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The Teachings of the Fairelands


I thought I said it all last year when I felt compelled to scribble this piece, but no. Fairelands always draw out thoughts from me, drifting in the air, dancing around, just waiting to be shaped in words.

I have learned many things in the Fairelands during the years. I have learned that miracles are possible. I have learned that on any worthwhile quest you need companions that you can rely on. I have learned that no one can do everything alone, that every great project and adventure needs the skills and the will of many working together, cooperating.

I have learned that defeating great evils and achieving great deeds is never just one moment in time, but always a long chain of events where every step is important, every encounter meaningful, every small decision and turn on the road weaving together the epic we see in the end.

Sometimes we wish we could retrace the steps, choose left instead of right, take a shortcut, do things differently. This is where and when we learn for the future: in quests, in the Faire, in life. Every year things go better and flow smoother because we choose to learn from the last time. Regret in life is an important emotion, but only if it acts as a teacher for the future. It is not a punishment, it is not a land of sadness to dwell in, it is a guide to do better the next time.

Fairelands grew to unforeseen size this year. It grew and it bloomed. I believe it is because its gardeners and caretakers love it so, the enchanted lands that return to us every year to remind us of the importance of beauty, magic and hope. To remind us that life is always now and here and we should embrace it before it fades away. The short time the Fairelands stay close enough to our realm to visit has always been the perfect metaphor of life for me. Full of magic and beauty and always too short. There’s always things we would have wanted to do still, sights we didn’t get to see, people we didn’t have the time to properly hang out with. This is why every moment is precious.

This year the caretakers of Fairelands have had more volunteers and helpers than ever before: people approaching us, eager to help with the daunting task that returning the Fairelands always is. We have also heard loving words and sentiments about what the Fairelands mean to its visitors. Every message has brought smiles and happiness with it, every helper has made the cherished task easier, the magic flow smoother. This year the Fairelands have been full of love, respect and appreciation.

I wish to relay the happiness and gratitude the whole Fairelands caretaker team feels toward everyone who helped to bring the magic back and offer our sincerest thanks to every visitor who came to join the enchantment. All of you are a part of the Fairelands, all of you make the continent alive.

The magic that anchors the Fairelands to our realm will fade within today, by our estimation. The exact time is a mystery even to us and in the hands of the higher realm called Linden Lab.

Until then, feel free to still walk on the paths, swim in the seas and rest under a cherry tree. Breathe in the magic and let it guide you the rest of the year, let its teachings remind you that every moment should be appreciated, embraced and fully, truly lived.

Thank you.

– Sonya Marmurek
The Blogger Wrangler, Site Scribbler and the Resident Faire Bunny

Fantasy Faire 2015

We Did It!Duchess here, coming to you live from Fantasy Faire where we just hit the 30,000 USD mark!!! A record! I am so proud of everyone who participated in making this year such a success! There is still some time to get to the Faire and show some linden love, but sadly the Faire is officially closing tonight… so you have to get here sooner, rather than later, as no one is sure the exact time the sims will fade (a little bird said there could be a few more days!!) There are 13 beautiful sims to explore like this one here, Tangleshimmer Grove, which is sponsored by Roawenwood and created by Searait! The sim is magically enchanted and a wonderful place to meditate and think. It is a favorite of fae. It is perhaps the most peaceful feeling of the sims at the Faire and one of my favorites!

I know I say this every year, but a little less than two weeks is way too short for Fantasy Faire. With only eleven days to explore 13 sims, I wish I did not have a full time job. LOL. The last day of the Faire is such a sad time for me…. And tomorrow I will be waiting in anticipation for next year’s Faire….. Hopefully next year will be longer…. One can still hope…..

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you did to make Fantasy Faire such an overwhelming success. A piece of my heart lives here and tonight it couldn’t be more swollen with pride.



Preparing To Go Home

Spires Of Andolys Towers

So the day has come to pack my bags and bid farewell to yet another Fantasy Faire. I haven’t done half as much as I wanted to do and these days have simply flown by.

I’m grateful once again to The Dwarfins team for allowing me to stay in their castle at this year’s event. The Dwarfins usually find room for me to stay when I visit the Faire. Rumours that as a Dwarfin King I demand room and board have been strenuously denied … by me.

I leave The Faire with fond memories of magical shows, light and dance, literary goodness and The Witch Of Wildehaven Marsh defiantly facing the crowd as Rynn Verwood was jailed and bailed.

I also leave The Faire with fond memories of the generous nature of visitors. As I write this journal entry I can see US$26,632 has been raised for Relay For Life, and it’s not quite over yet.

I now have to plan the journey home to The Dwarfin Kingdom, I have seen many forms of interesting transport at The Faire but I really hope that the mode of transport below is heading my way as it’s a spectacular sight to behold.

FF Dragon Ship

All good things…

…come to an end.

And while the Faire will still be up and filled with events today (see this page with all activities for today!), the Fairelands will disappear at some point after today,  so this is my last blogpost for this years Fantasy Faire.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Thank you for the music - A blogpost
Fantasy Faire Radio, thank you for the music!

It was an honour and I have, as every year, enjoyed all the sims – no exceptions, no favourites! The people, the parties, the amazing creations, the fun, the shopping, the awesome amount that is raised for RFL…wow what a week it has been!

Fantasy Faire 2015 - See you in 2016 - A blogpost
See you in the Fairelands in 2016!

For now, I wish you a fun-filled and magical day on the Faire and hope to see you all back next year <3.
Hopefully Cinderella will not mind that I am using her carriage to take my stuff back to my home (if I can remember the LM!)…

Fantasy Faire 2015 - The Carriage home -  A blogpost
All packed up and ready to head home…..

Take care everyone!


Champion of the Faireland: Bisclavret, the Animal Spirit

This year’s Fairelands Hunt – the Lost Land – sends you on a search for the Ten Champions chosen by the Bard Queen to mentor, protect and instruct her daughter, the Princess Flora. Each day the Faire is running, we will be introducing you to a different Champion. They all have stories to tell … and some of these may give you clues to help you find them!

Bisclavret, the Animal Spirit
Bisclavret, the Animal Spirit

Bisclavret, the Animal Spirit

Bisclavret was found in the forests, a child of some twelve years. No-one knew who his parents were and it was believed, from his wild appearance, that he was one of those rare children raised by wolves.

Yet there was always a strangeness about him. Such children rarely master the power of speech, nor stand on two legs. But Bisclavret stood and walked like a human boy when he was found, and as they journeyed to bring this strange creature to their lord’s palace, the foresters who had found him noted that he was listening to their words carefully, as though drinking them in. When they reached the palace, he bowed with them before the King, a little awkwardly, and then answered all questions in fair speech.

Not that he was able to tell them much. It was as though he remembered nothing till he was found.

He was given a place at court–a humble place in the palace kennels. It quickly became seen that the dogs not only loved him, but that they seemed to take him as their pack leader. It was something that Bisclavret would not discuss.

But once a month, when the moon was full, he would slip away from the palace. Three or perhaps four days later he would return and take up his duties in the kennels, quiet and calm.

But there was something in his eyes that forbade men to challenge him, and it was said that if angered he could be ferocious and even cruel.

So he lived in the Palace until one day the summons came from the Bard Queen for Bisclavret to serve as one of the Champions of the Princess. The Lord, who had fathered several hopeful (and not unpromising) sons, was dismayed, but Bisclavret simply smiled, took a small bag over his shoulder and set off with his wooden stave and his wolf’s head charm around his neck.

You can also read this page as part of an online book here.