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Her High Faireness’ Treasures Gacha 2021 is now out!

Live Auction is approaching (Sunday, May 9th, NOON SLT)and various pieces of this year’s Fairelands are going to be auctioned off to new happy homes, but what about smaller mementos? Pieces of the Fairelands that don’t require you to own a region to rez it in, or a dragon hoard of linden dollars to win?

Worry not, we have those too! This year’s official Faire gacha – Her High Faireness Treasures Gacha 2021 is now out!

Gacha available at the FaireChylde.

Faireland Transformations – Hidden Growth

Hidden in the fronds, watching the birds fly past, is a tiny little woodlands creature formed of magic and nature. With only one eye to focus on the world, this little one sees much, hidden in the undergrowth.

Helena Stringer - FF2021 Website - Fairelands Transformations - Hidden Growth

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Faireland Transformations – Fluffy Friend

A little goat, causing some fuss on the Fairelands Sim of Featherfall. How many of her sheep cousins have gone missing, only to find out they have been held hostage to create this town full of knitted wonders. Some great wizardry must be at work here. She has to admit tho, the flying yarn is rather amusing.

Helena Stringer - FF2021 Website - Fairelands Transformations - Fluffy Friend

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