The Secrets of Flambois – Daily Update

These are Chronicles from the ongoing role-play for the Children of Stories. They are posted here as they unfold and may not yet be finished.

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The Tales Unite in 2023


Far away, in Fairelands that have returned beyond the Mysts, the Children of Stories roamed their realms freely. They played games and enjoyed their youth as children do, but with the knowledge they had their grand adventures and sacred purposes.

The Rickety Weasels protected the Guardians of the Elemental stones in Wiggenstead Morring. The wild children were prepared for danger at any turn to uphold their sacred duty. However, one month before the Faire, the Guardians departed without a word to anyone. The Weasels searched for them, but to no avail. Worse, the Faireland magic of their realm had begun to weaken. They feared the floating islands would fall.

The Mouse Guardians of Poppetsborough know that their world is fragile. It is a living popup book with paper homes and people known as the Poppets. The children took the Mouse Guardian Oath to watch and protect their fragile world. Recently the paper world has become brittle and began to crumble, and worse the Poppets stopped moving and rooted to the book world. The Mouse Guardians immediately searched for answers to this curse.

The Children of Echtra grew up under the curse of the Gloom. This caused their homeland of to be trapped in eternal darkness and rain, and the memory of their history faded away. The Warriors of Echtra, the adults and parents, were transformed into hedgehogs by the Winter Prince. When the Curse lifted the sun returned to Echtra, but the adults remained cursed. Every year the cursed adults would search the Faire for magical cures, but this year the warriors did not return home.

The Lilypods lived in Mudrana, the Land of the Lilypad, a giant pond of life. The children provided music, song, and mischief to praise the Godfrog. Their instruments kept the Godfrog awake to prevent a tragedy. If the diety fell asleep the pond would dry and the land would perish. However, the Godfrog was sick again, like when the Unweaver attacked in the past. The Faireland magic keeping the Unweaver at bay had grown weak. The Lilypods have dedicated themselves to restore the magic before their realm is destroyed.

The Magpies of the Bazaar Dungeon have no home but their camp. They roamed the twisty elven tunnels of the Bazaar where they hunt for treasure and adventure. Some descended from convicts, while others sought fortune and glory. The Magpies explored tunnels for lost legendary artifacts under the watchful eye of the Stone Sentinel. Their lives are ever an adventure so they haven’t noticed anything unusual until the lanterns.

The Bubo Owls, due to several twists of fate, were orphans who took up residence in Tensor’s Flying Market. The market is a floating city crafted by goblin merchants. The children worked as ‘middle men’ going between goblin factions to ilk out a living and keep the engines repaired while the original creators were not on speaking terms. The Goblin magic has not wavered, but the Flying Market was getting close to the ground recently.

The Grizzly Cubs were pilgrimaging children who made the Spirit Valley of Kuruk their home. These children hailed from distant Fairelands to follow the path of the Great Bear Tribe, and defend the spirits of the valley. The bears that became sick during their time at the Faire have relapsed recently, and the waters of Kuruk lost their potency to heal. The Cubs searched for answers and cures unaware of the troubles far away.

Class R13 of the Junior Society of Extraordinary Explorers are quite eager to explore new part of the Fairelands. They were not originally Fairelanders, but earned that title through their exploits at the Amythest Rift. Their first adventure of this class was supposed to be comprised of the best students, however their initial expedition was sabotaged by Professor Quinn. He picked the ‘rejects’ and those whom they thought would be least able to succeed. Because the Society hails from beyond the Fairelands they typically unaware of any troubles prior to their arrival.

Buried under the Hunros Mountain lies a wondrous secret. A giant magic sphere, called the Bell, produces powerful magic which seeps into the stone of the Mountain. It can replace the need for other magical components or power sources for spells, potions, rituals, and magical experiments. The Union of Sniffer Moles are children able to smell the magic within the Hunros Mine. They have been hard at work with reforms to their procedures and regularly dance to keep the Dreamkin and Loom happy.

But now, days before the Faire began, several children from their number have discovered strange lanterns asking for their help. The troubles in their own realms meant not everyone could answer the call, and others felt doubts enter their hearts and minds.

What if it was a distraction ? What if the Unweaver sent the lanterns as a trap? Why were they selected, who chose them, and for what purpose were all mysteries? However, one hope shone through these doubts. What if the distressed voice could resolve their realms woes? The Children of Stories that chose to follow their lanterns took a leap of faith into the unknown.

