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Magic weaver of the Night Theater.

The grand finalé

Surprises in the depths of Paer Thura

Last day of our 9 day long performance marathon and today is packed with treats for all.

A new addition to the Faire starts off this last day. At 7 am Quruka premieres at the Fantasy Faire stage with a happy and fun set of acts. Grab your favorite morning cup and join us on the floating flowers.

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Faire Friday Fun

InMotion and a bottle of Rum

We are at the Fantasy Faires busiest weekend. There will be the grand Ball, dj parties, Role Play finals, hunting, auction starts, Jail & Bails and so much more. At the Arts & Performance sim, we have 2 of our fullest days, shows from morning to night of all kinds, ready to entertain you.

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It´s oh so quiet…

Tuesday today and the most quiet of our Performance program this year. We only have one show to offer but one of our old time favorites at that.

Starting at 7pm, FlyGearz is back at their steamy ballroom in the sky, ready to dance you along with the tunes from DJ Daveosaurus. This is one of those shows where we encourage the audience to dance along to the show. So grab a tp at the cog in the water and let it take you up, up, up to dance in the clouds.

Landing point on the ground:

The TP Cog