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Blogger Highlights III

Fantasy Faire is now closed, and the Fairelands are safely slumbering in the Mists. I wanted to post one more Blogger Highlight even though they make me despair with the impossibility of choosing which posts to use. Picture-wise this has been the year of the mushroom, the year of szystrumites, sunflowers, dragons, mers, and all the magic the Faire provides. Our chroniclers do wonderful job in showing just how much fun and delightful it is to simply stop being human for a while and be something completely different. This is our world, a world with no limitations beyond the ones we hold in our minds. Once freed from those you might find yourself being a dinkie cat, a unicorn, a dragon, a girataur, or indeed, a mushroom!

Love in Different Forms
Love in Different Forms by Teaganlove88 showcases one of the Faire favourites: dragons. Every year the dragons arrive to the Fairelands, and bless everyone with the sight of seeing them in flight. This year the pictures, posts and stories seemed to have a special focus on them, as well.

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Blogger Highlights II

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Faire is how it encourages people to try completely new things. The Fairelands’ air changes people into shapes and forms they did not even know existed before, it adds new companions to their side, new mounts to ride, new wings to fly.  Faire makes your life magical.

Alice in Mushroomland
Alice in Mushroomland by Avloth brings to focus that Year of the Mushroom again, this time with a fairytale like moment in Fungalmire, showing just how small these avatars are.

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Blogger Highlights I

Faire has been open for almost a week now and there has been a veritable flood of pictures and posts made by our Chroniclers, the Faire Bloggers. The enthusiasm is contagious, the looks inspiring, the immersion heart-felt. They form the visual siren song luring people over to the Fairelands to experience the magic themselves.

' Fungalmire - Fantasy Faire 2023'

Fungalmire by Hopey welcomes you to the Year of the Mushroom! Every year some themes seem to spontaneously appear at the Faire, and mushrooms is definitely one of this year’s. The mer-shroom is an innovative character that naturally belongs in Fungalmire. More mushroom matters to appear in future highlights!

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Stories of Gratitude

There are words that are never said enough. “Thank you.” are among them. Fairelands are a full continent, and there are so many people involved in bringing them to us, so many people making them alive and calling others to join in that it is impossible for any of us to even learn all the names, let alone form friendships with each and every one of them. That is why the Faire organization functions in parts, with only Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, Fantasy, being the glue keeping us together, overseeing the care and content of the Fairelands as a whole.

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Blogger Highlights III

A picture may be worth a thousand words, and a film gazillion, but there is magic of its own in words, in writing. There is also much more to blog at the Faire than shopping, and so whenever I see someone blogging the events happening at the Faire in both pictures and writing, it makes me super happy!

FF the Quest

Aznana Shieldmaiden has written wonderful guides, for example one about the Fairelands Quest and one about the roleplay at the Faire.

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