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Meet Our Sponsors: Silvan Moon Designs

Bee Dumpling and SolasNaGealai, the creators and owners of Silvan Moon Designs.

Bee Dumpling and SolasNaGealai, the creators and owners of Silvan Moon Designs, share their reasons to sponsor the Faire, talk about their collaboration and creation process, offer sneak peeks to their Faire-wares and reveal their favourite Faire memories!

What made you decide to become a sponsor for the Faire?

Solas: As others, Cancer has touched my life and the ones I love in many ways. It’s an honor to play such a big role in Fantasy Faire and help towards the many dollars needed for treatment and research.

Bee: This will be my third year as a sponsor, but my first with Silvan Moon Designs. I look forward to this time each April and it is my most favorite event ever in Second Life. The love, compassion, and camaraderie is truly wonderful. Together, we will beat Cancer!

Solas, how did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

Solas: At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and forced to retire from a very stressful career as a fashion designer, a career I loved for over 20 years. Knowing I could not sit idle, in 2010 I started my Shop BlueMoon enterprise, to make this happen I taught myself the art of content design for 3D platforms in an outside program called Maya. Designing in SL I can combine my love of period costumes and fine art to make immersive fashion for others to use in virtual platforms.

Bee, how does the work and collaboration in Silvan Moon Designs work?

Bee: When Solas contacted me last year, I was in a bit of a rut. I have a Vegan/Organic Cosmetic brand in real life, and my time was getting much too limited for learning a 3D program. I am fluent in Photoshop, however, and creating virtual textiles comes very naturally to me. I jumped at the chance to partner with Solas, and we are kindred spirits in everything we design. Solas is a talented and creative mesh builder, and rigger. I am always amazed when we complete a design and see our combined efforts come to fruition!

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? Give us some sneak peeks or teasers!

Bee: We have some traditional as well as non-traditional medieval fantasy gowns for this year’s Faire, in some stunning pastels and beautifully detailed jewel tones!

Solas, what calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

Solas: I have loved fantasy from the age of 5 when I read the Disney book Cinderella. A bit disappointed that mice and birds couldn’t design ball gowns, I found a way at a young age to just do that. MY love for costumes has never stopped in RL. I was lucky to do many theatrical shows and now in SL, I can really do marvelous things in mesh that one can never do in RL.

Bee, do you tie stories or characters to your creations? Does the creation come first, to be named later, or does the concept, name, character come first, to be designed for?

Bee: Solas and I have our own Pinterest Mood Board that we are continuously adding inspiration to. We decide what we are going to do about a month in advance and then Solas dives right into the building and rigging of the mesh! When I get the mesh models, they are a blank slate for me. I have no idea how the final textures will look, I just start creating and applying. The final design determines the character. That is when I give the collection a name that suits the look and feel of the design. And, my husband in rl and sl, comes up with some great names too! HA!

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Solas: I have been to all and love the amazing sim designs and how it brings a large fantasy community together in music, games and roleplay.

Bee: I think my favorite memories are of that short time before FF opens, when just the creators are on the sims, and being able to explore these amazing worlds as if you are in a secret story no one else has ever read. I love this time. It’s very special to me. I also LOVE the quest! Beautifully interactive and quite challenging! And, the auction. I am in awe of the incredible generosity and passion of the world builders, creators, and attendees that come together in this combined effort to eradicate this horrible disease from our world.

Thank you, Bee and Solas, for taking the time to talk with us! Thank you for sharing your creativity in the Fairelands!

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Meet Our Sponsors: [ Aleutia ]

Catalina Staheli, the creator and owner of [ Aleutia ].
Catalina Staheli, the creator and owner of [ Aleutia ] has been a part of the Faire for many years as a blogger, DJ, member of the Pinterest Team, photographer of the Why Do You Relay project and now this year also as a store owner and a sponsor. She shares her reasons to Relay, her growth as a creator and provides sneak peeks to her Faire-wares!

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

This is my ninth year in Second Life and many of those years were spent exploring the fantasy and role play worlds. Though I didn’t hear about Fantasy Faire until about my sixth year in, once I knew, I wanted to absolutely be a part of it in any way I could. Three years ago, I started out as a blogger and Fantasy Faire literally was where I first began my career as an SL Blogger. Two years ago, I gave DJ’ing a try and had such a blast! Last year I came back as a DJ, Blogger, and now a part of the Pinterest team that helps put the catalog together. Every year Fantasy Faire has been a part of my life in one amazing capacity or another.

