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Roleplaying for Fantasy Faire & Charity

Strifeclaw, the great big panther that accompanies the roleplay group The Children of Stories as their Earth Guardian, gave a roleplay class on Roleplaying for Fantasy Faire & Charity at Fantasy Faire 2021. This is an edited transcript of the lesson, and a wonderful read for anyone considering combining roleplay and a charity event such as Fantasy Faire, or simply interested in how the two can work well together.

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The Beauty of Blue

I was wandering again. Aside from the Big Events, this year, I travelled the Great Faire mostly in one disguise or another. It was fun, and somewhat easier, as I was not in a mind to deal with other beings overmuch, and frankly, there are plenty of other Fae Queens at the Faire: my celebrity is mercurial, just like me (and just like them!)

There was no better place to wander this year’s Faire than Wandering Woods. And although as Wandering places go, it was rather orderly, what makes a place is not always its stunning architecture, or its defining features; no, what makes a place is the light.

The beauty of blue
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From The Candles To The Stars

From Davi:

I … woke up like this. I’ve learned not to ask how these things happen. I’ve learned not to speculate about the reasons behind them, the physics, the wherefores and whatevers. But often, no matter what predicament I find myself in, there is a definite why.

The Candle Path

In this case, and at this time, it seemed there was a place the Faire wanted me to see.

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Neo Chronicles of Adair: Kratz’s Wild Night, Part II

Author Note: This post is a continuation of Kratz’s Wild Night, Part I. Please read the first part before proceeding. Or not. Some things are more fun without context.

Having gained the temporary appearance of a bona fide Drow, Kratz made for Valhalla, the last-known whereabouts of his companions.

Little did he know that his companions, Adair and Vedika, had long since left Valhalla to search for him, and that the only person eft to behold his half-naked majesty would be a fallen god, freshly reborn from Ragnarök.

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