The Wafflies: the Results

Images by Wildstar Beaumont, Mavromichali Szondi and Bain Finch and Dawny Daviau

The Wafflies are presented!

This Fantasy Faire saw the first awarding of the Wafflies – a series of special awards to machinima shot within the Fairelands.

There were three categories:

Awards were given by the Jury, with a special People’s Choice award, voted for by the public (using RFL kiosks to register their votes).

Attendees wore their best Film Awards costumes, and there was an After Party in the Hall of the Golden Stag on Mythspire Ridge, dj’d by Aoife Lorefield. The hosts for the awards were Chantal Harvey and Saffia Widdershins.

And now to the results.


Two prizes were awarded in this category.

Dawny Daviau with her Wafflie (Dawny was stuck in an airport, and so collected her Wafflie later!)
  1. Dawny Daviau for her livestreaming of events at the FilmFest and the LitFest You can see those collected on this page:
  2. Bain Finch and Mews Lowell for their livestreaming of Patch Linden’s Bail and Jail:
Bain Finch receiving his Wafflie from Chantal and Saffia (Mews was busy setting up to record the Live Auction!)

Bain Finch and Mews Lowell with their awards


Caitlin Tobias received this award for her beautiful machinima – The Fantasy Faire 2022 in 2 minutes

The winner in the factual category from Caitlin Tobias

Caitlin Tobias receives her award for Best Factual Machinima


Here there were three prizes for fictional films, plus the People’s Choice, voted for by Second Life residents.

Best Comedy: Judi’s Jaunt: Judi Newall & Lorin Tone

Winners for Best Comedy – Judi Newall and Lorin Tone

Judi Newall receives her Wafflie from Chantal and Saffia

Best Fairelands Tale: Once Upon a Time: MacGuyver Mode

Best Fairelands Tale: Once Upon a Time: MacGuyver Mode

Macguyver Mode accepting his Wafflie from Chantal and Saffia

Best Special Effects: Other: The Jewell Theatre

Fakey Jewell and Amardon Wonder of The Jewell Theatre accepting their Wafflies from Chantal and Saffia (Dorian Cao was unable to make the ceremony)

Fairelanders’ Choice: Once Upon a Time: MacGuyver Mode

This was MacGuyver’s second award – you can see the video itself above.

MacGuyver accepting his second Wafflie for the Fairelanders’ Choice, the choice voted for by Fairelanders

Why are the awards called the Wafflies?

When it came to designing the awards, we wanted something that would be the similar to the Oscars, but with a distinctly Fairelands touch.

In discussion with the designer, Mary Layton, we had the idea of incorporating a waffle, favourite food of Dinkies and Tinies everywhere – and of course these two groups form the Pawlice who protect the Faire (and play a part in the video Judi’s Jaunt). Etheria Parrott, creator of the dinkie avatars, agreed to create a dinkie statue to form part of the award.

The Golden Wafflie award can be resized to be held in the hand, and enlarged to form a statue,

And you will have a chance to win one for yourself in 2023!

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