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Official announcements.

Share your excitement about Fantasy Faire!

Social media is for sharing – and we’re so happy that more and more people are liking and following Fantasy Faire on our different platforms – following the blog, our Facebook page, Flickr, Pinterest, Plurk and our Twitter streams for the main Faire and for the Bard Queen.

We’re aiming for 500 Likes on our Facebook page before the Faire opens – and thanks to all of you, we have gained over 100 new Likes in the last ten days! Can we raise that even more? Yes, we can – and you can help build this by sharing your wonderful enthusiasm with your Facebook friends!

Our Twitter streams are very new – you could say we’re just kicking aside the eggshells and fluffing out out feathers.  So make sure you follow us @FantasyFaireSL and @BardQueenofSL … and join the conversations!

Blogger Challenge: I Remember


I remember the depths. The glowing plants, the exploration, the freedom. I remember the ocean pressure around me like an embrace. I remember the seas of Siren’s Secret, Devil’s Locket and The Tides.


I remember flying over the Ruins of Nu Orne, reaching the suspended cliff city of Caras Calar, testing my strength to reach the peak of Hope’s Horizon,  gliding over the Lotus Valley Dream,  feeling the soft breeze tickle my feathers.


I remember fluttering within the brilliant colours of Blackwater Glenn, finding new friends in Wiggenstead Mooring, fleeing the darkness of Mourningvale Thicket into friendlier Medhir Woods.


I remember dancing in the Crimson Fields of roses in the red dawn, remember riding strange vehicles, playing strange instruments, oh, I remember.

The Fairelands are stirring, taking new shapes, woven from dreams and imagination to shift closer to our reality. It is time to remember the past forms, the six Fairelands before the ones that will emerge in two weeks. Time to remember the forms you have taken, the adventures you’ve had, the moments that took your breath away.

A challenge is issued, for bloggers and others alike: tell us your favourite Fairelands of the past, dig up the old pictures, reminisce, travel down the memory lane. Write about your transformations, talk about your favourite moments, re-live it all again. Re-live and prepare to meet your new favourite moments in just two weeks!

If you have forgotten sim names, our Pinterest Board has all the years and all the sims available for your gallery browsing pleasure. 

If you like doing blogger challenges, we have three more right here. 

Blogger applications are still open until April 18th.

Waiting for Fantasy Faire to open? Here are five things you can do now!

There’s just over two weeks before Fantasy Faire opens its gates … and we are all very excited about all the things that are planned, the regions that will appear, and all the amazing merchants you’ll be able to buy from.

We hope you’re all getting excited too!

But while you are waiting, here are five things you can do …

1) Make sure you are following the Fantasy Faire blog.
The best way of keeping up with all the news of the Faire is to read the blog – and if you subscribe, using the golden FOLLOW button at the bottom right of this page, you’ll receive notifications of new posts by email.

2) Take the “Why I Relay” challenge
Catalina Staheli, one of our volunteering bloggers, has an absolutely wonderful project going on: she is taking RFL portraits with people’s reasons to relay.

You can see full details (and discover how you can become involved too) here.

3) Give us your choices for the King and Queen of Fantasy Faire – and for their Chancellor too!
Whoever is your favorite character in film, TV or literature, you have a chance to nominate them and perhaps see them crowned as King and Queen of Fantasy Faire at the fabulous Fantasy Faire Ball on May 1st 5pm – 7pm SLT.

Find out more and fill in the simple form here.

4) Book in to lead a session at the Fantasy Faire Literary Festival
Give a reading or to lead a discussion or a workshop on your favourite fantasy writer or book at the Fantasy Faire Literary Festival.

Find out more and fill in the form here.

5) Follow us on other social media!
If you are a Facebook user, “Like” us our Facebook page – and help us try to reach our target of 500 Likes before the Faire opens!The Facebook page is: (and there’s also a Facebook “Like” on the right of this page).

You can also follow us on Twitter at @FantasyFaireSL

And there’s Pinterest and Flickr too!