Friday, April 21st: Arrival

The Nexus sky of Flambois, and the Flame of Ember

Flambois, the Fairelands Academy of Magic, was a realm with no time. A nexus fluctuated in the sky above, while the Flame of Ember acted as the realms sun. The Flame hovered over the Tree of Zander in the center of the campus. The tree was overgrown on the light of Ember and feeing upon the Waters of Lauren. The staff was pleased as children started appearing in the city. The staff hoped that the Faire had brought their long hunt for worthy young students to an end.

The lanterns went silent upon arrival at campus which disoriented the children. This was their destination, but they were now without a guide. They didn’t know the name of this strange realm, nor that the city was a school campus.

Busy streets on the first days of Faire

The kids made their way across the cobbled streets of House Ember until they discovered a small easily overlooked alleyway. The alley bore a symbol etched upon the wall which caught their attention. The travelers found an abandoned campground at the end. The area was tended, no plants overgrown, and a campfire pit was prepared.

The nine groups arrived seperately, but the lanterns resting upon their shoulders helped foster a quick camaraderie. They were strangers with a common cause: They wanted to help someone. The decision to work together was merely the next logical step.

While the Gathered travelers discussed their homes and troubles, two local gentlemen began to argue nearby. They were both Master Quillimancers, Quill crafters of exceptional skill, and rivals at the art. Alfred Packer was from House Zander and the other, Morkus Dreg, was from House Ember. Alfred invited the children to his shop, but Morkus only wanted customers in his establishment.

Professor Margo December of House Lauren

When the Quillimancers departed, Morkus complained to the staff about ‘young hooligans and squatters’. Professor Margo December, of House Lauren, greeted them warmly and invited them to enroll. Enrollment was open to all ages, and yet all their alumni had been adults. The Professor offered to return with enrollment parchment for those interested tomorrow.

The Gathered were split on this offer. Kie, the centaur foal, wanted to learn human healing magic to help her herd. Patrick, a Drow who became a Sniffer Mole, wanted to learn stone magic from House Zander. Daemon, the Magpie, thought the Professors and adults should not be trusted. Tepic Harlequinn, a foxboy from New Babbage far outside the Fairelands, wanted to burn the campus down. “Yer can’t trust schools!”, he claimed, and was furious he had been tricked into this adventure.

After the Gathered convinced Tepic not to burn the school down yet, the children distracted the excitable fox with questions about New Babbage and revealed he knew Arnold the Cat, who appeared just before Tepic got his lantern. Patrick revealed Arnold also helped him find his lantern and the path here.

Arnold the Cat at the Hunros Mine on trial for being a Shadow of the Unweaver

The Gathered wondered if Arnold sent the lanterns, but the Sniffer Union and Junior Explorers knew him from a different perspective. He was a witch’s familiar forced to serve as a Shadow of the Unweaver. This could mean the lanterns were bait for a trap, if Arnold sent them. They kept watch for threats that evening and saw him approach their fire cautiously.

However, Arnold was in a sorry state compared to previous years. He often dressed in dapper clothing, and favored hats that made him look taller. Mud stained his tattered suit and fur, and his hat was mildewed and ruined. He had lost his sword and one of his most prized possessions. He had not been able to groom himself for days.

Arnold informed the Gathered he led some children to this camp, and even prepared it, but he was not responsible for the lanterns. Despite the help he offered in the past it was difficult to trust even a reluctant servant of the Unweaver,

Fortunately the Gathered were not alone, and had many allies from their previous adventures. The kids looked for the Guardians of the Elemental stones who usually arrived to help during the Faire. Nix, Niki, Ra the Rabbit, and Taylor were Rickety Weasels who revealed the awful truth. The Guardians were missing. The Gathered were distraught but offered to help search for the missing Guardians.

A corrupted Strifeclaw who believed she hated children

The Guardians were found or discovered camp by accident. The Rickety Weasels were happy to find their charges, but horrified by how the Guardians changed. The first Guardian to appear was Lynx Tree of the Water Stone who had become apathetic. She did not care about water, her stone, or anything. Avarial, Guardian of the Air Stone, seemed to ignore everyone and refused to speak.

Strifeclaw, Guardian of the Earth Stone, who the children knew had to avoid water at all costs, was taking a bath and claimed to dislike children. Finally, out of the sky, Cale Firesong dove down trying to attack Arnold, while screaming that this was his fault. Cale almost struck a few children in the process with each dive. Arnold fled the camp and Cale lost track of the feline and was last seen departing Flambois to the southwest.

