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Official daily recaps during the Faire.

Recap: Patch Linden’s Jail & Bail

This year Patch Linden managed to evade the Long Paw of Law a whole week extra, but finally the Fairelands Watch caught him and brought him to the Absolutely Fair(e) Justice!

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Daily Recap: Sunday, May 2

Sunday brought an end to an epic tale of Purple Pox, helpful surely-licensed tinies and the Long Paw of Law that had finally caught them! The infamous Basement Kitteh Gang had been arrested, and there was rioting! Bails flew, shots were fired (from dart gun), prisoners escaped, pawlice was jailed, protest signs were waved, hooves stomped, and giant panthers wrapped in yarn… all in all perfectly normal Faire day of excellence, entertainment and relay!

In the end the kiosks to keep them in and free them — whoever might have been jailed at the time — brought in over 250,000 lindens for Relay For Life! Now that is a true riot in the Unweaver’s face!

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Daily Recap: Saturday, May 1

Saturday was a busy day as many of the Faire’s events wrapped up for the year, including the amazing dance performances, roleplay classes and even the roleplay finale from the Children of Stories.

The final mysteries of the Rift were finally revealed as lost spirits from the past were found through the care, concern and donations of the Fairelanders, and were finally freed to move on. The broken portal was repaired, and it became functional once more. The finale relayed altogether 1,521,620 linden dollars, aka over 1,5 million lindens: a figure that is difficult to even comprehend! Well done, Children, well done, Fairelanders!

The Children of Stories Roleplay Finale
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Daily Recap: Thursday, April 29th

On Thursday the Fairelands featured a completely new kind of event: Riverside Market, organized by the Ancient Order of Centaurs. The centaur community has been galloping through the Fairelands for many years, and there’s still events to come this year, too! Stay tuned for a welcoming wiggle party and the Centaur Parade!

Riverside Market with the Ancient Order of Centaurs
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