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Official announcements.

Live Auction: Come Buy a Piece of Fairelands!

Ichi-go Ichi-e Tree

Ravenshold tower poster

Today, Sunday the third of May, at 4-6PM SLT we will have our traditional Live Auction where we will sell off pieces of this year’s Fairelands, from beautifully iconic details to full sim builds!

We have for example YoZakura sim build, Spires of Andolys packed in one bundle, including the castle, Ravenshold tower, Poppetsborough paper train and station, the Writer’s Place used for the Literary Festival from Sylvan of Spells, Aurora’s jail, Poseidon’s Ride from Poseidon’s Abyss, Wildehaven Marsh dock, Ode to the Sea plazas from Odyssey, and from Ichi-go Ichi-e the sakura tree, the ball room, meditation circle and portal.

For the Faire Folk familiar with our Bus Tradition I would also like to mention that not only is this year’s Rock Lobster Bus up for your bidding pleasure, so are the two previous buses: Atomic Kitties Tour Bus and Love Shack Bus. Take home your favourite Faire memories!

All of this and much more up for bidding tonight at 4-6PM SLT in Poseidon’s Abyss! Come over and make sure the Fairelands never fade for you!

Yozakura Sim-Build-AD

Poseidons Abyss Live Auction 1

MoD Writers Place unique Special

Live Auction Poppetsborough Station & Train FF015

Wildehaven Dock Package poster

Lobster Bus

Purchase Spirit of Fantasy Faire in Real Life!

Designed by Kaelis Ember, this beautiful pendant is a memory waiting for you to capture it. Representing the Spirit of Fantasy Faire as envisioned by Alia Baroque for the 2015 Fantasy Faire poster, this gorgeous piece of original art will hang proudly around your neck, a tangible token of your efforts to end the hold cancer has over the lives of so many.

A Relay for Life of Second Life event benefiting the American Cancer Society, the Fantasy Faire brings together people from all around the globe who share a love of Fantasy and a united belief that a cure for cancer doesn’t have to be a fantasy forever. Join us and show that you too believe in the strength of Fantasy to shape our reality. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, this pendant will always be a reminder of the strength of what we can do together when share a common dream.

Purchase Spirit of Fantasy Faire from Shapeways.

Silent Auction Ending on Saturday 5PM SLT

Fallen Gods Inc - Relay Skins Family Pack for Silent Auction 2015

YoZakura Floating Island for Silent Auction

Plastik Skins Megapack

Our traditional Silent Auction is going on in the Fairelands Junction and it lasts until Saturday, May 2nd, 5PM SLT, when the auction closes and the winners are declared.

In the auction you can find plenty of one-of-a-kind exclusive items or massive fatpacks from our generous merchants. Simply port in, browse the RFL auction boards and when you want to bid on an item, just click the board and follow the instructions in the local chat. All the benefits from the auction go to Relay For Life.

We have a lot of amazing deals for you, like an exclusive family skin pack by Fallen Gods Inc., and Plastik Skin Megabundle that includes every Plastik skin ever made, that’s thousands of skins from the span of eight years! Or how about a one-of-a-kind exclusive water horse from meadowWorks? Or the set of 35 dream scenes from Garden of Dreams? What about the floating island in YoZakura? Or the paper garden of Poppetsborough?

You can window shop some of the deals here, but the best way to see them all is to go to the Fairelands Junction and bid on all your favourites!

Waterhorse for Silent Auction by meadowWorks

Poppetsborough Auction Garden Set

A set of 35 Dream Scenes by Kayle Matzerath of Garden of Dreams.

Greebo makes a late surge in the election for Chancellor … steampunks holding on for King and Queen

In the Fantasy Faire election, of course – voting for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire (aka your favourite fictional fantasy characters), Greebo the Cat (from the Discoworld Alliance, based on the books by Sir Terry Pratchett) is edging out Krosp, Emperor of Cats (from the Girl Genius Group, represented by characters rpom the gaslamp fantasy Girl Genius).

The gaslamp/steampunk challengers for King and Queen are still holding their own, although the Discworld candidates are still hanging in there, with the rest of the candidates some way behind.

But that could all change today!

Have you voted yet?

As of Friday morning, the voting accumulation looks like this:

Vote for the King!

FF-KING1-BKWulf6327 votes FF-KING2-GILGA350 votes FF-KING4-HAVELOCK4380 votes
FF-KING3-LEGOLAS1310 votes FF-KING5-TYRION1125 votes

The Baron has maintained a wide margin in the King election over the Patrician.  The other candidates have a lot of ground to catch up.

Vote for the Queen!


Queen Zantabraxus of Skifander (our apologies for the mis-spelling on the poster – please don’t have us executed your Majesty!) is maintaining her comfortable lead over Granny Weatherwax.  Can the witch from Lancre make up lost ground? Will Maleficient make a leap forward?

Vote for the Chancellor!

FF-CHANC4-GENIE251 votes FF-CHANC2-GREEBO4708 votes FF-CHANC1-KROSP2715 votes

And Nanny Ogg’s famed (and feared) cat, Greebo has leapt into the lead over Krosp, Emperor of Cats and the other candidates. Can he maintain that lead as the elections hots up?

Which will you vote for?

You can visit the vendors and place your vote in a special gallery under the waves at Poseidons Abyss.

OR you can pay via Convio.

Read more about how to vote here.

Remember – the final voting and the resultys will be taking place at the Masked Ball on Friday 1st May!


Memorial Wall at Poppetsborough

Memorial Wall in Poppetsborough – Picture by Alisaundra Andel

This year Fantasy Faire has a very special memorial wall in Poppetsborough, the popup book world. A frail paper laundry line hangs near the central pond, at the edge of the book land. Next to it is a RFL gotya machine. Gotya is RFL’s version of gacha machines. You pay the machine 10 lindens and it gives you one of the dedication letters that you can hang on the line and personalize to dedicate it to whomever or whatever you wish. All the money from the gotya machine goes naturally to Relay For Life.

Visit Poppetsborough to add your own dedication letters on the line.

Memorial Wall in Poppetsborough – Picture by Alisaundra Andel