This year I began learning how to design in June and I knew early on I would absolutely love to take part as a designer for this year’s Fantasy Faire. I’ve been blessed to be given a chance to participate in the quarterly Enchantment rounds as a designer and also in The Secret Affair, so while my brand could be seen as mainly contemporary, we do delve into the realms of fantasy at least once a month.

You might be saying to yourself “Sure, sure, but just because you wanted to participate didn’t mean you had to go out and be a sponsor. There are plenty of levels and options.” And you’d absolutely be right!

However, this year I lost my dad to cancer, after a 3 year battle. He had been a big supporter of my learning to design, as well as all I have done over the past several years for Relay For Life and his advice last year had been to do what makes me happy. Combining my love of designing with the ability to give back seemed like the perfect way of honoring his memory and Fantasy Faire is without a doubt the best part of Relay For Life of Second Life for me.

When my dad was having surgery this past summer, they removed one of his kidneys in the hopes it would remove the most scarred and damaged areas from the radiation and he might have a chance of healing up better. While he lived right outside of Hattiesburg, MS, his doctor was 2 1/2 hours away, in New Orleans. During that surgery, I was looking at that long drive twice a day, just to get back to his house and get some sleep.

However, I remembered someone saying something during my involvement in RFL about a ‘Hope Lodge’ and with the right questions to ask, we found out there was a Hope Lodge, a place that families and patients could stay close to the hospital when they lived a long distance away….only 3 blocks from the hospital in New Orleans he was at. Every night a patient or family stays there, it costs the American Cancer Society around 100 dollars and all of that comes from the fundraising we do for Relay For Life. Our family never saw a bill and I was able to be there for him from early in the morning until far into the night every night before going the three blocks and falling exhausted into a warm, clean bed.

While 35,000L may seem like a lot, in reality it pays for 1 1/2 nights of someone’s stay at the Hope Lodge. Perhaps it might be the final amount needed to find the cure so no one else has to watch their loved one leave us. But in my rose-colored world, filled with my hopes and dreams, I’m imagining that donation is going to help another daughter have the same opportunity I had to be there with her father during his battle in the hospital.

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

Designing is a very new thrill for me! I began learning in May of last year and we’re just coming up on the 1 year anniversary of [ Aleutia ] this summer! I have been a blogger and a model for several years and the opportunity arose to learn from a wonderful designer and that led to all of this! What inspires me in designing is the opportunity to create, the process of learning and trying, taking what I imagine and bringing it to reality. It’s a wonderful adventure!

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? Give us some sneak peeks or teasers!

I’ve got an insane goal of nine brand new releases and we’ll see if I’m able to meet that goal, but here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming!

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Fantasy, reading voraciously from a very young age. Authors like Mercedes Lackey, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Goodkind, Anne McCaffrey, Tamora Pierce, and so many more have inspired me to always push my own creativity and to believe that anything is possible! Work is what pulled me into Second Life almost ten years ago, but it wasn’t long before I discovered the role play worlds and I have enjoyed flitting through the realms within SL ever since!

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

I think my favorite Faire moment to date was last year, when I was working on the Pinterest team to get all of the exclusives up and into the catalog for everyone. And as I was flitting around on my cloud, we turned on the stream and played music and had fun, running from one sim to the next as the restarts chased us all over. And it was just a lot of fun because rather than be aggravated, we made the best of it and just had a giant party that traveled from sim to sim that night.

This year I’m excited to just wander the sims, exploring and enjoying myself. I look forward to seeing all of the amazing designs everyone has done and I am super excited to just get lost in the fantasy of the faire.

Thank you, Catalina, for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you for everything you bring to the Fairelands!

Meet Our Sponsors: TIS Club Equipment and Animations

Dancing Lemon, the creator and owner of TIS Club Equipment and Animations.

Dancing Lemon, the creator and owner of TIS Club Equipment and Animations sponsors Fantasy Faire by donating all of her dances to help Faire Folk party better! She shares her reasons to Relay and gives more details on her motion-capture dances. 

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

Yes it is, we are always very happy to help in any good cause. Cancer is a dreadful disease and I have also had a family member pass away from it. Raising awareness in order to cure this is always my priority. In fact we also sponsor another charity here in the UK, Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease. It is at the forefront of the research into the fight against cancer and helping people with life-threatening diseases.

Here is their website for anyone who is interested: https://www.medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk/

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

A friend introduced me to SL way back in 2008 and I have not looked back. Building did not come easy to me but I persevered and I now have a couple of people working with me creating and scripting!

You donated a fully loaded dance ball of your animations to the Faire so the Faire Folk can party better. What kind of dances do these include?

