Blogger Highlights II

Fairelanders come in many shapes and forms, and every year I am delighted when I find bloggers to prove just that! Fairelands welcome all, whether you’re a small critter or a thundering dragon, a galloping horse or a hopsing dinkie.

Small Gods
Small Gods by Cynical Cloud captures a divine squabble between Bastet and Anubis. Or simply a cat enjoying a stroll through Opet. Regardless, the critter adventures are always a welcome part of the Faire.

Nimue by Pieni is a wonderful example of dinkie blogging. Dinkies are everywhere, and they need their fashion blogged just as well as hoomans do! 

❂ The Reborn ❂
The Reborn by Jana Winchester brings in hooves in forms of both horse and centaur. We have plenty of both in the Fairelands!

You can see more blog posts and pictures in the report form, our flickr group, or in #blogposts channel of Fantasy Faire Fans Discord server:

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