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Blogger Highlights III

Fantasy Faire is now closed, and the Fairelands are safely slumbering in the Mists. I wanted to post one more Blogger Highlight even though they make me despair with the impossibility of choosing which posts to use. Picture-wise this has been the year of the mushroom, the year of szystrumites, sunflowers, dragons, mers, and all the magic the Faire provides. Our chroniclers do wonderful job in showing just how much fun and delightful it is to simply stop being human for a while and be something completely different. This is our world, a world with no limitations beyond the ones we hold in our minds. Once freed from those you might find yourself being a dinkie cat, a unicorn, a dragon, a girataur, or indeed, a mushroom!

Love in Different Forms
Love in Different Forms by Teaganlove88 showcases one of the Faire favourites: dragons. Every year the dragons arrive to the Fairelands, and bless everyone with the sight of seeing them in flight. This year the pictures, posts and stories seemed to have a special focus on them, as well.

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Nesting in Nysaris

From Gwyneth:

There’s something about Nysaris that invites folk in. And I don’t mean the usual Faire, ‘Welcome! Everything is for sale’! invitation. No; there is something far deeper inside Nysaris, a city built around a goddess of hope. 

Sciathán Bán attached himself to me

The Realm had such a Classical Greek atmosphere that I was surprised to find myself in the company of a white raven. Since Apollo began the practice of shooting the messenger when the (white) raven who brought him the news of a lover’s infidelity had the audacity not to peck out the lady’s eyes, the god cursed all ravens to be black from that moment on. I’d hesitate to venture into a place like Nysaris if I were a kvitravn. For now, I’m calling him Sciathán Bán, because it’s a silly play on the Irish poem Pangur Bán. “Pangur” just means “cat”, and “bán” is “white”, so I checked with Brán for the word for “raven”— which I failed to pronounce after half a dozen attempts. He suggested “sciathán”, which means “wing”, instead— and that, it turns out, I can pronounce, with practice. I’ve made it clear to him that we are avoiding Apollo at all costs. 

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Of Healing the Land and Wooing with Hoos

With the hunt through the Fairelands complete, it was time to return to the dragon mother. Once more, wee Tempie felt dwarfed by the size of the humongous dragon, but his courageous heart held true! Awarded to him and Cyra was a spell, which would allow him to complete the healing process of the land for which he had first set out. Returning to the land where they first met the dragonlings, it became quickly apparent that another search was needed!

There were things to reveal; things that had been hidden by magic users of eld. Most of the magical jargon was above Mr. Templeton’s head, but that’s why he had Cyra! And boy oh boy was he mighty impressed as she cast the spell and helped him reveal a path to walk. Wait… Walk? Mr. Templeton would have to walk rather than fly? With a disgruntled hoot, he sets himself down on the ground, and begins following the path of colored leaves. Despite his little legs, Tempie made good process with his waddle-run! And before long he had activated magical beacons and solved magical puzzles.

What awaited him at the end was nothing short of spectacular! Huge chests of goodies, and even a wee chest full of treats just for the most handsome of owls.

But the thing Mr. Templeton wanted the most, was neither treasure nor treats. No, there was a heart he wished to win! Was he successful? Hoo knows, for his beak is bound by loving honor. But perhaps one can take a guess by the unique Phoenix feather now tucked into his wee, tweed vest.

One adventure was over, and it was time to return to his normal life as a Hogwarts Owl. But he returns a Friend of the Bardqueen and Dragonfriend.

✤ Protecting the Fairelands . . .

∴ Another year, another Faire has nearly passed. The Unweaver’s efforts to devour in its twisted jaws the hope and joy of the world were once again foiled.

The Fairelands worked together, and with the help of Shahara and her offspring, Gaia, Telynor, Saraminka and Ardani, we have managed to bring the positive back into the lands of Nadiya, and revive its heart and spirit.

The fight has not been easy – it never is. Secret paths had to be followed, riddles that could break minds had to be untwisted, and the Fairelands had to be explored, sometimes inch by inch. Some may have given up, but in the end, hope triumphed. As it always should. As it always will.

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

Antlers En Pointe ◆ Grand Illumination Antlers @ Fantasy Faire 2023
Sword Broken Arc Heavenly Blade @ Fantasy Faire 2023
Wings Les Encantades ◆ Elven Wings @ Fantasy Faire 2023
Necklace GABRIEL ◆ Dragon Chain Necklace @ Fantasy Faire 2023 (quest prize!)
Tiara Schelm ◆ Fantasy Crystal Tiara @ Fantasy Faire 2023
Aura [AERTH] ◆ Dimons Regalia @ Fantasy 2023