It was not just the Guardians acting strangely. Softpaw Sommer, a normally helpful and caring soul, had suddenly become cruel, snarky, and bitter. She blamed Arnold for her sudden change in demeanor, and had been mocking him mercilessly.

The Campground

The Gathered realized something truly terrible was amiss and searched the area. They discovered several shadow spirits trapped in walls, and in rarely traveled corners. The spirits kept their distance from the lanterns and remained silent.

Ace Wolfe, a friendly and silly canine who joined the children for their adventures, decided to corner the shadows and see if he could lick them happy. He found one floating in House Zander and pounced, but he was not prepared for the darkness that flooded into him in that instant. The canine backed away uncertainly as he felt something had changed.

The confused children eventually found only one hopeful lead…a sign in House Zander which claimed that Dogstar the Storyteller would come tell stories at the Bard’s Grove in this strange place, among a heart of magic and a mystery.

The Gathered needed information and Dogstar was a common ally. They hoped the Storyteller could shed light on these events, and made plans to attend the event.

Saturday, April 22nd: The Storyteller

Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe

Word that the Storyteller, Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe, would be telling stories in Flambois spread through the Fairelands. The Bards Grove, a copse of trees on the northwestern side of campus, filled quickly with Fairelanders and the Gathered.

Even the afflicted Avariel, Softpaw, Strifeclaw, and Lynx wanted to hear the tales from their friend and called a temporary truce. The Gathred smiled at this sign of hope for the Elemental Guardians and Softpaw. However, Strifeclaw noted that the truce would end after the stories, and was keeping his eyes open for Arnold the cat.

The Guardians were unaware that Niki and Patrick helped disguise Arnold the night before. They called him Magpie as he wore their wide beak hat to hide his face and Loki’s spare clothes from Echtra. However some children were unaware of the deception and called him by name. Arnold had to hide in the bushes to avoid notice by the Guardians. Fortunately, Dogstar entered the circle and was ready to begin his tales.

The crowd barely heckled most of the time!

The stories that Dogstar shared were not happy tales of Flambois and its history. These old works were dark fairytales that contained hard lessons. Their burning questions about the realm and their own purpose were still unanswered.

The Bard offered his chair for others to come forward. Several of the Gathered regaled their audience with their journey with the lantern to Flambois, and others recounted their battles against the Unweaver. Nettle, a street performer, juggled a ball as she related a tale from Kuruk. The tale was altered enough even the Grizzly Cubs did not realize she was talking of the friendship forged between Tanner and Corruption.

Arnold the Cat should have remained in hiding, but he kept his promise to tell an important story. Despite the danger, he stepped forward last to share a tale. The truce held, but bitter eyes were turned towards him. The feline shared his first story about the Founders of the Academy.

Flambois – Academy in a Nexus

House Zander, House Ember, and House Lauren were named after three powerful mages that banded together to defeat the Unweaver. The Founders built this school within a nexus so it was connected to many realms and times. This was how the bard Zander was one of the ancient founders of the school, but also relatively young today.

However, after finishing his story, Arnold confessed he was a Shadow of the Unweaver. The familiar told a horrified audience about how the Guardians were corrupted over ten Faires. It started with Lord Shadow capturing three of the Guardians, but every year a decision or event had furthered their descent towards darkness. Lynx denied the entire retelling in a fury, and Strifeclaw believed she was still the Water Panther.

Arnold then pointed into the distance and warned his audience to look over there. He then fled mid-sentence. Softpaw demanded he return to pay for his crimes, while Strifeclaw chased the dark cat. Lynx stormed off furious, Avariel left without a word, and Cale never showed up. The Gathered felt confident that Arnold was no bluff. They had seen the events he described when they happened.

The Shadow in the Door of the Quillimancer

The sudden departure brought an abrupt end to the event. The Gathered felt more informed but were left with more questions than answers. The discussion stopped abruptly as someone discovered a ghost hiding nearby. The inquisitive children went to investigate and discovered a shadow in a locked doorway.

Daemon, a Magpie of the Gathered, stepped forward to inspect the spirit. The apparition remained silent against all inquires, but shed away from his lantern. The boy took a chance and put away his light to help bridge the gap between them. The spirit rushed forward to everyone’s shock. The darkness enveloped Daemon and it vanished.

