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Thank You (Blogger Highlights VII)

The above is a magnificent picture by Tamzin Xigalia. It has everything a good Faire-picture should have: Faireland environment, Fairelanders of many shape and size, a Faire legend (in this case the Fairechylde, our dragonborne party ship) and of course bunnies! …fine, fine. I’m biased. Bunnies optional!

The problem with highlights is that you have to choose. Especially if you have limited time and defined themes and subjects you want to follow. Even if everyone would be deserving of a mention and a spot in the fae starlight, it isn’t always possible. Blogger highlights for Fantasy Faire are absolutely a case like that. I wanted to present them as themes, as ways and methods to blog the Faire, show examples of the said blogging, and I think for most parts that went well. It of course doesn’t change the fact that many a brilliant post was left unmentioned if the theme it fits had already been highlighted, or if there simply wasn’t time enough to include everyone within the short and busy weeks of the Faire.

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Nothing to See Here!

The Fairelands Association of Scribbling Secretarial Critters was cleaning the events-information-pile — carefully organizing the papers into yeydone and onoes — and found a rainbow-coloured piece of paper! After carefully testing that it wasn’t a nom, it was turned into a paper plane and promptly flown straight into the outgoing pile, then forgotten for it was the third lunch hour and the waffles had just arrived!

We are not responsible for anything!

Meet Our Sponsors: [ContraptioN]

Walton F. Wainwright (Faust.Steamer) and Victor E. Eton (TheDramaticEagle.Resident), co-owners of [ContraptioN], sponsors of Auxentios’ Pass.
Walton F. Wainwright (Faust Steamer), the co-owner of [ContraptioN], is also the world builder of the Faireland of Auxentios’ Pass. He shares what it was like to build a Faireland for the first time, what it is that he loves most about the Faire, and also reveals the lore and history of Auxentios’ Pass.

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Faire Highlights by Loki Eliot

Loki Eliot, the world builder of Spirit Valley of Kuruk, shares with us his Faire highlights on Twitter. Join us on his journey through the Fairelands, and remember to bring some tissues… in case of sudden peeling-onions accidents.

Highlights from the Blogger Posts VI

One of the challenges of blogging Fantasy Faire is that it is not just a shopping event, it is not just a quest, or Literary Festival, or endless parties or roleplay or performances or… you get the point. Faire is many things to many people, but what it is underneath the fantasy community we all love and cherish, is a charity event.

Fantasy Faire supports Relay For Life, and through that, the American Cancer Society’s Global Initiative. This is not an easy subject to blog about regardless if your life has been influenced by cancer or not. If it has, writing about it might feel too personal, too painful. If it hasn’t, your words might feel empty lip service to you. Therefore it is never ever obligatory to blog about it, but I do always encourage those who wish to share their reasons to relay to do just that, to give voice to this deeper current within the Fairelands.

I’m not going to paraphrase, nutshell, or otherwise describe these posts, simply presenting a selection of many. Read these stories in the words they were written, and if you so choose, share your own.

Eclectic Equations – Why I Relay by Vylna Daviau

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Meet Our Sponsors: Roleplay: Piltover & Zaun

Roleplay: Piltover & Zaun sponsors Literary Festival 2020.

Angela Chauvert (Angela Carling), Garhre and Oz (Adlai Rae) speak for the community of Roleplay: Piltover & Zaun. They sponsor the Literary Festival, each of them with different amount of years of Faire sponsorship behind them. They share their reasons to join the Faire, introduce us to the roleplay in the cities of Piltover and Zaun, and talk of their love for the Fairelands.

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