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Farewell to the Fairelands 2018

The Fairelands of 2018 drifted into the Mists on Tuesday, leaving the Fairelanders feeling a mix of emotions: sadness for losing our second home for a year, happiness for all the shared joy and beauty, gratefulness for another amazing Faire and a longing for their return.

Haveit Neox filmed this farewell on the last day, going through all the Fairelands, mixing in some of the last parties, and then waiting for that final moment in The Story Well. Share the journey, the last memories, and rest assured that in the spring of 2019 the Fairelands will rise anew.

We raised almost 12 million lindens, Fairelanders. Over 48,000 US dollars. This was a record-breaking Faire, and you should all feel very proud and accomplished, and happy in the knowledge that you have been a part of something amazing and good. Take that knowledge with you for the rest of the year, hold that spirit high, and the world will be a better place, one small deed at a time.

Thank you.

Super Secret Unmasked Hottubs Ball! (Shhh.)

It’s the End of the Faire as we know it and we feel faaaaaaaain!

Come join the Super Secret Amazingly Awesome Unmasked Hottubs Ball of the year, starting around 2 PM SLT and lasting at least four evers!

Secret DJs! Dinkies in bikinis! Tinies riverdancing! Dragon Disco!

Tune in the Fantasy Faire groups and/or Estate Message for the SECRET LOCATION to avoid Pawlice Intervention!

(No glowsticks allowed after the 2016 incident.)

The Song of the Fairelands

Many of us have a second home. It appears before us for a few weeks every spring, and then fades, leaving behind just memories and a longing. In those few short weeks we rush home, we try to see everything, experience everything, we try to feel the connection to the lands.

The Fairelands welcome all, embrace all, provide shelter and care, inspiration and hope to all who enter. They whisper words, hum soft songs, and they differ for each listener. To some they sing courage, to some they offer comfort, to some there’s an aria of imagination, to some a source of joy.

As you first step into the Fairelands the enchantment falls on you like warm rays of sun in the spring. The defining, life-changing moment arrives when you volunteer to help the Fairelands. The first time you work to aid the dream, the first time you give of yourself to them: that is when everything changes. You feel that you are not a visitor anymore, you are a resident.

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Fantasy Faire Tabletop Writeup (Or: “Where Did The Time Go?”) by Nyza Stillwater & Kitori Skeleton (Kitori Unplugged)

Fairelanders join in a session of “Honey Heist” at the Bazaar Dungeon, one of the many tabletop games being offered at this year’s Faire (Photo taken by Nyza Stillwater).

The week after the Faire is always an exhausting, yet fulfilling affair. You look back on the prior weeks and ask yourself one basic question, “Did I accomplish what I set out to do?” You’ve tried to plan a series of events the very best you could; tried to think of your Plan B and Plan C, and you try to make it so possible participants don’t: a) feel intimidated by your offering, and b) have a variety of selections to choose from. You’ve gone back and forth on a variety of decisions, have worked with your superiors to ensure everyone is on the same page, and you’ve waited patiently, anxiously for word to spread around; and for people to sign up and/or take available seats at your event. And of course, you pray to the Linden gods that everything will somehow miraculously hold together…

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Lunch Thieves Record – Proof!

This just to show you that the Pawlice never operates without cause and proof and excuse and legally binding warrants!

Remember to pay your fines pre-emptively into the RFL kiosks, there’s still several days to go before the Fairelands fade into the Mists!

This has been a Public Service Announcement on behalf of the Fairelands Watch, the Waffle Security Department. 

May Masked Ball on Sunday, May 6th, 2 – 5 PM SLT!

Did you miss the April Showers Ball because of timezones? Worry not, we have a plan! (It might even be cunning.)

On Sunday, May 6th, 2 – 5 PM SLT we will have a Fairelands May Masked Ball at The Story Well!

The music will be provided by DJ Elrik Merlin and Her High Faireness, DJ Tin Tinz! …I mean Elizabeth Tinsley. Come join us and dance the night away while the Faire is still here!