Fantasy Faire Rules

General Rules

1) We request that each Creator donate as many items as they can for sale in RFL vendors. The MINIMUM requirement is two NEW and EXCLUSIVE (for the duration of the event) items. We encourage Creators to display four or more items in RFL vendors. This can be a combination of new items as well as historical favorites. Items displayed in RFL vendors donate 100% of their sale price to RFL. Fantasy Faire will provide RFL vendors to all of our merchants in a timely fashion before the April setup dates.

2) All content for the Fantasy Faire must conform to the moderate rating. No adult content may be depicted in pictures or demonstration models, although tasteful nudity is permissible on skin vendors at the discretion of Faire management. The sale of adult furniture is allowed as long as demo furniture is not rezzed and vendor pictures are not explicit. If you wish to check any product please ask Elizabeth Tinsley for verification.

3) To lower lag and improve visitors’ experience, Creators must minimize script usage (i.e.: NO highly scripted items, NO temp-rezzers). The preference for texture dimensions are 512×512, especially in vendor images. The higher the texture resolution, the longer textures take to rez. It should be borne in mind that these high-res textures have a cumulative effect: each 1024×1024 texture uses four times the memory of a 512×512 texture, which affects load times and frame rates for our visitors. Details in our script load policy.

4) While we find it inspiring to use the new AI creation tools that have become available during the past year, we ask that you do not sell items at the Faire that are made using AI generated art. We will ask items which contain AI generated art to be removed from the event.

Rules Regarding Intellectual Property

1. Fantasy Faire is one of the megaevents of Relay for Life in Second Life. This means that all the rules of RFL and Linden Lab Terms of Service must be followed. Linden Lab has also very clear official Intellectual Property Statement available.

2. This means that the items that the creators bring to the Faire must be legally theirs to sell. Everything in them must have been made by the creator or the creator must have used legitimate full permission resources according to their respective EULAs or the resources must be in public domain.

3. The items sourced from a third party resource site need to be compliant with that site’s EULA, just like the items created with the help of resource kits from the Marketplace need to comply with their respective EULAs. Non-commercial means exactly that: not for selling purposes.

4. Items created with resource kits purchased from the Marketplace are subject to verification, should a complaint about the item be received. This means that if the seller of the resource kit stole or ripped it from somewhere, we cannot let the item stay in the Faire, even when the purchase of the kit was legitimate and the items created with the kit original work. This is an unfortunate situation and we hope it never occurs.

5. The items must not infringe on anyone’s Intellectual Property. If the design, symbol or artistic work belongs to someone else, re-creating it in pixels does not make it yours. If you are unclear about Intellectual Property, derivative work and fair use, please read this excellent article by Kat Klaybourne originally published at SL Home and Garden Expo. Kat was kind enough to let us link to it and she does impressive job at explaining all About Intellectual Property.

6. In resident versus resident cases of claimed copybotting, the Faire cannot act as a judge and will recommend the injured party to file a DMCA. After there is a filed DMCA, the Faire will make a decision. However, this applies only to resident versus resident cases where we cannot possibly know who is right and who is wrong. This does not apply to clear IP infringement cases nor ripping from games or third party resource sites: these are usually blatantly clear.

The Faire organizers reserve the right to remove items or merchants from the Faire should any rules be broken. The situations are handled case-by-case basis. There will be no refunds on booth money should such a situation occur.

If you have any questions or if any of this is unclear to you, please contact Elizabeth Tinsley (email:

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