Merchants Guide to Promotion

Greetings, o Creators of Wondrous Things!

If you have been accepted to this year’s Faire, here’s a brief guide to check and show what all you can do to help us promote you the best!

Giving Review Copies to Bloggers
This is of course the big one, and deserves its own guide altogether. You can find it here: Merchants Guide to Bloggers

Adding Your Vendor Ads to Faire Flickr Group
Faire has its own flickr group:

If you use Flickr, feel free to add your Faire vendor ads into the group. Please don’t use it for non-Faire vendor ads though, only the new items you’re specifically creating for the Faire. Make sure you mark in the picture’s name or description that it’s for Fantasy Faire, so we don’t have to guess.

Also remember that until the Faire is officially open there’s a huge secrecy about the Fairelands, aka no publishing or showing pictures of the regions until anyone and everyone can come in and enjoy them!

Make Sure We Know You’re In The Faire!
This concerns mostly merchants who have invited other stores to share their booth. If the stores and the names were not mentioned in the original merchant registration, the chances are that the website will not have your info. Please check that your store is mentioned in the Shopping Guide and if not, contact Nadjanator as soon as possible.

Making Life Easier for Shopping Guide Team
The check-in form that you’ll fill when your booth is ready has space for uploading your vendor ads. You’ll be asked to upload 2 of your RFL vendor ads and (optionally) 3 additional ads for any products designed specifically for non-human-women avatars (for example, men, Dinkies, centaurs, Petites).

This information goes to the Shopping Guide, so please make sure you have filled such a form when you are ready!

Promoting the Faire
Feel free to promote us in your own groups and blogs and social media! has always content that might be interesting to share with the world, but if you want a nutshell, that is of course the Press Release.

A RFL of SL Event

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