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All good things…

…come to an end.

And while the Faire will still be up and filled with events today (see this page with all activities for today!), the Fairelands will disappear at some point after today,  so this is my last blogpost for this years Fantasy Faire.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Thank you for the music - A blogpost
Fantasy Faire Radio, thank you for the music!

It was an honour and I have, as every year, enjoyed all the sims – no exceptions, no favourites! The people, the parties, the amazing creations, the fun, the shopping, the awesome amount that is raised for RFL…wow what a week it has been!

Fantasy Faire 2015 - See you in 2016 - A blogpost
See you in the Fairelands in 2016!

For now, I wish you a fun-filled and magical day on the Faire and hope to see you all back next year <3.
Hopefully Cinderella will not mind that I am using her carriage to take my stuff back to my home (if I can remember the LM!)…

Fantasy Faire 2015 - The Carriage home -  A blogpost
All packed up and ready to head home…..

Take care everyone!


Ho Ho Ho It’s Magic, Never Believe It’s Not So

Wand Vendor

“Do you believe in magic?” asked the strange looking Dwarfin behind the counter in the Dwarfins tower in The Spires Of Andolys.

I paused for thought, I’ve seen strange beasts under the waters of Poseidon’s Abyss, been enchanted by magical words in The Sylvan Of Spells, encountered pagan festivities in Tangleshimmer Grove, bumped into Chinese shoulder dragons in Vallacia, witnessed strange beasts in YoZakura, been surrounded by larger than life flying insects in Ichi-Go Ichi-e, spotted a cauldron in Wildehaven Marsh, been charmed by toy soliders in Poppetsborough, stared at moving statues in Odyssey and been alarmed by electricity in the air in Aurora.

Do I believe in magic? “Yes”, I replied to the Dwarfin behind the counter, “Why do you ask?”

“Well I have a fine array of potions, spells and wands for sale” he pointed behind at the shelves, looking a little sheepish.

To be honest, it was a bit late for him to tell me that, I’d just had to avoid a raging magic wand battle just to enter his store.

Magical Dwarfins

Ho Ho Ho it’s magic, never believe it’s not so.

Greebo makes a late surge in the election for Chancellor … steampunks holding on for King and Queen

In the Fantasy Faire election, of course – voting for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire (aka your favourite fictional fantasy characters), Greebo the Cat (from the Discoworld Alliance, based on the books by Sir Terry Pratchett) is edging out Krosp, Emperor of Cats (from the Girl Genius Group, represented by characters rpom the gaslamp fantasy Girl Genius).

The gaslamp/steampunk challengers for King and Queen are still holding their own, although the Discworld candidates are still hanging in there, with the rest of the candidates some way behind.

But that could all change today!

Have you voted yet?

As of Friday morning, the voting accumulation looks like this:

Vote for the King!

FF-KING1-BKWulf6327 votes FF-KING2-GILGA350 votes FF-KING4-HAVELOCK4380 votes
FF-KING3-LEGOLAS1310 votes FF-KING5-TYRION1125 votes

The Baron has maintained a wide margin in the King election over the Patrician.  The other candidates have a lot of ground to catch up.

Vote for the Queen!


Queen Zantabraxus of Skifander (our apologies for the mis-spelling on the poster – please don’t have us executed your Majesty!) is maintaining her comfortable lead over Granny Weatherwax.  Can the witch from Lancre make up lost ground? Will Maleficient make a leap forward?

Vote for the Chancellor!

FF-CHANC4-GENIE251 votes FF-CHANC2-GREEBO4708 votes FF-CHANC1-KROSP2715 votes

And Nanny Ogg’s famed (and feared) cat, Greebo has leapt into the lead over Krosp, Emperor of Cats and the other candidates. Can he maintain that lead as the elections hots up?

Which will you vote for?

You can visit the vendors and place your vote in a special gallery under the waves at Poseidons Abyss.

OR you can pay via Convio.

Read more about how to vote here.

Remember – the final voting and the resultys will be taking place at the Masked Ball on Friday 1st May!


Champion of the Faireland: Perkūnas, the Poet of Strength

This year’s Fairelands Hunt – the Lost Land – sends you on a search for the Ten Champions chosen by the Bard Queen to mentor, protect and instruct her daughter, the Princess Flora. Each day the Faire is running, we will be introducing you to a different Champion. They all have stories to tell … and some of these may give you clues to help you find them!

