New Shinies!

We have them. The Fantasy Faire website has been transformed into a new look, shedding the old skin to bask in the light of the new Faire year. The official press release has been published along with promotional material that can be used in the posts about Fantasy Faire 2014. Both the new graphics and all of the promotional material are by Alia Baroque.

There’s also a new section and information for the bloggers, the most important of which is the Blogger FAQ. The blogger applications will open on April 1st.

The rules and guidelines section has now also our script load policy and a set-up guide for the creators for handy online reference. The rules can also be found in the same spot.

The sponsors page is in progress and on that note I’d like to mention that although the sim sponsor opportunities are all gone and reserved, there are still spots open for becoming an event sponsor. Likewise we do still have some limited space for creators of fantasy and steampunk. Yes, steampunk! We have several steampunk sims this year, so don’t think it’s only about magic and fairies here!

If you would like to apply for an event sponsor or store spot, please fill the application here:

One month to the opening of the Fairelands portals, it’s time to start counting the days!


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