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A Letter from Kristie McComb at the American Cancer Society

My dear Fairelanders and friends,

With the closing of another Fantasy Faire, I write to you with heartfelt gratitude and esteem for all that you created, shared, and gave of yourselves these past two weeks. As the American Cancer Society, we stand amazed that you not only met last year’s total, you exceeded it, especially in the tough economic times we’re experiencing. 

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Join us for the the first ever Wafflies Ceremony!

Today, at 11am SLT, the first ever Wafflies will be presented for machinima created over the last two weeks in the Fairelands. The ceremony (and subsequent party) will take place in the Hall of the Golden Stag on Mythspire Ridge.

There are three categories:


And we think we will have a few surprises along the way!

Once the Wafflies have been awarded, we will have a post-Wafflies party, with DJ Aoife Lorefield, to celebrate FilmFest and LitFest!

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A Grand Finale

Time has come for our final day of this years performance program at the Arts & Entertainment region.

It has been a fabulous Faire, we have seen so many performers grace the Sunken Honey stage with their extraordinary acts. We have had dance, theater, particle shows, immersive dance, a magician and much more. We hope you have enjoyed the fruits of our many talented performers hard work and we are every so thankful that you have lent us a moment of your time, that you have let us entertain, I am thankful to each and every one of you for making this Fantasy Faires performances such a wonderful part of the event.

I want to send a special Thank Ýou to my fantastic helpers, Exhi and Dreams, without whom I could not pull this off year after year. We have grown quite a bit from the 5 groups performing during one week. That is how small we started 8 years ago, when performances were still a new thing to the Fantasy Faire. I am forever in your dept ladies.

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Vote for the Wafflies!

There are three films nominated for the Wafflies in the fictional category (there is already an outright winner in the factual category). And now is the time for people to VOTE for their choice.

The three films are:

Once Upon a Time by MacGuyver Mode

Other by the Jewell Theatre

Judi’s Jaunt by Judi Newall and Lorin Tone

Now it’s your turn to choose the winner of the Wafflie!

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The Trial of Walton Wainwright

From the desk of Mr. Wainwright:

“There’s at least a few people jailed by those little mad fuzzy beasts that roam The Fairelands, and it seems our glorious leader, Walton F. Wainwright had wandered through Bassett Town in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Captured by the constabulary of the Fairelands, it appears that on May 3rd at 5pm SLT, Walton F. Wainwright will be put on trial for crimes against humanity!

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