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Fantasy Faire at RFL Weekend

It’s time for the Relay Weekend and Fantasy Faire has its own campsite on the track. If you wish to hang out with other Fairelanders, dance to your own drums on the deck of the FaireChylde, or just pause for a peaceful moment before the next lap, feel free to enjoy the site.

The Days of the Faire banner collection is now complete, and all the banners are available at the campsite. This includes the ones released during the Faire, and the new never-seen-before ones. If you want to grab these mementos from the Fairelands of 2022, this is your chance!

Visit Fantasy Faire at RFL Weekend

Stories of Gratitude

There are words that are never said enough. “Thank you.” are among them. Fairelands are a full continent, and there are so many people involved in bringing them to us, so many people making them alive and calling others to join in that it is impossible for any of us to even learn all the names, let alone form friendships with each and every one of them. That is why the Faire organization functions in parts, with only Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, Fantasy, being the glue keeping us together, overseeing the care and content of the Fairelands as a whole.

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Meet Our Sponsors: Fallen Gods Inc.

Alia Baroque, the World Builder of Opet with Garvie Garzo, the Grand Sculptor of Opet.

Alia Baroque, the creator and owner of Fallen Gods Inc., is also the sponsor and world builder of the Faireland of Opet. He talks about the region’s inspiration and build process, his collaboration with Garvie Garzo, who sculpted all the statues of Opet, and his long history as a world builder and a part of the Faire.

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Still No Glowsticks!

The critters had solemnly sworn not to miss the Rave That Never Happens this year! They had set up a critter per Faireland on watch duty, carefully monitoring anything flying, and anything colourful. This had kept them busy the whole Faire, hopping up and down in excitement at colourful fluttery fae, and once even mistaking a griffin for a paper plane — a mistake you make only once.

But finally, when all hope was almost lost, there it was! The paper plane of bright neon colours and incomprehensible gibberish, official looking stamps and fancy party people. It was almost time! After carefully checking that no critter possessed the dreaded sticks of glow, they hopped and padded to the nearest bus stop (the only one) to wait for their ride to the rave.

Join the critters at the Fairelanders’ Final Ravedown absolutely normal Faire day with no parties going on whatsoever after 11 AM SLT in the Siikret Rave Place!