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Official announcements.

Farewell to the Fairelands 2018

The Fairelands of 2018 drifted into the Mists on Tuesday, leaving the Fairelanders feeling a mix of emotions: sadness for losing our second home for a year, happiness for all the shared joy and beauty, gratefulness for another amazing Faire and a longing for their return.

Haveit Neox filmed this farewell on the last day, going through all the Fairelands, mixing in some of the last parties, and then waiting for that final moment in The Story Well. Share the journey, the last memories, and rest assured that in the spring of 2019 the Fairelands will rise anew.

We raised almost 12 million lindens, Fairelanders. Over 48,000 US dollars. This was a record-breaking Faire, and you should all feel very proud and accomplished, and happy in the knowledge that you have been a part of something amazing and good. Take that knowledge with you for the rest of the year, hold that spirit high, and the world will be a better place, one small deed at a time.

Thank you.

A New Decade. A New Hope.

aetherea_019 copy

Ten years is a long time in any world. In the Fairelands, it is time almost beyond measure.

But whether 2018 was your first time as a Fairelander or your tenth, you have made a difference. Whatever the tag above your avatar’s name, whatever role you played – yours was an essential contribution and we would not be where we are now had you not stepped up to answer the call.

Every Linden donated, every item sold, every performance given, every word written and photo taken, every moment we shared in every world created has coalesced into a grand mythos. It is every bit as wondrous as the mythos of the Great Ones, Tolkien and Gaiman, Martin and Le Guin, Carroll and Lewis.

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A Final Report from Da High Sheriff

Jail & Bail of Clover Dezno & Druscilla Ferraris, overseen by the High Sheriff OldeSoul Eldemar.

The Fairelands Watch wuld like to jest grup huggie but dat not berry pawlicelike. So we would like to say fanks – from all the fantastic Ossifers of da Long Paw of da Law to all da Fairelanders. We realize we berry exclusive grup! GRINZ!! Big fankies go out to Jailbirds Jessica Lyon who was assaulted wif questions from folks frum six different grids, All da Lindens including the Gov. who pawtisipated, da Bee Dumpling (such a pro and soo many fings fer sale), our pawlice fav da Alia Baroque who DUZ know how to build, jest ask us… we knowz. We ended wif our dear BKOD Kittehs da Clover Dezno, her TAG partner in crime, da Druscilla Ferraris and dere new BKOD accomplice da Zephyr Perelli. Wot a bunch!!

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Live Auction 2 – 4 PM SLT

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Our traditional Live Auction takes place 2 – 4 PM SLT at The Story Well today! Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley will be the auctioneer, the auction will be live on Fantasy Faire Radio’s stream, and bidding will happen through SL text chat.

We will auction off pieces of this year’s Fairelands, including the full sim builds of Erstwhile and The Halls of Story!

There is also The Golden Tree Garden from Aetherea, Waffle Machine & Waffle Mountain and the Wootberry Dance Vat from Tiny Town, the sentinel statue complete with the bar area under it from The Bazaar Dungeon,  the sponsor store from Pools of Ethuil, Monsters’ Lair Statue, Dreaming The Story Well and Children with Crayons Diorama from The Story Well, The Warden of Time one of a kind statue from Athenaeum Arcana, Severina Guardian, Jail and Gondola combo from Fairelands Junction, The Nienna Fountain from Willows of Nienna and the Forest Keep Jails and Pond of Hope from Falls of Hope.

There will also be all the Cool Buses from 2013 to 2018, the Worldlings made by Krystali Rabeni, Bryn Oh and Grace Loudon, and Designing Worlds Show.

Come get your very own unique piece of the Fairelands to take home!

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Fantasy Faire Open Until May 7!


Maybe you have heard the rumor that in an attempt to bribe their way out of Jail, the Lindens promised us some extra days for the Faire. Absolutely TRUE! I confirmed with the Lindens earlier today that the Fairelands will remain open to us until May 7!

So even though official programming will end on April 30 with our One Team All Day Dance Party, the Fairelands will remain open for shopping, exploration and the Quest for an extra week. Enjoy the time!