Allies ran forward to help, but Daemon insisted he was fine. The lad adjusted his hat to hide his eyes, and no one saw they had turned black. Fortunately, no one believed the Magpie’s sudden shift in his demeanor was a coincidence. Was this what happened to the Guardians? The corruption could have opened them and others to these strange shadows.

Kie approached Daemon with her lantern and discovered it made the boy flinch. And Niki revealed that a shadow nearly touched him that morning, but they had suddenly shied back instead. The lanterns were protecting them.

With this discovery the Gathered spread the word to keep their strange lanterns close while they uncovered the secrets of Flambois.

Sunday, April 23rd: Communications

Strifeclaw hunting for familiars

The Gathered slept with their lanterns glowing dimly, and this was a wise decision as shadow spirits swarmed their camp. Knowing that a single touch might spread the affliction the wary children shone their lights until the spirits retreated.

The children were restless and needed answers. It occured to some of the Gathered that students could ask Professors for help. These brave souls would enroll when Professor Margo December returned today. When she arrived with her roster book, she happily passed out their student caps and congratulated those who joined. Dean, a Magpie of the Bazaar Dungeon, asked if he could change his mind later. The Professor laughed and said it was too late, unfortunately.

That was deeply concerning, but they turned their attention to the Shadow ghosts. Professor December told them that Professor Canergak was their resident expert on the occult. He was planning an experiment somewhere nearby. Patrick, the Drow Sniffer Mole, winced as he had engaged in some minor vandalism earlier by trying to cut the wires earlier that day.

It was a good thing knives don’t cut through pipes very well…

The Scientist Canergak and Lilith the Gadgeteer, were both visiting Professors and senior members of the Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers. They tried to repair their equipment but found extensive sabotaged by more than Patrick’s failed attempts. Canergak’s tools were missing, the speakers had been dented, and he still needed to collect the ‘specimen’.

Tepic growled at Canergak and advised the children not to trust him. The scientist dismissed the boys concerns and explained to the crowd that his equipment would allow everyone to interrogate the shadow ghosts in the area.

Forcing him to make several promises not to harm the creature, the Children agreed to help find his instruments, and corral a shadow for his experiment. They did not trust him, but it was true they needed answers despite how much they disliked the scientist himself.

Morkus Dreg, Master Quillcrafter, was flustered by the non customers in his shop

His precursor, a strange aetheric hammer, was borrowed by one of the Quillimancers. The children split up to retrieve the instrument. Tobiath, the Magpie, managed to get it from Alfred Packer, who had only borrowed it to rehang his shops sign, while Loki and others went to Morkus Dreg’s shop.

The children at Morkus shop then headed further south as Morkus was no help to them. Canergak told them shadows in the walls could not be coralled. They needed a free floating apparition like the ones in the forests of Flambois.

Using their lanterns they were able to slowly lead the ghost back to the experiment. Ra Rabbit, the Rickety Weasel, felt awful bullying the shadow into the machine. Their need for answers kept the Gathered from giving up. When the ghost was close the trap drew the entity inside as it sprang to life.

The Shadow Ghost Captured

The Scientist scanned the spirit and frowned. This wasn’t the ghost of someone long dead, but a living person under a terrible aetheric destabilization and manipulation. In layman’s terms, the shadow ghost was under a curse.

Canergak had promised no harm would come to a living creature, and to keep his word he could not use his own frequencies for this experiment. He turned to the Gathered and requested they sing and use musical instruments to reach the shadow.

The Gathered were happy to provide music as the strange scientist used their ‘tonoaetheric vibrations’ to alter the fabric of the aether. He intended to alter the entity’s ‘chord’, their very resonance within the aether, to alter the curse enough to allow communication.

However, the power fluctuated dangerously as the sabotage was more extensive than expected. The Gathered ducked for cover as the strange experiment ended in an implosion that destroyed the container. Everyone was afraid they had destroyed the Shadow spirit.

The Shadow spirit resurfaced unscathed to the relief of the Fairelanders. and it became apparent the experiment had not failed. The spirits were freed from their silence. The ghosts revealed they were living shadows of former students and allies cursed by a Witch and forced to serve at her whim. She was manipulating their other allies who were also under her terrible influence. The spirits offered to guide the Children to the Witches secret study hidden nearby while they were lucid.

The Gathered knew their path was treacherous. The evil Witch had affected the Guardians, Softpaw, Daemon, and the Shadow spirits and made everyone forget their story. Despite the danger, the Gathered are determined to face this threat.

