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Official announcements.

Fantasy Faire at Relay Weekend

It’s Relay Weekend, and time to head to the track to run laps, light luminaries, and enjoy the creativity and company of your fellow relayers.

Fantasy Faire’s campsite was this year created by Ketsui Naidoo, one of the world builders of Isles of Tarrin, and it features the beautiful new FaireChylde, so you can have an impromptu dance party break from doing the laps.

There’s also the full collection of the Days of the Faire banners for sale. This year there were more Fairelands than there were days, so only the first part of the banners were released during the Faire. Now the full collection (including the first part in case you missed them at the Faire) is available at Fantasy Faire’s campsite.

Speaking of having missed things: if there’s still items on your wish list from Her High Faireness’ Treasures Gacha 2021, or the Bopsticks or FFR radio gacha, you can find those on the FaireChylde.

You can see the Relay Weekend’s program at the Relay For Life of Second Life’s website.

Visit Fantasy Faire’s campsite at Relay Weekend!

Designing Worlds visits the fabulous Fantasy Faire 2021 – Part 1!

Fairelands Junction, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Fairelands Junction, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Welcome to the first episode in the new season of Designing Worlds, as we pay the first of two visits to the amazing Fantasy Faire that took place this year from April 22nd till May 12th (thanks to a special extension from Linden Lab).

From 2pm today Monday 17th May you can see the show on the Designing Worlds Vimeo channel at: Or you can join us for our Watch Party in the beautiful Designing Worlds studios in the Garden of Dreams at 2pm SLT today!

Featherfall, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Featherfall, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
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Silent Auction Ends Today at Noon SLT!

Silent Auction ends and wraps up today, Saturday May 8th at NOON SLT!

Below you can find a preview gallery, but to point out just a few items, there’s SEVEN Libertine eggs, including this year’s Yggdrasil. There’s also three chicken avatars from Silas Merlin, so you can shapechange fittingly to tend to your new Fairelands Farm of Chickens. PaperFriends is providing free low lag avatars at the location, almost as a demo for their personalised one of a kind avatar that is up in the auction! Also four  official Faire coolbuses are available, the ones from the years 2013-2016. All this and much more, come on over and make sure your bid is winning at NOON SLT!

Previews for window-shopping below.

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The Jail & Bail of Patch Linden

Fairelands Sheriff logo blue - ck fp ver

Patch Linden in Jail in Featherfall

Thursday May 6th, 1–3 PM SLT 

Oh, it is ON, ya’ll!

Our friends and fellow Fairelanders at the Lab are some of the most supportive people who make the Faire possible each year. So, naturally we have the most stalwart of them, Patch Linden arrested for your amusement! Yeah, see this is why we can’t have nice things…

In addition to being good sports, they also always bring goodies and temptations in a sack as big as a whole sim – Region! Not sim! We say Region now. Sorry, Patch!

Uplift to the Cloud with us as the Fairelands Watch proves once more that their reach knows no bounds!

Join us along with DJ DaveOSaurus in Featherfall!

When the region fills up, the overflow locations are in the Wandering Woods and Isles of Tarrin.

Listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio Promo

Her High Faireness’ Treasures Gacha 2021 is now out!

Live Auction is approaching (Sunday, May 9th, NOON SLT)and various pieces of this year’s Fairelands are going to be auctioned off to new happy homes, but what about smaller mementos? Pieces of the Fairelands that don’t require you to own a region to rez it in, or a dragon hoard of linden dollars to win?

Worry not, we have those too! This year’s official Faire gacha – Her High Faireness Treasures Gacha 2021 is now out!

Gacha available at the FaireChylde.