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Nothing to See Here!

The Fairelands Association of Scribbling Secretarial Critters was cleaning the events-information-pile — carefully organizing the papers into yeydone and onoes — and found a rainbow-coloured piece of paper! After carefully testing that it wasn’t a nom, it was turned into a paper plane and promptly flown straight into the outgoing pile, then forgotten for it was the third lunch hour and the waffles had just arrived!

We are not responsible for anything!


The Amazons of Sanctuary was finally finished and all that was left were two things. One, to hold a party to celebrate the successful first play of Sanctuary, and two, to hold that no good Kouga accountable for his terrible act of trying to destroy the play by kidnapping Gabrielle. The Princess Regent, Stevie of Sanctuary decided to allow the people to decide on his punishment, and two booths were made to vote on his fate.

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Last post of this years Faire?

Firework circus Changhigh Style

This may be the last post I make for this years Fantasy Faire. Today is the last day of performances here, except a surprise show tomorrow Saturday at 11 am, that is of my own making and a request from the Fallen God himself,,, and when Mr Baroque asks, he shall receive. It is after all a show made for his anniversary last year. The show will be held at Ambigulas water stage so if you are interested, look for The Night Theater at 11 am tomorrow and our Zodiac themed show “Written in the Stars”.

For today we have two grand shows to offer at AmbigulaAlchemelic starts the day with a matiné at 10 am. There will be art, performance art and original music composed by doob. A very special and original show.

Following this show, with only an hours break in-between, The ChangHigh Sisters of Light, Life & Love set the sky afire with particles, circus acts and the colorful entertainment we have grown to expect of these faire veterans. It is a moment to lean back and just breathe in the pixel magic. Be sure to arrive early as when they start at noon, the house may be full already.

Hope I will see you at Ambigula and start your last Faire weekend with a bang!

Alchemelic Pinks

Thursday Cheer?

Nouvelles Folies, weapon of choise

We are almost at the End of the Fantasy Faire for this year. But we still have a couple of shows left, 2 each day on the calendar for both Thursday and Friday. And there will also be one or 2 more shows, as a surprise.. but shyyyyy about that. For now….

Today’s program is 2 shows long only, but two very popular shows, full of cheer and audience dance-along.

We start at 5 pm slt, with another Second Life Cheerleaders show. These girls bring the spirit for sure. The second show for today is FlyGearz starting at 7 pm and they want YOU to dance along with them.

Make sure to come early for both these shows, grab a seat and let everything rez in peace while you cam around the beautiful Ambigula sim.

Hope to see you there!

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