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Faire Wrap Party

Dancing It Up In Fantasy Faire by Alisaundra Andel
Dancing It Up In Fantasy Faire by Alisaundra Andel

We have to have one, right? It’s June, withdrawal has kicked in, something must be done! Fortunately there’s plottings and plannings going on, and Lauren Thibaud sent the following note to the Faire-groups:

“Hi all! As you know, the Fantasy Faire has ended. While our heads hang with hearts broken, we do have have another chance to see our Faire friends, renew our resolve and dig in to fight this disease. Let’s all meet on Saturday June 13th at any time between 12 noon and midnight to raise awareness and maybe a few lindens for our team. Party at Selidor (the Fallen Gods sim) for dancing, bad behavior and a very interesting bunch of auction items! See you there – or just be square. Or even round – we don’t judge.”

Consider this your official invitation to come and hang out with other Faire Folk on Saturday. There’ll be DJs, extremely special auction things (and stuff) and I did hear some whispers of a possible dinkie conga line at some point…

As you arrive to Selidor, follow the lights along the beach to the right until you find the party!

Portal to Selidor:

Preparing To Go Home

Spires Of Andolys Towers

So the day has come to pack my bags and bid farewell to yet another Fantasy Faire. I haven’t done half as much as I wanted to do and these days have simply flown by.

I’m grateful once again to The Dwarfins team for allowing me to stay in their castle at this year’s event. The Dwarfins usually find room for me to stay when I visit the Faire. Rumours that as a Dwarfin King I demand room and board have been strenuously denied … by me.

I leave The Faire with fond memories of magical shows, light and dance, literary goodness and The Witch Of Wildehaven Marsh defiantly facing the crowd as Rynn Verwood was jailed and bailed.

I also leave The Faire with fond memories of the generous nature of visitors. As I write this journal entry I can see US$26,632 has been raised for Relay For Life, and it’s not quite over yet.

I now have to plan the journey home to The Dwarfin Kingdom, I have seen many forms of interesting transport at The Faire but I really hope that the mode of transport below is heading my way as it’s a spectacular sight to behold.

FF Dragon Ship

Live Auction: Come Buy a Piece of Fairelands!

Ichi-go Ichi-e Tree

Ravenshold tower poster

Today, Sunday the third of May, at 4-6PM SLT we will have our traditional Live Auction where we will sell off pieces of this year’s Fairelands, from beautifully iconic details to full sim builds!

We have for example YoZakura sim build, Spires of Andolys packed in one bundle, including the castle, Ravenshold tower, Poppetsborough paper train and station, the Writer’s Place used for the Literary Festival from Sylvan of Spells, Aurora’s jail, Poseidon’s Ride from Poseidon’s Abyss, Wildehaven Marsh dock, Ode to the Sea plazas from Odyssey, and from Ichi-go Ichi-e the sakura tree, the ball room, meditation circle and portal.

For the Faire Folk familiar with our Bus Tradition I would also like to mention that not only is this year’s Rock Lobster Bus up for your bidding pleasure, so are the two previous buses: Atomic Kitties Tour Bus and Love Shack Bus. Take home your favourite Faire memories!

All of this and much more up for bidding tonight at 4-6PM SLT in Poseidon’s Abyss! Come over and make sure the Fairelands never fade for you!

Yozakura Sim-Build-AD

Poseidons Abyss Live Auction 1

MoD Writers Place unique Special

Live Auction Poppetsborough Station & Train FF015

Wildehaven Dock Package poster

Lobster Bus

Champion of the Faireland: Bisclavret, the Animal Spirit

This year’s Fairelands Hunt – the Lost Land – sends you on a search for the Ten Champions chosen by the Bard Queen to mentor, protect and instruct her daughter, the Princess Flora. Each day the Faire is running, we will be introducing you to a different Champion. They all have stories to tell … and some of these may give you clues to help you find them!

