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On Endings…

Life is change. From the cradle to the grave, our ability to adapt, to learn and grow and change to the world we find ourselves living in, is essential; however, when we are born, we have no skills. We look to our parents to teach us how to live in this world. How to adapt and thrive. How to find happiness and succeed. The Faire, like any other newborn, relied on her parents for security. Zander Greene and Ember Farina founded Fantasy Faire in 2009. Together, they brought her into this world and nurtured her through her first three years, growing the Faire into a successful fantasy focused shopping event benefiting Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

In 2012, the Faire had to adapt. I replaced Ember when other obligations pulled her away from Second Life. I was introduced as the Executive Director of Fantasy Faire. It was a title created to command respect in a business oriented environment. In reality, in other words, on the Fairelands, I became a beloved stepmother. Zander and I have been partners in parenting the Faire for the past eleven years. Together we planted the seeds of a mythos that placed the Faire on the path to what she is today, an immersive fantasy experience with a loving, active community. 

The Faire has grown into a huge endeavor that encompasses months of preparation by hundreds of people. I strongly believe that every contribution made, big or small, is reflected in the overall experience we have as a community at the Faire each year. Everyone has value and should know that their presence as world builder, creator, performer, writer, artist, photographer, security, organizer, or visitor contributes to what we as a whole call the Fairelands.

Our ranks may change and shift. We will expand and welcome new Fairelanders who land upon our shores. We will adapt as people in our community are called away to other areas of focus, or as is inevitable, leave us completely, but we will endure. Together, we are the Fairelands. Together we relay forward.

Personally though, I will feel the absence of Zander Greene at my side. I hope that he will be here next year for the return of the Fairelands in one way or another, but I know that it will not be the same. I don’t like change, but I will adapt. Thank you for being with me this far. Now it is time for you to take your own path. I will miss you, partner. I hope to see you on the other side of the Mysts.

An Apology

Dear Fairelanders,

I owe you an apology. Through an act of misunderstanding and miscommunication on my part, Patch Linden offered to extend the Faire by two weeks on Friday, May 6 at his Jail and Bail event. His generous offer was met with both excitement and panic as different groups of people realized what that could mean. In the middle of this I was paralyzed like a deer caught in the headlights. I failed to be a good leader for the Faire both when Patch asked if there was anything he shouldn’t offer at the Faire, and when he did offer the astonishing two week extension. I didn’t ask Patch not to extend the Faire, which I could have done. I didn’t offer Patch a possible extension date, which I should have done. Since I did neither of those things, Patch responded to the crowd, and we arrived at an extension of two weeks. I then failed to respond in local chat at the time and allowed the two week extension to go unchallenged.

Patch is an amazing man and a strong supporter of the Faire and Relay For Life communities. He has been joining us at the Faire for years, and it is always a highlight event which people anticipate with great enthusiasm. He has raised millions for the Faire. This year alone his jailing raised L$1,223,568! I am embarrassed and ashamed that I have put him in a position where the offer he made to the Faire needs to be undone. He did something wonderful by gifting us a platform to continue hosting the estate. As exciting as that sounds, there are very good reasons why the Fairelands need to fade. 

It is my responsibility to see the Faire’s big picture, and I failed to make the good decisions that would have allowed Patch’s announcement of additional time to be a celebration instead of leading to mass confusion and disappointment. I took that from Patch and from all of you, and I am heartbroken. As it is, we are taking advantage of Patch’s offer by extending the run of the Faire by three days through Wednesday, May 11.

Thank you Patch for always wanting the best for the Fairelands. For loving us and for relaying with us. Together we will make a world without cancer a reality.

With Love,

Elizabeth Tinsley

Why Do Fairelands Have to Fade?

All Good Things Must End…

But not just yet! Our programming calendar is now finished. The Live Auction is over. I have dropped the mic BUT the lights are still on!

The Fairelands will stay open until sometime late Wednesday evening, You can continue shopping, exploring, and questing. There might even be a sekrit rave to stumble across at some point. The point is, have fun!

Fantasy Faire Current total – L$24,550,000 or $98,200 USD!!!

Absolutely AMAZING Faire! Love you all so much ❤


PS: The Fairelands Quest and all the mini hunts and lore exploration fun stay open until the Fairelands fade back to the Mists.

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Mementos: Her High Faireness’ Wootable & Banners of the Faire
Wootable collection was previously known as the world builder gacha, now in new Lab approved format! Banners are headers of the Faire website turned into rezable form, simple straight purchases, no tricks, bids or luck involved.

Questing All Day Long: The Fairelands Quest: The Dreaming Cat Purchase Hunt HUD at any landing point in the Fairelands, for example here in Fairelands Junction. Prize Gallery

Exploring All Day Long: Region Hunts & Lore
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All things end…

It is time to let the Fairelands return to the Mysts. We send them off with love and with the knowledge they will return to us next April.

Each year they come, welcoming us home. For a brief window they are with us and we are rejuvenated. Our love makes them manifest and their magic prepares us to return to a world without them. The Fairelands may have their secret place, but they always live in our hearts, through our memories and the friendships we have made.

We are sad, as we always are, to see them go, yet even in that sadness there is the seed of hope, knowing that next April they will return to us once more.

For those of you that may be experiencing this passing for the first time, you may wonder when the feelings of sadness for what has passed will turn to feelings of anticipation for what is to come. The answer is different for everyone, but for myself knowing that even though the Fairelands themselves have faded, the Fairelands community remains is a great comfort. Sadness that is shared cannot last so long. The Fairelands are not only a place, they are a family, and we choose now whether we stay together or not.

Together, we raised an astonishing amount of money. Almost 24 Million Lindens, or over $95,000 US Dollars for Relay For Life. To me that is still unfathomable really. I find myself looking for some quantifiable answer as to how we did that. I realize that the answer is a single word. Fairelanders.

Together, we watched dance performances and we danced ourselves. We saw and heard wonderful stories, and we found ourselves playing parts in wonderful stories. We learned about heroic quests, and we answered the call to be heroes in an epic Quest. The Faire is what we see and do, and it is about what we find the chance to ourselves become.

The Faire is what you discover, and the Faire is what you bring to it. Both of these are essential to making it the magical experience that it is each year. Both are part of the magic that brings it back.

All things end; however, life is cyclical and even as things go, so they come back again. For now we say good bye to the Fairelands, but Junction will call them back again next April. they will be different, but they will still be home. Until then, keep the light of the Fairelands alive in your heart.

With love,