RFL Logo Guidelines

American Cancer Society Relay For Life Logo Guidelines

As we kick off the new Relay season, we’d like to review the proper use of the OFFICIAL Relay For Life logo. Please carefully review this information to avoid Trademark and Copyright violations when using these official logos.

Please use the attached logos provided by American Cancer Society. Please discard any past logos you may have in your inventory. You will be asked to redo all items containing incorrect artwork. You will notice that all of Society’s logos have a TM (Trademark, definition below) symbol embedded, which means there are rules you *MUST* follow in order to use it.

1. Logo needs to remain intact. It cannot, by law, be chopped up, re-colored or modified in any way. Please don’t stretch or squish the logo without keeping the original proportions.

2. Logo must hold clear margins and be clear of all encroachment (peripheral design). This means keep some white space around the logo itself. Don’t place it right next to another graphic or border.

3. It cannot be placed next to any profanity or anything that detracts for the Society mission. Please – this brand is precious to all of us and we want to keep it held with the best possible regard and reputation.

4. Please do not alter the design by removing the American Cancer Society logo. This event is supprted by American Cancer Society resources and the logo is trademarked.

5. The use of any American Cancer Society Relay For Life logo is for Relay For Life purposes only. We cannot sell items with any of these logos on them. If you see an item for sale displaying any of the TM logos, please contact Stingray Raymaker.

6. Please avoid using ACS for American Cancer Society. Use either full name or the Society.

Fairelanders, for any other variation of the official RFL logo, please contact OldeSoul Resident or Gem Sunkiller.

Relay For Life Logo RGB Horizontal
Relay For Life Logo RGB Horizontal

Relay For Life Logo RGB Vertical
Relay For Life Logo RGB Vertical

Black and white logo variants, reference colors and more information at the New Relay For Life Brand Resources.

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