Perkūnas, the Poet of Strength
Perkūnas, the Poet of Strength

Perkūnas, the Poet of Strength

Perkūnas, so the legends said, had a divided soul. His mother came from a village that took great pride in the fighting skills of their women–they had once defeated an army of knights at the battle of Varend. His father had the blood of giants, it was said, and was reckoned the greatest fighter in the Land. It was believed that when they met there would be a battle that would be talked about for generations. Instead, they looked at each other and fell deeply and helpless in love. So the ballad singers sighed a little, sharpened their quills and wrote quite different songs instead.

Perkūnas was their oldest son and he was born with a strength, so the midwives said, beyond that of any mortal child. Yet with his strength there came a gentleness and kindness that made the other children in his village not fear him, but love him deeply. And he was their Champion, long before he became a chosen Champion of the Bard Queen.

Tales are told of how he shifted a great wagon, loaded with heavy logs, so that the hapless driver could be pulled from where he had fallen underneath. Another time, he broke the back of a man who had taken child slaves and used them cruelly. He carried no weapon beyond a simple staff, crowned with the head of a snarling bear, but that he rarely needed to use.

He had great physical strength, greater than either of his parents. But he also had their romantic souls and, as he grew to manhood, he became as famous for his poetry as for his great strength.

When the Bard Queen summoned him to tutor the Princess Flora, it was to teach her the power and beauty of words as well as to help her grow strong and brave.

You can also read this page as part of an online book here.

Splats and photobombing, A day at the Faire..

First of all, I have to say I am very, very honoured to be part of the team of Fantasy Faire Photographers (and writers)!
For me, this annual event is something I look forward to every year, starting the moment the Faire ends.

* (FF Photographers: Dancing Veeper, Alisaundra Andel, Dr. Justen Tyme, Wildstar Beaumont, Tamzin Zigalia,  Asher Law and yours truly)

I have gotten the most lovely compliments and comments on the pics I have published so far, and that makes me smile so much. I do my best to visually document the amazing sims, for now and for when we have to wait another 12 months till the next Faire appears.

Splat and Photobombed, a Fantasy Faire Blogpost
zOMG. I was just changing outfits and ‘someone’ put a shiny tower over me (@ Aurora)

Being a ‘FF Photographer’  meant that I have had the privilege to access the sims even before the merchants got in and set up their shops.
This is why a lot of my pictures are without vendors, no crowds and it made it possible to go all the way into ultra graphics and huge distance draw,  taking high-res pics without crashing.
I hope this answers some of the questions I got on how I managed some of my images. No secret magic in there (sigh….), no derendering, hardly any post processing needed on sims without vendors and no people on it, did that trick for me :).

Splat and Photobombed, a Fantasy Faire Blogpost
‘[2015/04/20] Alia Baroque: SPLAT!’ (@ Odyssey)

Those pics are for the imagery archive of the Faire, are used as teasers on websites, for posters and so on.
The Faire is still incredibly photogenic, we – the FF Photographers – keep on snapping pics every day, we do not stop!

You should too, and add your images to the Fantasy Faire Flickr group!  Or even join the Calendar-contest and get the change to have  your image in the real life Fantasy Faire Calender 2016!
And even if you are not into taking pics, you should come visit and be in awe!

Splat and Photobombed, a Fantasy Faire Blogpost
Photobombed by Rynn Verwood and Lauren Thibaud (@ Tangleshimmer Grove)

Also. The life of an SL Photographer on the Faire, isn’t all that romantic! Noooo! It is dangerous even! No, really!
As the images in this post show, I got photo- bombed, got a fountain build on my head and when I thought I was in a safe place to try out my mermaid-tail before going to the next sim – I found myself in a sudden shiny tower on Aurora.

Happy Faire Day everyone and don’t forget to bring your camera!



Aurora pic:
Mermaid tail, bra and gloves by Lelutka
Crown by [Muse] @ Fantasy Faire
Pose by Del May

Odyssey pic:
Outfit incl wings by Evie’s Closet @ Fantasy Faire

Tangleshimmer Grove pic:
Outfit by Paper Moon – Rune Priestress @ Fantasy Faire
Pose (incl staff and magic blue thingy) by Black Tulip @ Fantasy Faire