queen or Chancellor.

In the Fairelands, you see, you CAN buy votes, and we’re quite unapologetic about it!

That’s because every Linden that goes into the kiosks for the candidates then goes straight to the American Cancer Society.

When is the deadline?
Voting will close at 5pm SLT on Sunday 1st May (half-way through the fabulous Masquerade Ball. Results will be announced LIVE at the Ball, and posted to the blog soon after.

Do … remember what they say …

Vote early and vote often for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire!

LitFest Tours – Stories from the Regions: Serenity

By Gwen Enchanted

Only the lost will find it
Only the found will stay
Only the parched one will drink from its waters
And only the sated will swim to its shores

This is the tale my mother told me of the temple in the clouds that is Serenity. And we thought it was a folktale. We heard songs where people went to it, poems they composed of it, fantasies brought back from it, but we did not believe.

Long, long, long into the night, I sat up, looking to see if its glowing spires revealed themselves after midnight as some stories said. And then I peeked behind my left shoulder on the first day of spring for three years running, but nothing happened.

I may have been as young as twelve when I decided I did not believe in it, that it could not exist. I scoured all the books in the cunningwoman’s house. I asked the passing traders. I asked the birds (which wasn’t the best idea because they had me thinking in circles for weeks), I asked the bees, I asked centaurs and satyrs.

The clock of the universe ticked slowly by, and the stars moved, and the moons moved, and some fell to earth and some passed by, and I grew into a woman of middle age. My lover said, “You are tired. Let’s walk.” She took my hand, and there was a breath of wind, just a breath, as I settled into step beside her, our warm fingers twining together like ivy on a green goddess.

It was at that moment when the world shifted, my sight cleared, and I could see that all around me there were steps.

“Darling,” I said, “how long have we been climbing these steps?”

“I think we met about half-way up,” she replied. “Look, just a few more.’

And so, hand in hand, we stepped round candles, onto a landing, then up yet five more steps.

And found ourselves in the commune, the community, of my childhood tales.

And if you think that sounds like the end of the story, well, that’s where you’d be wrong. The story hadn’t yet started.


1b Serenity Great Tree with Lyr and the Giant

The Fae and the Giant
by Lyr Lobo
after seeing the giant Kraven Moreau on Serenity

1a Giant in the Water on Serenity

Do you hear
the beat of wings
as I drift past your ear?

2 Buzzing by the giant

Does the breeze
waft ’round you
as I circle you so near?

3 Gazing out to sea

What sounds beckon
you to turn fast
and yet I disappear?

4a View from the lily pad 2

Only to land
upon the lily and
quiver at you with fear?

5 Cale likes his eyes

‘Til you speak
words deep within
that only I can hear.



by Midnight Dae

Numbly I plod through my days,
Shadows fill the space from which you were torn,
My thoughts spiral in a maze,
My existence becomes only to mourn.

In Serenity a candle captures my mind,
Fleeting peace in the flame I find.

Healing begins.



Serenity #1
by Caledonia Skytower

The sea is calm and constant.
the breeze wraps its arm around me,
“find the light”
it murmurs softly
as invocation.

A tiny warmth
tucked in the shadow of stone
“I am here,
we are here”
it welcomes.

The stairs are cool and worn,
the wildflowers tickle
“climb high,
as high as you can”
they cheer.

Each one calls, more lights
on the water, in the spray
with a voice
unique, distinctly
singing out.

Flame, mist, wisps and starlight.
more and more everywher
trees wafting the song
of a glowing chorus
climbing higher.

A Choir in every corner
every corner and cranny
above and below
that which is easily forgotten
“Not alone, never alone.”


Outside Plastik_001Serenity #2
by Caledonia Skytower

Lily lights
butter flights
pink and blue,
hue of sunshine.

Leafy and wisp
flutter, twist
flirtatious wink.


Air that shines
bright entwines
filled with life.

Drawing, beckon
“come and reckon,
inside our joy”



Exploring Serenity
by Melyna Foxclaw

Upon reaching Serenity, I wandered around the grounds and after coming across the cove, I had to stop and stare at its beauty. Flitting around it seemed unfitting. And so I walked down the stone stairs and stood at the edge of the walkway to just listen to the sounds of the waterfalls and look upon the calmness of the cove.  Such beautiful flowers in the water, I wanted to just lay on them and feel the sun beaming down on me, keeping me warm. But I did not want to disturb anything more since I’d already fallen in the water and had struggled just to get out! I felt silly!

So, I flew to the top of big waterfall and stood to stare out upon the water again. I so love the sounds of the waterfalls….I love it, so serene should I say. Such a name is so fitting for this place! I feel I could come out here if I feel that I can’t take the world any longer. I have always loved writing or reading to the sounds of water in the distance.

I took in the sight of the big tree near the landing point. Its roots must be able to reach the water in the cove; the tree was so big and so lush, as was the grassy area surrounding the buildings around the sim.  The sunsets must be unbelievable here! Or it could just be me, in awe of such a quiet, calm, beautiful place. I tend to get lost in places that seem to push me to forget everything but the here and now.

And so I sat quietly atop the stone wall near the big waterfall not far from the great tree. Looking, daydreaming and just enjoying life itself. I sat until nighttime came and then made my journey home.



short poem  by Ishara Longstaff
     attending the
     poetry prompt with Lesley Writer


Crunch goes my footsteps, upon graveled ground.
Splash goes the waves. I feel spray against my skin.  I hear seagulls mocking cry.
listing, hearing,  music in sun rise. It is song of my companion.