Fantasy Faire would not be possible without all the volunteers from the sponsors to sim builders, from creators to entertainers, from bloggers to visitors: it is a joint effort to make it happen.

However, if you need a contact within the Faire, these are the coordinators:

- Elizabeth Tinsley: sim, sponsor and designer coordinator, the Boss Lady

- Sonya Marmurek: blogger coordinator and website scribbler

Please contact Sonya Marmurek about any blogger related questions and Elizabeth Tinsley about everything else.

Although we keep the question-answering in the hands of two people, the Faire has several other key organizers, amongst them:

- Saffia Widdershins: PR and Media Liaison, Roleplay Coordinator

- Xavian Starsider: Jail and Bail Top Koala Sheriff

Fantasy Faire Radio:
- Zander Green – Programming Director
- Elrik Merlin & Gabrielle Riel – Technical Directors

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