Monday, April 24th: The Witch’s Study

Dark Firesong

The Children were woken up by the shouts of Cale Firesong, the Fire Guardian, attacking Arnold within their camp. The phoenix had a dark mark upon his chest showing the most clear sign of the Witches Curse. In this strange twist of fate, the Gathered moved forward to defend a Shadow against the assault of their own Guardians.

Cale retreated when he lost track of his quarry. The camp settled back down and interrogated Arnold for advice with dealing with witches. During the discussion, Tepic tested Arnold’s reaction to the lanterns. He had no aversion to their light. He was not infected or cursed, he was a familiar so his situation was different. The Gathered wondered if they could get him a spare lantern, and Ace Wolfe happily donated his after much discussion.

Eventually the kids had devised their strategy: Do not be seen. Do not make noise. Do not confront her. Do not approach or touch her. Get in quietly and search for anything we can use as information. Stay hidden where she could not see.

Follow the creepy shadow into the woods…what could possibly go wrong?

The kids finished their planning just as Lilith, the ghost shadow they corralled the day before, arrived to to guide them to the Witches Study.

The Gathered traversed the city and entered the Flambois forest with trepidation. They could not trust their companion to not be turned against them, and Ace Wolfe smelled danger ahead. Many had tried to warn the Children of the Eastern forest, but ignoring the warnings they marched with confidence.

They arrived at a stone doorway which resonated with their lanterns. Twelve lanterns needed to light the way, and they had three times that number. The Gathered raised their lanterns and lit the way to the Witches Study, but as they did so a Dark Mark on Lilith as she fled.

Dark marks appeared on the Guardians and many of their cursed companions now, but this did not deter them from their plans. Several children waited outside while others went in set on a stealth mission. They took off their lanterns, and whispered when they had to talk at all.

The Gathered saw the witch in all her ugly horror. The hag was taller than Strifeclaw, covered in warts, and had six arms. She pulled strings that flowed into the darkness before her as she manipulated events and people. The Magpies snuck past the barrels searching the rooms, but not everyone was quiet. A noise alerted the Witch to their presence and she tugged a string in one of her left hands.

Softpaw and Leon stopped moving as their eyes glazed over. Softpaw was cursed recently, but Leon was touched by the Shadows after Tensors Flying Market. They made no attempt to hide as they stayed in her view. The Witch turned her head at the two moderately under her influence and smiled cruelly, “I see you….I CURSE YOU!”

The Gathered panic searched for anything they could find as brave fools confronted the witch and tried to distract her. The cursed grew in number as the children rummaged through assorted junk and found the Gremlin Spanner from the Hunros Mine. The artifact had been used to sabotage Canergaks experiments here in Flambois. Unfortunately this item would not help their current adventure.

Their desperate search reached the last cupboard in the back. The Gathered discovered a massive mirror that thanked them for their rescue and then vanished.

Freeing a magic mirror was a small victory, but not useful! The entire trip felt like a failure as they cut their losses and ran, with several more souls placed under the Witches Curse. As they fled the magical destruction the Witch ordered those under her influence to kill Arnold the traitor.

The former Shadow helped some of the children escape before he fled Flambois. Softpaw, Leon, the Guardians, the Cursed, and the Shadows themselves now knew him for an enemy.

The Children assessed the grim situation and realized they could not defeat the Witch with a frontal assault. They had been deflected like insects. The Witch made even the Yeti spirit of Kuruk look tame.

They returned to camp and discovered the Mirror was waiting for them on the roof. The Gathered studied the mirror and discovered it could communicate. It showed them a location they recognized as the Western grove they visited on their first tour of the city.

The Gathered were wary after their devastating failure less than an hour ago. Why should they trust a mirror recovered from a Witches lair? However others choose to trust and hope against wiser heads and rushed to the area to discover a new Gate to unlock.

The Children uncovered the passage to a strange creature in a lush forest. The creature was called a Fuzzelot and it had become lazy and unmotivated. It did not take long for those who entered the glade start falling asleep. This forest was enchanted and the Gathered would soon join the Fuzzelot in sleep.

The Guardians and Gathered fled the clearing and arrived outside the Main Academy under the Tree of Zander. It was there that they finalized their plan to help the strange creature escape. They were going to call on the Fairelands bards to help break the spell. They parted ways, as the Gathered made plans to break the Witches Curse on everyone she had afflicted in the realm.

