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Fantasy Faire Open Until May 7!


Maybe you have heard the rumor that in an attempt to bribe their way out of Jail, the Lindens promised us some extra days for the Faire. Absolutely TRUE! I confirmed with the Lindens earlier today that the Fairelands will remain open to us until May 7!

So even though official programming will end on April 30 with our One Team All Day Dance Party, the Fairelands will remain open for shopping, exploration and the Quest for an extra week. Enjoy the time!

Aetherea Prevails

The Unweaver struck at us, but we held firm. Aetherea suffered and, even as we suffered with her, hands turned to her aid. We watched, we worked and we supported Alia Baroque as he constructed the new Aetherea.

Today, his work reached its conclusion. At 4.30pm SL Time, the new Aetherea stepped in to take her ailing sister’s place. We’d like to thank Alia for his tireless work in both attempting to heal the original region and constructing her new sibling, and all those who supported him with their efforts and good wishes through this difficult time.

Aetherea has passed through her darkness and has re-emerged to share her light with us. Let us all draw hope and inspiration from her journey.

Aetherea – video by Caitlin Tobias – pictures by Caitlin Tobias & Sunny Difference.

Shining Through

Up to now, we’ve talked in dry and scientific language. We’ve spoken of performance issues and technical difficulties. Today, let’s look at it from another angle.

Fairelanders and friends, the Unweaver took a swipe at us.

It feels like this happens every year, one way or another. So many people look forward to the Faire every year and bring the best of themselves to the Fairelands that we’ve become a beacon of hope in the fight against the Unweaver and now, more than ever before, we are reaching our hands together out of the virtual and into the ‘real’.

So this year he took a big swipe.

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