On Endings…

Life is change. From the cradle to the grave, our ability to adapt, to learn and grow and change to the world we find ourselves living in, is essential; however, when we are born, we have no skills. We look to our parents to teach us how to live in this world. How to adapt and thrive. How to find happiness and succeed. The Faire, like any other newborn, relied on her parents for security. Zander Greene and Ember Farina founded Fantasy Faire in 2009. Together, they brought her into this world and nurtured her through her first three years, growing the Faire into a successful fantasy focused shopping event benefiting Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

In 2012, the Faire had to adapt. I replaced Ember when other obligations pulled her away from Second Life. I was introduced as the Executive Director of Fantasy Faire. It was a title created to command respect in a business oriented environment. In reality, in other words, on the Fairelands, I became a beloved stepmother. Zander and I have been partners in parenting the Faire for the past eleven years. Together we planted the seeds of a mythos that placed the Faire on the path to what she is today, an immersive fantasy experience with a loving, active community. 

The Faire has grown into a huge endeavor that encompasses months of preparation by hundreds of people. I strongly believe that every contribution made, big or small, is reflected in the overall experience we have as a community at the Faire each year. Everyone has value and should know that their presence as world builder, creator, performer, writer, artist, photographer, security, organizer, or visitor contributes to what we as a whole call the Fairelands.

Our ranks may change and shift. We will expand and welcome new Fairelanders who land upon our shores. We will adapt as people in our community are called away to other areas of focus, or as is inevitable, leave us completely, but we will endure. Together, we are the Fairelands. Together we relay forward.

Personally though, I will feel the absence of Zander Greene at my side. I hope that he will be here next year for the return of the Fairelands in one way or another, but I know that it will not be the same. I don’t like change, but I will adapt. Thank you for being with me this far. Now it is time for you to take your own path. I will miss you, partner. I hope to see you on the other side of the Mysts.

9 thoughts on “On Endings…”

  1. Zander and Elizabeth, I can only say that I too watch as what I so lovingly called my “baby” grow up to what it is today since that first Faire in 2009. I watched it grow thru toddler years, childhood, those rambucous teen years and finally into adulthood and maturity.

    I stood in the shadows waiting patiently, ready to strike to jump in and help in what ever role I could fit in at, and 2022 was the year I struck solid gold.

    For me to be so honored to being a Herald to welcome the visitors and to being a performer bringing the first ever fashion show never done before, I can say with pride, joy and humility I was able to finally come home to my beloved Faire.

    Change can be hard yes, but for me I’ll be at your side again in 2023 my beloved Fantasy Faire will go forward into the future for as long as I am able to help and be a part again. HUGS n LOVE.

  2. I first met Zander FF 2009. We chatted again the next year around the vendors of the Silent Auction that had just closed. He has always identified with FF in my mind. But it is also a measure of the maturity and success of any enterprise its ability to outgrow its founders. Fantasy Faire has grown and has been successful beyond any doubt, and the possibility to give Zander some well deserved rest it is just another measure of that success. Thank you Zander for bringing the Fantasy Faire to us (I still want back a sim named “Wings, Wands, Wonders”) and thank you Elizabeth for leading Fantasy Faire to this level of maturity.

    1. You, sir, are a class act! And I agree about Wings, Wands & Wonders! hahaha Those early years were not the miracles of design we have today, but they had a lot of heart. I remember that chat we had in 2010 very well. Thank you so much, Wild, for being such a true Friend all these years! ❤

  3. Fantasy Faire 2022 has come to an end and yet it will live forever like all of the Faires before it. In our hearts, in our minds, at the very core of each of us involved in whatever role or capacity. I am once again forever changed by the experience. Thanks to everyone for this adventure – this journey – this dream realized. I cannot wait for next year! ~ JenzZa Misfit

  4. Like Ocean tides we will return to wash over whatever shores find us. You will hear us on the beaches in the minds of more than we will ever truly accurately count. A hush, a roar, a call in every tongue to slip a word.
    Take heart Elizabeth even as the last lights of 2022’s Faire wink out – we are each a pinpoint of light

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