However the Shadows were hunting Arnold over the Fairegrounds that night. The traitors death would complete her curse on the Guardians if they did the deed. The children refused to help the Guardians search, and Niki and Patrick almost convinced Strifeclaw to stop her hunt. The stories Dogstar told were still resonating in her mind, and they wanted her to remember the truth.

Reynard, a Shadow fox under the Unweaver, undid their heartfelt work. He tricked the Guardians into believing the children were cursed by Arnold. The Shadow told Strifeclaw that Arnold was a crafty and manipulative villain, and those who called him a friend or hero was just evidence of the curse. To the afflicted minds of the Guardians this seemed more believable. They believed they would save the Gathered from themselves.

It was said Junction mourned last year through rain and now it is frozen. A message or a coincidence? If only we could ask.

Arnold fled for his life, but he had most of a plan. He made his way to the Winding Valley to find supplies and his missing weapons. He only found a few lemons. At least he could make lemonade on his way to Junction. The former Shadow reasoned it was it was the safest realm to hide from former allies.

Unfortunately Softpaw and Adar, her Fire Dragon husband, had tracked him down. They confronted Arnold at Fairelands Junction, where Adar blew fire at the feline and threatened to destroy him. It was on that day a legend was born. Arnold defeated a Fire Dragon with a cup of lemonade.

Adar, blinded by science, was forced to let his wife deal with the cat. Arnold fled and staged their final battle in one of the seedlings, a Worldling, a realm that touched Softpaws heart. The tiny fairycats watched the confrontation, and she could not kill in front of them. Though the interaction remained tensed, Softpaw felt the light slowly returning to her as she felt some magic here.

Arnold fled to the south with no destination in mind. Softpaw wasn’t healed completely and she could betray his hiding place easily.

Tuesday, April 25th: Awaken the Fuzzelot!

Fairelanders and the Bardic order heard the call to action. There was trouble in Flambois, and the Faire rallied to bring their charity, hope, and cheer to Flambois.

They had an uphill battle as many allies were lost to the Witch’s Curse. Daemon, Rabid Rabbit, Scoobie, Leon, Ace, and Softpaw Sommer had been touched by a shadow and/or directly cursed by the witch themselves. The Guardian of Earth, Strifeclaw, believed she was still a monster of the Unweaver. The Guardian of Water, Lynx Tree, was a stagnant pool of apathy. The Guardian of Fire, Cale Firesong, didn’t even show up.

Last, but not least, they found the Guardian of the Air Stone, Avariel Falcon, deep asleep next to the Fuzzelot. Even tinies dancing on top of her could not wake the Guardian from her slumber. Others started to feel themselves falling under the spell of this dream plane, which lulled them into a sense of relaxation and peace.

The Bard Nancy Boots was ready to help the Gathered with music to inspire and energize. Within the first fifteen minutes most of the recent Fairelanders were dancing and celebrating save the cursed.

Softpaw Sommer crossed her arms and derided their attempts at unity. She refused to dance at first, but the light rekindled in her heart last night grew stronger. The growing hope soared again as the kiosk climbed above 100,000. Her dark dress and dull wings returned to the bright colorful ways everyone remembered best.

Softpaw being released from the darkness

Daemon saw her transformation and felt his own spirits lift. At first he could not remember how to dance, so another child, Nettle, tricked him into practicing martial arts training, but in reality it was the hokey pokey. The amusement he felt at this trick and the dance he continued to perform melted the darkness from his heart. Rabid Rabbit and Scoobie felt the curse lift as well watching their friends return to normal.

Lynx Tree, Guardian of the Water Stone, refused to allow the celebration to sway her. She looked the worst of all the Guardians, with matted fur, dull fins, and tangled hair. Candance, a Magpie, decided to splash her with crystal clear water and let the music take it from there. The Water Guardian turned with hellish fury at Candance, but blinked and woke from her nightmare. She couldn’t dance

Strifeclaw, Lynx, and Avariel slowly, as the hour passed, started to stir and return to their true selves. At 175,000, Lynx remembered how to dance and summoned water to her side, Avariel began to mutter in her sleep, and Strifeclaw started to remember they were not a minion of the Unweaver anymore.

At 200,000 Avariel finally woke up with her voice had returned! She had forgotten how to communicate and could only help with smaller actions. At 225,000 Strifeclaw denounced the Unweaver and began to sway and dance happily, the earth swelling beneath their feet.

