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Official daily recaps during the Faire.

Daily Recap: Sunday

Tiny Town – picture by Alisaundra Andel.

The second Sunday of the Faire is always the last official day of programmed events, and the date shown on all the posters as the last day of the Faire. Experienced Fairelanders know better though: our Linden Overlords tend to get captured by the Fairelands Watch, and also tend to bribe their way into freedom with more Faire days!

This happened this year as well, and the Fairelands will be open for shopping, questing and exploring through May 7th!

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Daily Recap: Saturday

Severina – picture by Caitlin Tobias.

The second Saturday of the Faire is always amazingly busy as the Fairelands provide all the entertainment they possibly can before the official program ends. Good thing we have an amazing medic team ready to help paw-blistered busy critters all over: nothing that duct tape, bubblewrap and lollis don’t fix!

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Daily Recap: Friday

Astrid’s Nemeton – picture by Alisaundra Andel

Friday always opens the weekend celebrities as the Fairelanders can almost taste the upcoming busy event schedule. Being the second Friday of this year’s Faire, it also brought with it the realization that the official program and events will end in just a couple of days, and there’s still so much to see!

Fortunately the Fairelands will stay open until May 7th, so at least the exploration, shopping and questing do not have to be rushed. (Thank you, Benevolent Linden Overlords!)

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Daily Recap: Thursday

The Bazaar Dungeon – picture by Sunny Difference.

Thursday arrived with a sudden realization that there’s just a few days left! There was panic, flailing, and hasty attempts to build a time-machine out of Erstwhile ships and Sanoria artifacts, glued together with syrup from Tiny Town. In the midst of all this worry came Her High Faireness with soothing words: the Fairelands would stay open for a whole week longer than first planned!

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Daily Recap: Wednesday

Erstwhile – picture by Sunny Difference.

Wednesday awakened Fairelanders with a start: middle of the week! Time to catch all the events and make sure you’re not missing anything! Backpacks full of caffeinated snacks (for when the drinks don’t cut it anymore) and detailed plans for the day (to be thrown away at the first distraction) everyone was ready to embark back into the Fairelands!

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Daily Recap: Tuesday

The Halls of Story – picture by Caitlin Tobias.

Tuesday morning smelled of coffee, croissants, wootberry juice and just a whiff of incense in the morning breeze, like a promise of things to come. The Fairelanders packed their daily survival gear in the various forms of caffeine and snacks, made sure their Teleport HUDs were at hand, that emergency pixie GPS system was online and that party outfits were well chosen in advance. Then it was time to head out for another adventurous day in the Fairelands!

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