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Preparing To Go Home

Spires Of Andolys Towers

So the day has come to pack my bags and bid farewell to yet another Fantasy Faire. I haven’t done half as much as I wanted to do and these days have simply flown by.

I’m grateful once again to The Dwarfins team for allowing me to stay in their castle at this year’s event. The Dwarfins usually find room for me to stay when I visit the Faire. Rumours that as a Dwarfin King I demand room and board have been strenuously denied … by me.

I leave The Faire with fond memories of magical shows, light and dance, literary goodness and The Witch Of Wildehaven Marsh defiantly facing the crowd as Rynn Verwood was jailed and bailed.

I also leave The Faire with fond memories of the generous nature of visitors. As I write this journal entry I can see US$26,632 has been raised for Relay For Life, and it’s not quite over yet.

I now have to plan the journey home to The Dwarfin Kingdom, I have seen many forms of interesting transport at The Faire but I really hope that the mode of transport below is heading my way as it’s a spectacular sight to behold.

FF Dragon Ship

All good things…

…come to an end.

And while the Faire will still be up and filled with events today (see this page with all activities for today!), the Fairelands will disappear at some point after today,  so this is my last blogpost for this years Fantasy Faire.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Thank you for the music - A blogpost
Fantasy Faire Radio, thank you for the music!

It was an honour and I have, as every year, enjoyed all the sims – no exceptions, no favourites! The people, the parties, the amazing creations, the fun, the shopping, the awesome amount that is raised for RFL…wow what a week it has been!

Fantasy Faire 2015 - See you in 2016 - A blogpost
See you in the Fairelands in 2016!

For now, I wish you a fun-filled and magical day on the Faire and hope to see you all back next year <3.
Hopefully Cinderella will not mind that I am using her carriage to take my stuff back to my home (if I can remember the LM!)…

Fantasy Faire 2015 - The Carriage home -  A blogpost
All packed up and ready to head home…..

Take care everyone!


Of Apologies, High Hopes, and Wonderful RL Doctors

The Faire is over in a few hours, and I haven’t done yet one half… one half? One tenth of the things I originally planned to do there. Real Life has me in a grip, and – despite being born a free spirit – this time I must obey orders. The daily trips to the hospital, the treatments, my office hours and classes (…yes, I indeed work, and I’m very satisfied I still have the energy to take care of “my” med students!), the household chores run smooth, yet I usually feel so tired in the afternoons that I crash like an exhausted toddler. Bam, lights out, with my last blurry thoughts running around the various events at the Faire.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Sprite

Yuna, dear, I should have taken some pictures of your wonderful “Ursula” gown much earlier. Gar, my friend, I didn’t see you turned into a plushie dragon by an ebil, ebil witch… my immense loss, I know, but I just crashed and fainted in front of my PC. The amazing creators that sent me their goodies… I owe you big time, dozens of photographs and blog posts, in order to do you justice. The glorious Fairelands, the wide horizons and the minuscule details I could admire for a few minutes only, because I had to log out, claimed by reality. I shall not have the chance to spend hours and hours there, just hanging around, admiring the marvels sculpted in pixels.

Hey, I’m going to clear my debts next year, all right? I promise. Now I must rush, I’m to have an appointment with the handsomest oncologist in this wide world, committed to put me back in running order in the shortest time possible. He’s positive I’m going to be fine… so see you next year, y’all! Until then… cross your fingers and toes, and please, pretty please, wish me good luck!

Of Mice and Men… and Dear Lifesaving Friends

We, women, are weird creatures. When we get “The Diagnosis”, we’re devastated… for a short while. Then, we start worrying about our beloved ones. How will they cope with the fact that their mum/wife/auntie/daughter/friend has cancer? Will they become desperate? What could we do in order to ease their pain…? To encourage them, to help them…?

I was hardly more than a kid, a 21-year-old premature-yet-immature creature, when my mum died. I still remember how I tried to reach out to the adults, the people that were supposed to help me and console me, the child… and I ended up supporting them in turn, symbolically (and, now and then, literally) wiping snotty noses and tear-brimmed eyes. The adults around me couldn’t cope on their own account. They were clinging on me, in order to survive.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Midnight Sakura

Today, I am so very grateful to my friends and family, real and virtual alike… because they don’t need me to make them float and hold their heads above water, when the one teamed up with Big C, for the time being, is actually me. They’re worried, of course. More than worried… yet, they’ve succeeded in remaining themselves; bright, gentle, loving and smart people, giving me warm hugs without pitying me, cracking horrible and wildly amusing jokes about life and death without observing me from the corner of their eyes if I was to smile or bawl… in short, they are the same old bright, gentle, loving and smart people they used to be, and I’m serene, and I do feel supported this way. So that I can take care of myself, and survive, for my own sake… and their beloved, dear sake as well. I love you guys, have I told you yet? If not, then I’m telling you right now, so that you know… and please continue being your usual, fabulous, crazy, annoying and so very lovable selves, nursing me back to life.

So much Faire, so little time!

This weekend is the last weekend the Faire is inworld, after the weekend it will be gone…the 11 and a half months of me feeling homeless will begin.
BUT! No sadness. Nope! There is still this whole weekend to enjoy the Faire to it fullest and contribute to Relay For Life, if you want.

I, for one, will keep living on the Fairelands till they disappear and have fun doing so!

The past week I discovered I like being a Mermaid, I’ve met wonderful people, seen shows that were amazing and  I have ordered a real-life Fantasy Faire pendant!

[Give me the night], I'll give you the morning in return
@ Poseidons Abbys

You can too, just like me, take a bit of the Faire with you! Keeping it close  till next year, either by buying the Odyssey or Spires of Andolys builds, the wonderful RL- pendant or participate or buy the FF  Calendar.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Odyssey - V
The waterhorse from Meadowworks, here shown at Odyssey, but a special version is up in the silent auction!

I am thrilled to see how much the Faire has raised for RFL, after all..that is what it is all about.

Please have a look at the Silent Auction, – ending today at 5PM SLT,  a perfect way to obtain a special piece of this year’s Fantasy Faire.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Butterfly Strong - I
“RFL Butterfly Strong”  a lovely performance by JenzZa Misfit, at Poseidon’s Abyss

Please support RFL and most of all:  ENJOY AND CELEBRATE LIFE. For us, for those we lost, for those who start life, for all of us.

Happy Faire weekend to all of you <3!