And finally the Fuzzelot felt the surge of emotion from everyone there and his motivation and inspiration returned. He was freed from the gentle spell over this place and danced with cheer.

Dance, Fuzzy Magic, Dance!

The Fairelanders raised 302,000 linden by the end, and were happy that the Guardians had returned to normal. But Cale, the Fire Guardian, was still missing, and there were others who still needed their help. The Witch could still work her evil curses in Flambois and the Fairerealms.

The Fuzzelot gratefully thanked them for restoring their motivation. He offered them a torn scroll bearing the first part of a description upon it. The Fuzzelot advised the Gathered to return to the Mirror at their camp.

The Mirror congratulated them on helping the Fuzzelot, and bid them return tomorrow when it would share a new destination with the Children.

The Mirror needed to gather energy after a successful mission

The Gathered huddled around their campfire with the Guardians now restored to their true selves, and accepted their apologies. Niki warned them the Witch could potentially reinfect them, and the Guardians noticed they were getting angry for no reason. They bid goodbye with thanks and sought the realm of Safe Haven to heal and rest.

Nettle and Candance worked together to find Arnold, who was hiding in plain sight at the Fairechylde. With Lynx sane again the safest place to hide from an angry flying Fire Guardian was the Isles of Aquarius. Candance managed to locate his sword, but was attacked by Cale at Sipala.

The Magpie called for help as she was cornered and burned. Arnold knew he was the true target of this aggression, but answered the distressed cry. The feline was gravely injured in the encounter, but so was Cale who had to retreat. The familiar and Magpie treated their injuries in the cave beneath the Fairechylde that night.

Wednesday April 26th: The Philosophers Quill

A new location revealed

The Gathered asked the Mirror to reveal their newest destination. The Mirror led them into the wooded area of House Zander for the Fuzzelot. Now they were looking for a troll reading a book near water. That was strange. Where was this troll hidden?

Legend claimed that those who watched a special magical fish long enough it would lead them right to the troll. The tale was true, but too vague and difficult to follow. They asked Professor Margo who set up a bubble machine that made passenger air bubbles for traveling across through the water. The water had been cursed, black, inky, but the Water Guardian cleansed the taint she caused and now it was crystal clear below.

The Gathered Raised their lanterns to light the way again.

They found the hidden underwater path eventually, although it took searching for a very long time. Vicky, the Grizzly Cub discovered it first, and retrieved the others so they could unlock the magic door.

A Whale of a Tale and a House for a Mouse

Floating on a cloud within a dream space, the Gathered saw floating high above them a whale with a house upon its back. Not just any house, it was an entire library run by a Philosopher Mouse!

The Philosophers Magic Quill was broken and so it needed the Gathered to get him the best replacement Quill that any crafter could make. Scoobie knew there were two rival craftsmen and thought a competition would be sure to get their attention

The Gathered went below to con the two Quillmakers into creating the ultimate Quill. (Really, they had them at the word ‘Competition’.) Morkus and Alfred needed a week to finish a legendary Quill, but were eager to prove themselves the superior craftsman. The proper way to settle major Faireland disagreements was through charity events, and so the Quillimancers agreed to the Battle of the Quills.

However, the problem the time frame was a problem. They needed the week to get the supplies they needed for their craft. The Gathered had to use their individual skills and split up.

Pearls under the waterfalls of House Lauren for the Water Guardian and Lilypods. The Wisps near the Flame of House Ember for the Bubo Owls and Softpaw. Magic extracted from stone by the Moles. Runes deciphered by the S.E.E. The Magpies, with the aide of others less adept at subterfuge, got extra credit by swiping the crafting journals of the competition and bringing them to the other crafter.

A peaceful day where everything went right, was it too good to be true?

The Gathered returned to their camp certain that one of the Crafters would make something excellent. It seemed a peaceful night and one perfect to start a quest. Little did they realize they would stumble upon a grave encounter with Candance, Patrick, Nettle, Arnold, and the Fire Guardian, Cale.

Arnold stumbled his way to Safe Haven to have the protection of the recovered Guardians as he healed. A major obstacle was Cale Firesong was recovering in the volcano at Woo Hoo Bay.

Nettle informed Candance and Arnold there was healing within Safe Haven that may help Cale too. She offered to distract Cale and ran ahead, while Candance and Patrick helped Arnold stumble forward. Halfway across realm the Fire Guardian spread his wings and flew out of the Volcano.