Oh my word! Everything we have ever created from couples sexy dances to the drunken Christmas party type!!! We have sexy single dances ranging from latin and indian. All our dances are created using the latest Motion Capture equipment. You can see the dances in TIS’ youtube channel. 

Thank you, Dancing, for taking the time to talk with us! Thank you for making us all dance!

Meet Our Sponsors: OtherSkin

Kaleidos Hope, the creator and owner of OtherSkin.

Kaleidos Hope, the creator and owner of OtherSkin, shares with us how her stories transform into items, talks of roleplay and her reasons to sponsor the Faire, and offers previews of her Faire-wares!

This is your third year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to return and do it again?

I always like to recur the statement, that I stand behind the Fantasy Faire. I love it and I made myself the promise to support it in the best possible way. I am addicted to fantasy and the life style it implicates. The great feeling of being someone else, you never could be in real life, the dreams and the beautiful colors, they all open up my heart and make my life a bit happier.

You often have stories to complement your items. How important are stories as a part of your creation process? Which comes first, the story or the item?

This a good question Sonya and I am happy to answer. The process varies, this time the story came first. I like to make theme oriented releases, I always wanna reveal a bit of my personality to the customers. Good stories (in fact I don’t know if I am able to write good stories *laughs*) inspire me and give my chaotic mind a direction. I always need a common theme, to find my way, as well as creator. This year I made the decision to try a different direction, I hope it will be enjoyed:

The “OtherSkin RFL Release 2017” called “Home” and bases on this story.

It’s an animated pendulum you can use as oracle, or to find your way inworld. The pendulum has three random animations (it can move horizontally, vertically or in circles) and comes with a oracle pose.
“Home” is also available, as necklace to wear. You can read the story here and get some sneak peaks as well: “Home – health is the goal -“

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? Give us some sneak peeks or teasers!

OtherSkin will bring also three further new releases, which will be published on the Fantasy Faire 2017 first.

“Mashallah – enjoy the beauty -”

Mashallah means beautiful and is a gold and silver necklace with earrings, which comes in eight different colors. This Oriental jewel is adorned with a star-shaped gemstone.

“Trinity – transitions -”

Trinity reminds of the certain stages of life. It’s also a gold and silver necklace with earrings, which comes in eight different colors. The Celtic jewel has beautiful gemstones, you can bring, if you want to, with glowing to life.

“Infinity – dive into-“

Infinity the three endless loops of fortune. As well a gold and silver necklace with earrings, which comes in eight different colors. Also with a gemstone glow option available, a must have for all Celtic fans!

With your ability to bring characters to life, I must ask: do you roleplay? If so, what is your favorite type of character to play?

Sure I love roleplay, but I must confess I love it a bit different than other people do. I am not good in conversation, I am a very shy personality, so I like to stay in the background and do beautiful releases and imagine, how they have fun with them and play a scene.
I also love the locations and the landscaping of roleplay sims, if I would have more time I am sure, I would be interested in doing such as well.

I also made the decision, to share my life with a great roleplay HUB. If you are looking for a new roleplay family or wanna know, how different roleplay sims can be, you can visit not only “OtherSkin” at Hubunny, we also have the “WoRPG HUB” here. So if you ask, which character I would choose, I have to base my answer on imagination. I think I would play a healing and magic personality.

What are you looking forward to most this year in the Faire?

I am excited about the sim designs and as well, to meet some friends again. Also, I am curious about the set up and how it will be, what a feeling the sim I chose, will give to me. I am sure it will be gorgeous!
I also hope, there will be raised a huge sum for charity. I am still very interested in collecting money for Cancer and I hope I can wake up one day with a cure for it and don’t have to be afraid about my children.

Thanks for the inspiring and joy giving interview Sonya and I hope we will meet next year again.

Thank you as well dear reader, that you took your time for my thoughts. May we share the hope again!

Best, Kaleidos

Thank you, Kaleidos, for taking the time to talk with us! Thank you for bringing your stories woven into items to the Fairelands again!

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Meet Our Sponsors: Dark Unicorns of Lovelace

Dark Unicorns of Lovelace
Avariel Falcon of the Dark Unicorns of Lovelace.

Avariel Falcon and her community group, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, sponsors Fantasy Faire Radio. She shares exciting roleplay news, tells how her group is involved with the Faire this year and recommends the bounciest music for dancing.

This is your third year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you return and do it again?

Previously I said that no one died last year, so we thought ‘What could possibly go wrong’ and sponsored again. After which I went on one of Beryl’s doom filled expeditions where an ancient science experiment blew me into unicorn fragments! Ouch!

