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Stories of Gratitude

There are words that are never said enough. “Thank you.” are among them. Fairelands are a full continent, and there are so many people involved in bringing them to us, so many people making them alive and calling others to join in that it is impossible for any of us to even learn all the names, let alone form friendships with each and every one of them. That is why the Faire organization functions in parts, with only Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, Fantasy, being the glue keeping us together, overseeing the care and content of the Fairelands as a whole.

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Blogger Highlights III

A picture may be worth a thousand words, and a film gazillion, but there is magic of its own in words, in writing. There is also much more to blog at the Faire than shopping, and so whenever I see someone blogging the events happening at the Faire in both pictures and writing, it makes me super happy!

FF the Quest

Aznana Shieldmaiden has written wonderful guides, for example one about the Fairelands Quest and one about the roleplay at the Faire.

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Blogger Highlights II

Fairelanders come in many shapes and forms, and every year I am delighted when I find bloggers to prove just that! Fairelands welcome all, whether you’re a small critter or a thundering dragon, a galloping horse or a hopsing dinkie.

Small Gods
Small Gods by Cynical Cloud captures a divine squabble between Bastet and Anubis. Or simply a cat enjoying a stroll through Opet. Regardless, the critter adventures are always a welcome part of the Faire.

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Blogger Highlights I

The first week of the Faire has somehow flown by and our wonderful bloggers have been busy! It is always a challenge to blog the Faire for it stands out and differs so much from the other events, but fortunately this crew is up to the task! I have always been strongly biased towards combining fantasy looks with the fantasy worlds. You will not find this kind of photo opportunities anywhere else, after all.

I managed to pick just three pictures for this post, after hours of browsing the wonders that have filled the flickr group, #blogposts channel and the results of the report form. I encourage you to go and check them all out, there’s some amazing art waiting for you!


|Messenger| by O N I B I captures that moment of delight when we are all called back home to the Fairelands. 

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