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The Making of Arrivals & Departures

An interesting project to emerge from last year’s Fantasy Faire was the short film, Arrivals & Departures, which receives a special screening this year at 2pm on April 25th at the FaireChylde. Based on a short story by Caledonia Skytower, the story was originally recorded for the Tales of the Fairelands series on Fantasy Faire Radio. Faire co-organizer Zander Greene talked to Elrik Merlin, one of the triumvirate that produced the movie and played one of the two main characters.

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Chronicles of Adair: Twilight Spring

When Mistress Lolth, blessed be Her name, pulled me from my tomb in the Underdark and charged me with infiltrating the Faire through Her daughter’s temple, I didn’t quite imagine this. Sure, the place was black and purple, as befits any Drow deity—but the light.


Oh, the light, and how it burned! There was a giant gaping hole in the ceiling, for crying out loud! Continue reading Chronicles of Adair: Twilight Spring

“The legend begins…”

forgottenshrinesedit01smallEphemeral Skye

There is a place where memories go to take their last breaths. A land breathes composed of the ashes of all that which has departed, everything which was once known but now lies forgotten. Is he a specter in this place or is he another memory? He has known so much sorrow in his long life; it is plausible that long after his passing some semblance of sentience remains. He suffered so many trials, celebrated so many victories and failures which have led to this moment. Deep in a temple dedicated to a thousand shrines and even more faiths, he can be seen repeating the motions of a life well-lived. Once upon a time, he had boasted of being a warrior; later he had become a king. He had been a lover, a husband, a father, both hero and villain in his own story and those of others. There are varying tales of his death, and there are stories yet where he remains alive and forging new paths through one world and others.

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Follow the feeling

All through the fairelands the strains of music could be heard. It was more than the tuneful warbling of birds, though of course, that was ever present, especially up near the eaves.
“Eaves dropping…” Lore mumbled, her gaze drifting along the sweeping arches of stone.
“Dropping eaves… Dropping leaves…” turning she peered through the halflight to the shaded interior of the nearest tree.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

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Glimpses of the Light of Va’loth

Valoth BLOG - 1

Sometimes, a focal point is so overwhelming it’s the only thing you see. That’s why it’s a focal point, after all. That’s what it’s like in Light of Va’loth. The towering statue, be she goddess, heroine, or legend, is impossible to look away from: she is visible from nearly every point on the region, and she carries a bright light. She is mysterious and fascinating, impossible to ignore. Continue reading Glimpses of the Light of Va’loth