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The Wafflies: the Results

Images by Wildstar Beaumont, Mavromichali Szondi and Bain Finch and Dawny Daviau

The Wafflies are presented!

This Fantasy Faire saw the first awarding of the Wafflies – a series of special awards to machinima shot within the Fairelands.

There were three categories:

Awards were given by the Jury, with a special People’s Choice award, voted for by the public (using RFL kiosks to register their votes).

Attendees wore their best Film Awards costumes, and there was an After Party in the Hall of the Golden Stag on Mythspire Ridge, dj’d by Aoife Lorefield. The hosts for the awards were Chantal Harvey and Saffia Widdershins.

And now to the results.

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Join us for the the first ever Wafflies Ceremony!

Today, at 11am SLT, the first ever Wafflies will be presented for machinima created over the last two weeks in the Fairelands. The ceremony (and subsequent party) will take place in the Hall of the Golden Stag on Mythspire Ridge.

There are three categories:


And we think we will have a few surprises along the way!

Once the Wafflies have been awarded, we will have a post-Wafflies party, with DJ Aoife Lorefield, to celebrate FilmFest and LitFest!

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Vote for the Wafflies!

There are three films nominated for the Wafflies in the fictional category (there is already an outright winner in the factual category). And now is the time for people to VOTE for their choice.

The three films are:

Once Upon a Time by MacGuyver Mode

Other by the Jewell Theatre

Judi’s Jaunt by Judi Newall and Lorin Tone

Now it’s your turn to choose the winner of the Wafflie!

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Last Chance to Enter the Film Festival Contest and win a Wafflie!

Today, Tuesday May 3rd, is the last chance to enter the First Film Festival. The deadline is midnight SLT.

You can enter three different categories of film:

Category 1: Fiction (5 minutes)
A narrative story, set in the Fairelands

Category 2: Factual (5 minutes)
This could be a documentary, a tour of a region, a special Faireland event and – if the creator is willing – perhaps a short interview.

Category 3: Livestream (10 minutes)
We are asking people who wish to enter this category either to edit a ten minute sequence from the livestream, or to give a timeframe of 10 minutes from the longer livestream.

Your chance to win the First Golden Wafflie!
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Film Festival: Trailer for Harland Quinn and the Omega Hex

Tomorrow, Sunday May 1st, Fairelands Media will be premiering the first episode of its opening production – Harland Quinn and the Omega Hex.

And here to give you a taste of it is our trailer …

When a lethal, magical anomaly out of the pages of legend begins wreaking havoc all across the Fairelands, it falls to a mismatched band of heroes to stop it before it’s too late. A Dark-Elven femme fatale, an erudite librarian, a rough-and-tumble sanitation worker, and a hard-boiled Private Detective will have to overcome their differences if they’re going to solve the enigma of the Omega-Hex, and of a mysterious scientist who may not be what she seems.

Join us at 11am SLT in the Hall of the Golden Stag on Mythspire Ridge. Or, if you can’t be there at 11am, join us for a second showing at 7pm SLT.