Blogger Challenges

Blogger Challenges are an easy way to blog the Faire and possibly explore new ways of blogging. They are pretty much the nutshell of an ideal way of blogging something as varied as Fantasy Faire. I know many of you have to focus on just review copies — possibly within a shopping event’s theme — in your blogging, and it might be difficult to grasp how to blog an event where shopping is just one part of the whole. If you feel confused by that, please check out the blogger challenges and try out some of them.

Faire Folk – create a character from the Fairelands

My New Shiny – show off a shop that is new to you

I Remember – reminisce about previous Fairelands

Faire Life – blog and report about Faire events

Why I Relay – share your reasons to support Relay For Life

The Emblem Project – take a picture with the Fantasy Faire Emblem in your favourite Faireland!

A RFL of SL Event

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