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Greetings, Chroniclers and Heralds of the Fairelands!

Here will be all the important info you’ll need to blog Fantasy Faire well and thoroughly. 

The News of the Day!


There’s a group notice in Fantasy Faire Backstage called: For Bloggers: NEW Blogger Treasure HUD 2.0. Grab that and open it. There’s a landmark to the Blogger Treasure Room, just click the boxes that have pictures to get review copies. Then test the HUDs included in the box. Attach one at a time, scroll, click pictures to get the items.


They are all here: Shopping Guide 2019.

Nutshell Information:
The event dates are April 18th – May 5th, 2019.
The official blog:
The flickr group:
The Press Release with posters & banners:


How do I blog the Faire?
Any way you like! You are a varied bunch of bloggers: some of you focus on review copies and fashion posts, some do sim exploration posts, some write about Relay, some visit events, some love blogger challenges.

You said something about challenges?

The challenges are not obligatory, they are my way to show different ways to blog the Faire. Most of them can be done anew every year, too!

What about those events? 
Fantasy Faire has Literary Festival, roleplay groups active in the Fairelands, DJed parties, dance, music and particle performances, jail & bails and of course the immersive HUD-based Quest. Take your pick based on your interest and go have fun, and see if you can turn the fun into a post, too!

Special Notes of Noteworthiness: 

There’ll be Ursula Le Guin Day this year! Plot your best EarthSea look and blogging in advance!

Literary Festival’s special guest this year is Elizabeth Bear: if you’re a fan, prepare!

Do I have to blog about Relay For Life?
It’s not obligatory. If you don’t have any personal ties to the charity, and want to focus on the review copies, or fantasy exploration, you absolutely can. However, if you do want to blog about RFL, please do so. All the money donated in Fantasy Faire’s name will continue to go to KNH Hope Hostel in Nairobi, Kenya. More information here.

How many times do I have to blog the Faire? How many review copy items do I have to showcase?
Up to you. I do naturally expect that you blog the Faire, and that you blog it to the best of your abilities. That’s what you signed up to do, after all. I am hoping you will blog the Faire several times, but how often and in which way is up to you. What I really really hope is that you’ll visit the Fairelands, become inspired, have fun in there, and blog with that spirit and enjoyment.

I blogged the Faire, what do I do now?
Let the blogged creators know about the post with an IM or a notecard. Add your blog pictures to the flickr group and add links to your posts on the website: Blog Posts 2019. Enjoy work well done!

Special Note about Flickr Group
Fantasy Faire flickr group is only for Faire-related pictures: not for general fantasy-pictures. Pictures taken in or of the Fairelands (the sims) are always welcome. Pictures that have just some items for sale in the current Faire are welcome only when it’s still relevant, aka before or during that particular Faire. No just-item-pictures in say, December. If you like to add your pictures to zillion groups and think you might mistakenly add Faire group in to non-relevant pictures, feel free to leave the group for most of the year, and join back in when it’s Faire Season!

Faire’s flickr is NOT opted out for most of the year, to discourage spamming, but for the duration of the Faire I will set it opted out, so it won’t count toward the group limits. Most of the year it absolutely will. It is currently opted out, and will remain so for the Faire and about week after.

I have a question not covered in this, what do I do?
IM Sonya Marmurek and ask away! Or email, both ways work.

A RFL of SL Event

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