Fortunately I got better and so we decided to give it another go! *nods*

Strifeclaw - Guardian of the Earth Stone
Beryl Strifeclaw – Guardian of the Earth Stone

What have the Dark Unicorns of Lovelace been up to the last year?

Beryl and I spent much of the year involved in a huge roleplay (with exploding unicorn!) and I came back from the dead, which is not so unusual for me. *nods* Meanwhile Alazarin continued to develop the band and took part in the Sci-Fi convention. Polenth continues to write and make new shroomies.

Alazarin and the Invisible Band - SL Sci-Fi Con 2017!
Alazarin Mobius (Performing at this year’s Sci-Fi convention with his band)
Polenth Yue
Polenth Yue (At the Dark Unicorns’ museum of past Fantasy Faires)

What do you plan to do in the Fairelands this year? Are you involved in the roleplay events again? Tell us teasers!

Beryl and I are involved in the roleplay where there will be edible hats! It’s kind of frogy, although I myself do not know much more. *nods*

Meanwhile Polenth will be opening the Mushporium again, they are filling the build grid with new shroomies!

Probably the biggest change from last year is the worldling build. I am building a mysterious mathematical machine for one of the mini-sim worldlings that will feature at the Faire this year.

A Touch of Steampunk:
A Touch of Steampunk - Mathematical Engine

You are sponsoring Fantasy Faire Radio. The Sound of the Fairelands has always been incredibly important part of the Faire-experience. What does it mean to you? What’s your favourite music like?

Fantasy Faire radio is the musical glue that holds the Fairelands together! *nods*

I like most kinds of music, but my favourite tends to be electronic dance music because its good for bouncing! Yay!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Everything! It all sounds amazing!
Also… This rose is losing its petals… But that is ok, they taste good. *nods*

Thank you, Avariel, for taking the time to talk with us, and thank you for the whole group for being a part of the Fairelands again!

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The Rose...

Meet Our Sponsors: Dragon Magick Wares & Spyralle

Dragonia DeCuir, the creator and owner of Dragon Magick Wares.
Kerryth Tarantal, the creator and owner of Spyralle.

Dragonia DeCuir of Dragon Magick Wares and Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle have joined forces to sponsor Fantasy Faire. They share their reasons to Relay, speak of their creation processes, their relation to fantasy and offer extremely sneaky teasers of their upcoming Faire-wares!

Kerryth has sponsored the Faire many times in the past, but this is the first time for Dragonia. What made you decide join forces?

Dragonia: I’ve been a part of FF now for many years and I always wanted to become a sponsor. Me and Kerryth have known each other a very long time. We talked about joining forces last year and this year it came true. FF is a truly magical event, where everyone comes together. Everyone working towards the same goal. To put an end to this terrible disease.

Kerryth:  I return because finding ways to help people survive cancer is deeply important to me, as someone who has lost friends and family to cancer and as a survivor myself. But I also return because of the Fantasy Faire community, a wonderful group of creative, caring people. It feels like coming home to a new world every year.

Dragonia and I met in the Myst fan community. We both ended up creating fantasy themed content in SL and getting involved in Fantasy Faire, so it seemed natural to talk about teaming up. Besides, we have the same favorite colors!

Dragonia, how did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

Dragonia: LOL, I was tired of not finding something I liked at a price I could afford or the prims were too high! I started working with prims like legos. Piecing together structures until I got something I liked. I love creating and I love architecture. When I start to build, I think about nothing else. It’s quite meditative at times.

Kerryth, has your creation process evolved in time? How?

Kerryth: When I started designing in SL, it was all about the fractal art I was already doing, but since I started making mesh about four years ago, my work has moved a long way beyond that. I still use fractals in almost everything, but they are not always out in front and obvious. They are just part of my toolkit – not only for texturing. I draw inspiration from them for three dimensional mesh forms I build. Another evolutionary step I’ve made is more collaboration with other creators, especially Tailahr Winnikow who makes magic with scripts.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? Give us some sneak peeks or teasers!

Dragonia: Oh hmmmm lets see…. Well I can let you know that I did colorful pieces this time. And of course I’ll have a new build 🙂

Dragon Magick Wares Teaser.

Kerryth: As usual, my plans changed in the making, and what I started months ago was set aside for something I found myself more compelled to make now.

Spyralle Teaser.

Dragonia, what calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

Dragonia: I think fantasy called me. I grew up in the country, basically in the forest. We had 40 acres and only 5 acres was used for livable space. When I was little, I used to play in the woods. I would imagine I was a princess playing with the dragons, fairies and unicorns. Maybe it’s even taken me over considering I have a collection of over 200 dragons LOL

Kerryth, do you have favourite fantasy books, movies or games that you return and enjoy over and over again? Which ones and why?

