Blogger Challenge: The Emblem Challenge

The Emblem Project by Alisaundra Andel

The Emblem Project was the brainchild and project of Alisaundra Andel, one of the long-time Faire-photographers. Fairelanders learned to love and wait for new pictures of people posing with the golden Faire-emblems every year.

Unfortunately Alisaundra is not dashing through the Fairelands playing paparazzi anymore, or photographing people with the emblem, but we know everyone is looking forward to the Emblem pictures, so we’re just going to rely on ourselves!

The challenge is to take a picture of yourself in your favourite Faireland of the year while posing with the Faire Emblem, then post the picture into our flickr pool. Obviously if you’re a blogger, you can also make a blog post about it, but the main challenge is really simply taking the emblem picture and posting it in flickr for the other Fairelanders to see.

The Faire Emblem itself is actually the box for the Fairelands Quest HUD. If you’ve kept the boxes from earlier years, you can use them, otherwise you can purchase this year’s Quest HUD to get one.

Please add your pictures into our Flickr Group!

3 thoughts on “Blogger Challenge: The Emblem Challenge”

  1. Necturn Moon Pursuit

    Necturn Moon Pursuit

    Forever is there a once upon a time….

    While dusk of eve clouds the moon, all life illuminates in bursts. Slithers of magical orbs heal the lands during the night to recover the wicked Lisandre’s death fall under the suns evening’s last sparkle. Baliana hides quickly before nightfall in hopeless fear of being seized.

    Read the rest of the story AND style card:

    Necturn Moon Pursuit

    Necturn Moon Pursuit

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