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Official announcements.

Fantasy Faire Closing Party on Monday, 1 – 7 PM

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Open Flight
Opal Flight – picture by Wildstar Beaumont

On Monday, May 1st, Fantasy Faire 2017 will hold one last, very special event at Opal Flight.

From 1 to 7 pm, the Fairelands will celebrate the One Team Spirit of the Relay For Life of Second Life by inviting six fantastic RFL Teams to come and Relay with us. Join us as we open our gates, our arms and our hearts to these Relayers. They will bring their own team’s donation kiosks, and we will help them to reach closer towards their goals.

Fantasy Faire Radio will be there, of course! The afternoon will begin with Elrik Merlin, who will spin from 1pm to 3pm. David Abbot takes the helm from 3pm to 5pm. And Zander Greene will round out the night, from 5pm to 7pm.

Join us for a day of fun, and fellowship as we say farewell to the Fairelands for another year. And help us share the magic of the Faire with these brave and noble Relay Teams.

One World. One Vision. One Team. Together, we are The Cure!

– Zander Greene

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Fantasy Faire Hat Gacha

Do you feel like your style is lacking certain something? Is your look almost right, but only almost? Do you wish you could flaunt your favorite Faireland with your style?

We have a solution! Fantasy Faire Hat Gacha offers a multitude of hats to play for, showcasing mementos from the Fairelands and Faire Folk. Just in time before April Showers Ball and the six-hour Closing Party!

All the hats are in one machine despite two gacha keys: we had so many they didn’t fit in one picture! L50 per pull, 12 commons, 8 uncommons and 3 rares.

You can play the Fantasy Faire Hat Gacha at The FaireChylde in Kakushi Pasu or Opal Flight.

Election Special! The state of the polls – Sunday am

And here at the Fairelands, in breaking news, there have been changes at the top of the leaderboards in two of the races – although in the third, the candidate has increased her lead.

In the race for King, Willie Wonka has once more overtaken Severus Snape and by a comfortable margin too! Is Snape destined always to be the runner-up?

And we once more have Leia Organa at the top of the leaderboard. She’s overtaken her main rival, Margo Hanson, and has buit up a very convincing lead! Will their fortunes be reversed today?

Finally, Rhiow has once more placed an authoritative paw on her position as leader in the election for Chancellor. The race has closed between her two closest rivals – Hedwig the owl and The White Rabbit (only five votes between them!) but they are both some way behind the wizardly cat!

Who will win? We will find out later today at the end of the Live Auction. But remember – only YOU and your Lindens (I mean votes!) can decide.

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Once upon a time…

….an angry god caused a huge flood. The giant wave destroyed civilizations, extinguished mythical creatures, and washed off all colour on the surface of the earth….

FF2017 - Opal Flight - V
The Underwater Art Gallery

And so begins the story of Opal Flight, the place for Art and Entertainment on the Fairelands, created by Haveit Neox and Lillia Artis. (read this interview with these great builders, for the rest of the story!)

Opal Flight is that place you go to and dive underwater to enjoy the art, the fish and the colours.  A perfect spot to unwind after exploring and/or partying or to float about when waking up!

Oh and in case you think you need to hurry, as today is the last day of the Fantasy Faire: fear not, here is a surprise!

Even though our planned programming is ending with a six hour closing party on Monday, May 1 from 1-7pm SLT, there is no reason to be sad because we have the Fairelands to roam around until THURSDAY the 4th of May!

As long as the Fairelands are here, the quest is playable and shopping and exploring encouraged!
Event times and places

Silent Auction ends on Monday, 3 PM SLT

Live Auction on Sunday, 2 – 4 PM SLT in Opal Flight

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Opal flight - I - BlogpostII

Election Special! The state of the polls – Saturday am

In sensational news from the polls for the election of the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire, Severus Snape has overtaken Willie Wonka !

Yesterday Willie Wonka was strongly in the lead. But now, Severus Snape has surged ahead!

In the race for Queen, Margo Hanson has consolidated her lead over Princess Leia Organa.

In the race for Chancellor, Hedwig and the White Rabbit are closing the gap on Rhiow the cat (who has gained NO votes since yesterday). Has the cat lost his momentum? We’ll find out tomorrow when the results are announced during the Live Auction.

Who will win? Only YOU and your Lindens (I mean votes!) can decide.

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Election Special! The state of the polls – Friday am

In the elections for King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy, things are starting to heat up, with the competition tightening particularly in the race to be Queen.

As I write this, a mere FIVE Lindens (oops, I mean votes) stands between Princess Leia Organa and Margo Hanson.

And in the race for Chancellor, Rhiow the cat is being hotly pursued by Hedwig the owl and, a late starter, the White Rabbit. We’re expecting some fur and feathers to fly there!

Willie Wonka still holds onto his lead in the race for King but Severus Snape (who many of you may remember was pipped at the post last year by The Goblin King) is starting to put in a strong showing.

Who will win? Only YOU and your Lindens (I mean votes!) can decide.

The Election Board in Kakushi Pasu
The Election Board in Kakushi Pasu

How do I vote?
We are quite open about this – at Fantasy Faire you BUY votes to ensure your favourites are chosen. The difference in our election is that all the money raised goes to Relay for Life!

Then the winners will be announced at the end of the Live Auction on April 30th.

You will find the election board at in Kakushi Pasu.

You simply choose the box by the image of the candidate YOU want to support … and start buying votes!

Here is the full list of nominees for the position of King, Queen and Chancellor

Nominated for King of Fantasy Faire
Nominated for King of Fantasy Faire
Nominated for Queen of Fantasy Faire
Nominated for Queen of Fantasy Faire

chancellor nominees

Don’t delay! Remember our motto – Vote Early, Vote Often!