Kerryth: The ‘Myst universe’ has been my fantasy home base for over ten years, particularly the Uru extension of it. Uru was the first virtual world I inhabited as an avatar; it gave me a community, led me directly to Second Life and still inspires me visually, musically and emotionally.

For books, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and Harry Potter are great favorites, of course, and I love Lois McMaster Bujold’s marvelously entertaining Miles Vorkosigan series, which is technically science fiction but begs to be made into steampunk anime. In the last two years I have been reading and rereading her Sharing Knife series which takes place in a world based on the Ohio Valley of the early 1800s, plus a smart and grounded kind of magic and a beautifully explored love story between two unlikely people. Another world I keep going back to is ‘The Tale of Genji,’ a millennium-old Japanese novel that is not technically fantasy but so remote from our world that it might as well be. What do these last two have in common? Exploring the mysteries of the human heart and seeing numinous beauty in ordinary things and fleeting moments. Sometimes the most fantastic and extraordinary things are small and close to us.

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Dragonia: There are so many memories of all the past faires. I can’t really choose one I enjoyed the most. I enjoy every single memory. FF is always involving into something different every year. I love exploring the sims, looking at all the hard work everyone has done. But I think shopping is my favorite *snickers* hey what can I say, I’m a girl.

Kerryth: My favorite memories are of simply wandering the Faire while listening to Faire Radio, and discovering all the wonderful hidden things you miss if all you do is shop. Like the cloister on Sanctum in 2014 and the remote jungle towers of Nu Orne in 2012. The exploring is what I look forward to the most. A couple of special things do come to mind. My first mind-blowing, fall-to-the-knees-in-wonderment sight of Titan’s Hollow, where my shop was in 2013, and a certain insanely hilarious underwater bus tour in 2015.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Dragonia and Kerryth, and thank you for joining us in the Fairelands to create more wonderful memories!

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Meet Our Sponsors: The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Natalie Montagne, the owner and curator of the Lost Unicorn Gallery.

Natalie Montagne, the owner and curator of The Lost Unicorn Gallery and the sponsor of The Spirit Pool, shares with us news about the gallery, her favourite fantasy soundtrack and her reasons to return to sponsoring the Faire.

This is your third year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you return and do it again?

I wanted to contribute and be a part of this amazing event once again and would like to continue doing so as long as I’m able. After going through cancer myself and also many I know, Relay For Life is near and dear to my heart. How could I not be a part of what Fantasy Faire is all about? Not only is it my favorite genre…FANTASY, it’s all about raising money to fight against cancer…this is my number one reason for coming back.

The Gallery in Winter

What have you been up to the last year? What is new at The Lost Unicorn Gallery?

The last year went by so fast, it’s been a whirlwind! We opened our new sim, housing the gallery and forest sanctuary. For the most part, I’ve been working on a few minor additions to my sim, Lost Unicorn, and also of course, showcasing artists at the gallery. The sim and gallery went white for winter this year and it was so gorgeous. Our sim designer, Nessa Zamora, did a wonderful job. It’s all green again now and just as lovely as ever. We have added some new in house artists to the gallery this year and showcased many, too. We are still involved with the Enchantment events every 3 months, sponsoring the photo contest and displaying work there. It’s so much fun and these events are fabulous. I plan to expand the gallery this summer and make a few changes. I want to be able to display more artwork and also display what we have in a larger size if possible.

The Gallery Overlook

What are you bringing to the Faire this year?

We will have the sim sponsor store on The Spirit Pool sim this round and plan to include as many in house artists’ artwork as possible and also a few others. I plan to try and sell at least 1 or 2 pictures per artist and as always, ALL profits will go to Relay for Life.

What would your favourite fantasy soundtrack consist of? Does the Lost Unicorn Gallery have a theme song?

Oh my, so many songs. I would have to say my soundtrack would consist of the music from Lord of the Rings/Hobbit series, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Enya’s Greatest Hits, Lord of the Dance/Riverdance, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and the list goes on 🙂 The gallery doesn’t have its own theme song, but we do play a station on the sim that is so epic and beautiful. I get so many comments about it and I never get tired of listening to it. It’s all music and has a lot of soundtracks and much more. It’s the station I always go back to and play most all the time.

What are you looking forward to most this year in the Fairelands?

I always look forward to the hustle and bustle of Fantasy Faire! I love to explore all the amazing sims and of course, shop shop shop! One thing I wish…is it would last longer!!

Thank you, Natalie, for taking the time to chat with us, and thank you for bringing more beauty and fantasy visions to the Fairelands!

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