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Here be info and guidelines for the Fantasy Faire Flickr!

The group is mainly meant for pictures taken of and in the Fairelands, in the sims themselves, whether they’d be artistic landscape pictures or just pictures of people having fun in there.

Before and during the Faire merchants can post pictures of their Faire Wares, aka the new items they are bringing to the Faire. Product ads for the rest of the year are not welcome, since they have nothing to do with Fantasy Faire.

Blogger pictures relating to Fantasy Faire are also welcome, but only before and during the Faire. They have to be of the current Faire’s items — or pictures taken in the Fairelands — and the picture’s description or the linked blog post should somehow indicate that it indeed has items from the current Faire in it. Posting pictures where an item or two were originally purchased from a Faire several years ago doesn’t count anymore. If the items promoted in the picture cannot currently  or soon be purchased from the Faire, they don’t really belong in the Faire flickr pool anymore either.

So any picture taken in the Fairelands — any year, any event, occasion or style — is always welcome, but pictures with items for sale in the Faire should be posted only when the Faire where those items are available is still in our realm. There is sort of a grace period for those after the Faire, in case the amount of review copies needed a lot of catch-up time, but after that just send people to the merchant’s main stores, not to the sims that are not there anymore.

About Opting Out

Flickr has new rules about group limits, meaning that one picture can only be in a limited amount of groups (30 for free accounts, 60 for premium). This was probably made to discourage spam-like adding to groups that have nothing to do with the picture, but it also of course limits those bloggers who want to add their picture into as many groups as possible.

It is possible to Opt Out from this group-limitation, which means that adding to the group that opted out does not count toward those limits.

For most of the year Fantasy Faire flickr group is not opting out. It will definitely count toward that group limit, simply because that rule change decreased the amount of pictures I had to go through and deny every month from 40 to 4.

However, for the few weeks that Fantasy Faire is open and therefore the flickr group truly active, the group will opt out. I will set the opt out on about a week before the Faire opens, and then switch it back to spam-prevention-mode about a week after the Faire ends. Therefore for the duration of the Faire its flickr pool does not count toward that group limit and you can all add your pictures to it freely and without worries.

A RFL of SL Event

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