We have more plans that we”ll be sharing soon … so look out for them!


Fanci’s Deep Open Week

SWF Open WeekSafe Waters Foundation, one of our returning Faire-sponsors, is having an Open Week starting today. There’s a submarine tour that covers thirteen sims on its way that you can use to travel, click here to get to the beginning of the tour. If you become interested in becoming a mer, you can visit the Safe Waters Foundation Headquarters. If you’re already one, you might want to go shopping in Fanci’s Deep Mer Mall. Here’s the invitation in more detail from Grace Wrigglesworth, CEO and Founder of Safe Waters Foundation:

Tala! (That means hello in Mer Language).

The Safe Waters Foundation is having a lovely, week-long event, From April 5-11, 2015. We are seeking interest from parties, who like ourselves, want to save and preserve Second Life Waterways for all SL sea life and others with SL sea interests. So much of it is being housed over and taken away by other entities who do not see or understand the purpose or importance of Second Life Waterways. Therefore, it is up to us to awaken or renew this interest.

In the attempt to do so, we invite everyone to participate in our week-long event. We want people to see who we are, as well as where and how we live in SL. We believe that if we do this, that people will visit us often; or may even join us as part of our friendly-not-so-little-group. There are many Mermaids, Mermen, and other deep sea creatures who live and exist Under The Second-Life Seas, and we are hoping to expand on this, and to help save our Second Life world as we know it.

So join us for a day, a week, a year, or for the rest of your Second Life. Everyone is welcome. We have many officers and other members who can answer your questions or who can help you find the answers if they don’t have them right at the moment you are asking for them.

While this event is about us in some ways, it’s also about you as we provide you with your Second Life Underwater Entertainment. So come along for the ride, and for other things. But most of all enjoy! Below is listed a video for you to view at your leisure.

Grace Wrigglesworth
CEO and Founder of Safe Waters Foundation

Why Do You Relay?

2015.RFL.Avariel Falcon“Why do you relay?”

It is an excellent question: not so much for self-knowledge, everyone knows their own reasons to relay very well, but it is a good question to ask, to answer and to share. To spread the hope and to show no one is alone in this.

This spring we are asking this question in two ways. There’s a blogger challenge (open for anyone, really) to write about your reasons to relay, to tell your story. However, if you feel the words escaping and you wish to express your reasons in a picture, we have another challenge for you!

Catalina Staheli, one of our volunteering bloggers, has an absolutely wonderful project going on: she is taking RFL portraits with people’s reasons to relay. Above Avariel Falcon, one of the best unicorns in the Fairelands and also a Faire-sponsor through the Dark Unicorns of Lovelace.

Catalina offers her help in taking these pictures for the Faire: staff and visitors are all welcome to join in! Here is what she has to say:

“This year one of the challenges is the phenomenal question of Why Do You Relay! I’m super excited to see this and can’t wait to see what amazing designs, outfits, and looks are created for this year’s Fantasy Faire!

This past month, Fashion 4 Life jumped in and all of the Miss SL candidates offered their most couture looks incorporated into the reasons why they relay. I’m going to issue a challenge! I wanna see Fantasy Faire blow them out of the water with amazing looks, outfits, and designs as you show why you relay for life. Let’s see what you can do to showcase just how amazing, imaginative, vivid, and colorful Second Life can be!

To get your portrait done for the Why Do You Relay series, please contact me and I’ll be happy to set up an appointment. The pictures are absolutely free and you get full perm copies that you can use in profiles, blogs, posts, or wherever you want.

Yay Fantasy Faire and Relay for Life!!”

I caught the tipped ear of a certain fairy about the matter and she promised that these pictures might very well make an appearance in the Fairelands themselves: the earlier the pictures are taken, the better we can guarantee this. In fact, April 20th was mentioned as the deadline for the pictures that want to make it to the Fairelands in a special exhibition.

If you wish to share your reasons to relay in a portrait, please contact Catalina Staheli for further information.

You can see the RFL portraits taken so far in Catalina’s Flickr.