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Kitties And Bunnies And Bears! Or, How I Visited The Spirit Valley Of Kuruk And Did Not Find My Centre Or Experience Perfect Bliss And Tranquility

You have to go. That’s what everyone says, anyway. Sometime in your life, where your life is defined as that period of existence between physical birth and physical death, you must at one time or another visit the Spirit Valley of Kuruk. I will note that visiting the Spirit Valley of Kuruk is a challenge, because it has appeared only once in my physical lifetime (that I know of).

Once I heard that the Spirit Valley was visible and within a day’s travel, I just dropped everything and went, all by myself. I felt it needed to be a personal and solitary journey.

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The Spirit Valley’s Beauty Is Unmatched

One thing no-one will deny is that the Valley itself is singularly beautiful. With a landscape marked by stunning chalk paintings (which look to be well-kept by those who live there), it’s easy to just stand there, awestruck, when you first enter the basin. For me, the paintings were overwhelming. It was only after I had taken many of them in that I began to notice the rock formations themselves, the many paths and caves. It seemed made by a miracle, the sort of place where anything could happen. So, as I stepped into the Valley, I was prepared for a magical experience.

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And magic did occur soon after I took that first step. For there, asleep on a rock, was an adorable turquoise kitty cat with ickle pink ears! I couldn’t help it: I squealed.

Now, if you’ve ever woken up an adorable turquoise kitty cat with ickle pink ears (and who hasn’t, really?), you know that the adorable turquoise kitty, as a rule, does not like to be disturbed while she is sleeping.

There was hissing. Hackles were raised. Claws were displayed. Clearly, the kitty was just here for the sunlight and nap spots. Continue reading Kitties And Bunnies And Bears! Or, How I Visited The Spirit Valley Of Kuruk And Did Not Find My Centre Or Experience Perfect Bliss And Tranquility

Faire Mementos

As the final week of this year’s Fantasy Faire reaches Wednesday, the thoughts of Fairelanders inevitably turn toward its end. There is no reason to panic yet, the Faire is open through May 10th and there’s still plenty of time to explore, shop, quest and simply LIVE in the Fairelands.

Regardless, the awareness of the awaiting Mists floats within us, makes us wish that we could take a piece of the Fairelands home, to hold onto that spirit for the rest of the year, to last until the spring of 2021 when the Fairelands return again.

The Auctions are now over, but we have plenty of smaller Faire mementos available to make sure every home on the grid can fly their Faireland banners high and proud through the year!

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Fantasy Faire Radio Gestures Gacha 2020

Do you love Fantasy Faire Radio? Do the FFR promos make you laugh? Do you compulsively repeat GRABBYHAAANDS every time the Quest promo plays?

Now you have a chance to make GRABBYHANDS at anything you like! Or warn people about the basement. Or state your pixie-preferences. Or even cackle like Baba Laga!

Presenting Fantasy Faire Radio Gestures Gacha 2020!

14 gestures straight from the FFR promos so you can keep hearing your favourite voices all through the year!

The gachas are available allover the Fairelands, for example where the Days of the Faire Banners are in Ambigula.

Highlights from the Blogger Posts V

As much as I adore and favor blog pictures taken in the Fairelands, there are blog posts that have to happen elsewhere. Mainly rezable items such as decor, landscaping and furniture. In some cases there’s already existing samples rezed in the Fairelands, especially if the world builder is a merchant as well, but most of the time the blogger has to build a set in their own land to properly blog the items.

This is an ideal form of blogging if the lag in the Fairelands is too much for your computer, or you want to showcase the furniture from the Faire. Building a set from the Faire wares is about gazillion (precise number) times better than general studio work with backgrounds.

Beware of Trolls
Kynne Llewellyn – Beware of Trolls

Kynne Llewellyn combines landscaping, furniture and decor from the Faire with a beautiful fae character. 

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