FF Poster & Logo Guidelines

The official Fantasy Faire posters, images and banners that are visible in the Press Release of each year have always been free to use for press: meaning using the images in blog posts about Fantasy Faire, or together with the said press release.

They can be resized as long as ratio is kept the same, and have offered ways of marking posts about Fantasy Faire with ease.

During the years there’s been more and more confusion about their usage, so we wanted to clarify a few points.

Blog: You may upload Fantasy Faire posters or images to your blog when you are blogging about Fantasy Faire, or for example copy-pasting the Press Release. This is the intended, normal usage of the posters and images.

Flickr: You may NOT upload Fantasy Faire posters or images to Flickr. Doing so implies you are the creator of the said image, which is not true. Flickr is not a blogging platform, it is an image sharing platform, and therefore its rules and upload-implications are very different. If you want to announce that you will blog the Faire, or are excited about Faire coming, I’m recommending taking a picture of yourself with the in-world Fantasy Faire poster, or doing the Emblem Challenge and uploading those to Flickr instead. Yes, taking selfies with the in-world poster is fine!

Creations: You may NOT use Fantasy Faire posters or images as a texture in your creations. You did not create the texture, please do not use it. Fantasy Faire LOGO — the two F letters back to back — cannot be used in any unofficial creations, it’s reserved for official Faire items and Fairelands mementos made by the world builders, or released by Fantasy Faire.

Vendor Ads: You may use Fantasy Faire Exclusive Tag in your vendor ads to show that the item was created for the Faire and benefits Relay For Life, although using RFL logos works just as well for this purpose. The in-world promo pack includes the exclusive FF tag with alpha for this purpose. However, it is not obligatory to use any of them, so it’s up to you and your preference.

Performer’s Show Ads: You may use Fantasy Faire LOGO in your posters about shows at the Faire. The performance manager, Aelva, has one for your usage. Please do not stretch or distort any graphics, nor treat them as backgrounds. If anything they are badges to be added to your own poster’s corner or side.

If you have any questions or feel confused about whether you can use the poster, images or Faire logo in a certain way, please contact Sonya Marmurek (bloggers) or Elizabeth Tinsley (creators).

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