Bisclavret, the Animal Spirit
Bisclavret, the Animal Spirit

Bisclavret, the Animal Spirit

Bisclavret was found in the forests, a child of some twelve years. No-one knew who his parents were and it was believed, from his wild appearance, that he was one of those rare children raised by wolves.

Yet there was always a strangeness about him. Such children rarely master the power of speech, nor stand on two legs. But Bisclavret stood and walked like a human boy when he was found, and as they journeyed to bring this strange creature to their lord’s palace, the foresters who had found him noted that he was listening to their words carefully, as though drinking them in. When they reached the palace, he bowed with them before the King, a little awkwardly, and then answered all questions in fair speech.

Not that he was able to tell them much. It was as though he remembered nothing till he was found.

He was given a place at court–a humble place in the palace kennels. It quickly became seen that the dogs not only loved him, but that they seemed to take him as their pack leader. It was something that Bisclavret would not discuss.

But once a month, when the moon was full, he would slip away from the palace. Three or perhaps four days later he would return and take up his duties in the kennels, quiet and calm.

But there was something in his eyes that forbade men to challenge him, and it was said that if angered he could be ferocious and even cruel.

So he lived in the Palace until one day the summons came from the Bard Queen for Bisclavret to serve as one of the Champions of the Princess. The Lord, who had fathered several hopeful (and not unpromising) sons, was dismayed, but Bisclavret simply smiled, took a small bag over his shoulder and set off with his wooden stave and his wolf’s head charm around his neck.

You can also read this page as part of an online book here.

The Book of the Champions – and stories behind the Hunt

The Book of the Champions
The Book of the Champions

Over the days of the Faire, we have been featuring extracts from the Book of the Champions on the blog, featuring a Champion each day. You can read the complete book on the website; you can also read it as an online magazine.

Now it also available as an inworld book. The cover and page design is by Alia Baroue and it makes a gorgeous souvenir of the Faire.

You can collect copies at the points on each region where you can pick up the Hunt HUD – the main landing points for each region.

The Book of the Champions by the Hunt HUD kiosks in Spires of Andolys
The Book of the Champions by the Hunt HUD kiosks in Spires of Andolys

The book tells the origins of each of the Champions as they feature in the Hunt, and an Afterword explains the myths, legends, poems and anime that inspired them.

In addition, on Sunday, 3rd May, from  8am – 9am at the Literary Festival in Sylvan of Spells, Saffia Widdershins will be giving a talk called Stories within Stories – the narrative of the Hunt. She will be talking about the narratives and characters she drew on to write the Hunt – from sources including classical mythology, folk ballads, legends from around the world, modern fantasy classics, Breton lays and Japanese anime – and combined them with the legends that have grown up around the Faire.

For example, in the second part of the Hunt, Flora asks the hunters to gather wool from sheep to make the shirt which she hopes can be used to save the Winter King from the wiles of the Unweaver. But that task of gathering wool owes its origins to the story of Cupid and Psyche. One of the impossible tasks that cruel Venus sets Pysche when she is searching for her love Cupid is to cross a river and fetch golden wool from violent sheep who graze on the other side. Our sheep are not violent, fortunately, but it’s still not easy to gather their fleece either as you have to unlock the gate first!

Fantasy Faire Literary Festival in Sylvan of Spells
Fantasy Faire Literary Festival in Sylvan of Spells

But these tasks also have a deeper meaning. “I drew on legends,” says Saffia, “and almost everywhere you look there are references to different stories and legends. But there’s a deeper level of meaning too.  You’re not asked to undertake a brave battle to save the Winter King. What you do as you help Flora are essentially mundane tasks, and the idea behind that is that this is the role of the carer: the heroism is not in the larger, bolder deeds but in the simple tasks undertaken daily. And that is is the final message of the Bard Queen. It’s been really exciting to me when people say that they found the final part moving or inspirational. That was the intention.”

Saffia will be talking about this more, and answering your questions, at 8am in Sylvan of Spells.