Set-up Guide

This guide is for creators to double-check the event timeline and what should be done when. 

To confirm your position:

Once you have received an acceptance notice, please pay the treasury account avatar, FANTASYFAIRE RESIDENT, your minimum donation (you’re always welcomed to donate more!). The minimum donation is 2500L for themed stores, 8000L for featured stores, 35,000L for featured stores with quest sponsoring, 30,000L for quest sponsors without stores, 65,000L for event and shopping region sponsors.


You will be invited into the * * Fantasy Faire Backstage* * Group as a Creator. This is needed for the set-up early access, rezzing rights and information. Backstage has also a Discord server, the link to which can be found in the notecard you received.


April 14-17th: set-up for creators
April 19th: early access for bloggers
April 20th: Faire opens to the public
May 9th, midnight: pack-up for creators (pick up no-copy items, the rest can stay)

Land Impact Limits:

A reminder about land impact counts. Themed stores have 300 Land Impact. Featured stores have 700 Land Impact. Featured stores with a Quest sponsorship have 1000 Land Impact.

Store Sharing:

Themed stores are meant for just one merchant, but a second merchant can be added for a surcharge. Please contact Elizabeth Tinsley / FantasyFaire Resident about it. Featured stores can share the store space between 2+ merchants.

Store Decoration Guidelines:

Please limit your decorating to the interior of your store. The region designers have worked very hard to create a region you will be proud to be a part of, keeping your merchandise inside your stores is a way of saying “thank you” for their efforts.

Texture Size Preference:

The preference for texture dimensions are 512×512, especially in vendor images. The higher the texture resolution, the longer textures take to rez. It should be borne in mind that these high-res textures have a cumulative effect: each 1024×1024 texture uses four times the memory of a 512×512 texture, which affects load times and frame rates for our visitors.

Script Guidelines:

To lower lag and improve visitors’ experience, Creators must minimize script usage.
No Temp Rezzers.
No Greeters.
Group joiners are fine.
If you are using networked vendors, PLEASE use event scripts if possible.
Each merchant will be allotted .25ms in script time for their store. If your script time goes over this we will have to make adjustments to your store to meet that number. One way to reduce your script time is by descripting all decorative items.

Shopping Guide:

To have their items displayed in the shopping guide, each merchant must fill out a form where they include vendor ads of two new releases benefitting Relay For Life. If a merchant creates wares for other avatars beside human women (for example, men, Dinkies, centaurs, Petites), they will also be asked to provide up to three sample vendor ads of those. Details and clarification will be in the form. A link to the form will be available at set-up time.


Bloggers have early access to the sims on 19th. If you wish to offer review copies or are interested in contacting bloggers in any fashion, please read the Merchants Guide to Bloggers.

RFL Vendors & Kiosks:

RFL kiosks & vendors are used to collect donations for RFL. They are pre-scripted to route the money to the American Cancer Society’s avatar account.

Kiosks – will be set up on the Fantasy Faire regions by the team, but you are encouraged to also set them up in your stores. They collect donations for RFL.

RFL Vendors – Though we have traditionally required Creators include two new items for sale that benefits RFL 100%, most Faire Creators have always made an extra effort to include four or more. We applaud the dedication and creativity of all our Creators and especially those who go beyond what the Faire asks of them. If you would like to have third and fourth item for RFL, consider including best sellers from the past!

100% of the sale of these items will go to RFL & ACS so the more desirable your items are, the more we can sell to raise funds for RFL! These vendors can also be used in your own store up until the end of July (when the RFL season ends) and help raise money for this great cause!

Additional Opportunities for Involvement:

Fantasy Faire Quest Gift – Once again this year we are writing, scripting and building an immersive hunt experience for you to help explore the regions and become part of the story of the Fairelands. While this is not a requirement of participation, it is highly encouraged that you consider contributing to this event. We will be greatly appreciative of all donations. If you are wondering about the quest theme, it is fantasy of course!

Silent Auction – As always we will have our silent auction. The success of this auction is a direct result of the generosity of our creators who donate wonderful, often limited edition or one of a kind, items for people to bid on. Please consider being a part of this event. All types of items from creations and gift certificates to performances and hosted events are welcome.

Any questions can be directed to Elizabeth Tinsley.

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