The previous attack added fuel to the dark fire and furthered his corruption

The Fire Guardians dark deeds had turned his plumage the color of molten rock. He spotted Candance who distracted the corrupted phoenix. However Candance was shadow-touched herself, and through this encounter the Witch spread her curse through Cale.

Patrick and Arnold were hurrying now despite torn stitches forcing Arnold to hobble. Niki and Star, on their quests now, were shocked to stumble upon the disturbance. He helped them escape to Safe Haven with Nettle failed to distract Cale away before they arrived.

The group stumbled to the young phoenixes whom rested on the center island, and Cale could not attack. Music was played for the Guardian and his black plumage began to shift back to its true form. He fled with a dark mark still upon his chest, but less corrupt.

Arnold needed medical attention at this point, and Tamlorn saw to his injuries. They were severe, with a minor infection, but survivable with immediate medical care and herbs. Arnold should not walk for at least four days and limit movement for two weeks. His late night misadventures had come to an end.

He seemed happy to hear it.

Thursday, April 27th: The Battle of the Quills

Both works were exquisite.

The Quillmakers toiled tirelessly through the night, and the Gathered prepared stages for the Battle of the Quills. On the left, Alred Packer, the young upstart with the Ocean Phoenix Quill. On the right, Morkus Dreg with the Blessed Jinn Quill.

Tepic checked both for Shadow corruption and found them clean, and so the event proceeded without issue. The Quillimancers both carried a certain arrogance about them, a Diva quality, which they were quite proud to admit.

Some tried to convince the masters of the craft to combine their efforts, but their drive to best the other had resulted in exquisite craftsmanship. They had both used elements learned from the other to produce the best works of their lives.

The winning quill

In the end, Packer won with his Ocean Phoenix Quill raising 61804 L, as Morkus came in with an impressive 53896. The entire event had raised 115,700 in just an hour of bidding.

Rather than gloating over his victory, Packer told Morkus to learn from this this experience and improve, for it was their rivalry that spurred him onwards. The friendly rivalry of the Houses of Flambois campus were clear to all now. This was a true Faireland, despite the Witch’s curse infecting it.

Both crafters offered the test copies as a reward which were still available at the moment.

Presenting the prize

The Children returned to the Philosopher mouse with their prize. Star Porter was chosen to deliver the new Quill as he was happy to play his part. The Philosopher accepted the offer and was surprised as his memories slowly returned.

“I… we… she… a great purpose was given. I needed to use all my knowledge and wisdom to achieve something of great importance. But i stopped, and i was torn apart, and hidden in a dream. My focus was lost, my wisdom broken, but you have found me and returned me a Quill of great power, I am ready to do what I originally needed to do.”

The Philosopher gave them another part of the torn description. However, it appeared the letter had been torn in three, not two!

The Gathered returned home to speak with the Mirror. It promised to reveal another location tomorrow. The Guardians felt their bitter anger growing again, and bid farewell as they returned to Safe Haven for the evening.

Friday, April 28th: The Broken Mirror

This is why we can’t have nice things! – By Avariel Falcon

Little did they realize….Lord Shadow was plotting his revenge. He lost three of the Guardians through the interference of the Gathered. They would lose what was precious to them too.

The Gathered woke up to disaster. The Mirror from the Witch’s Study was broken before it could reveal the final path! No one seemed to go near the mirror except for other children.  The sound of shattering glass should have woken everyone!  The worst news of all is that a piece may be missing! 

We need a brilliant detective agency to solve this who done it, but all we have is us!

Was it the Witch? An Evil professor?  The Shadows of the Unweaver?  The Children of Stories ran from one wild theory to the next. Eventually a Ghost Shadow appeared, one that had Forgotten its name, and approached the Children. The spirit told them that they had stolen from their master, and so they took their revenge.

The Gathered mistook this revelation and thought the Witch had sabotaged the Mirror. This misdirection led the Gathered and Guardians into another confrontation with the Witch.

Why did we think this was a good idea?

Their second encounter was worse than their first. The Mirror Shard was not there, and several poor souls were recursed. Strifeclaw was forced to attack her allies, but resisted enough to flee with them to safety.

Outside, a Shadow of the Unweaver sat upon the wall armed with a rifle which she had propped over her shoulder. It was Doctor Nadina Leth of the Society of Extraordinary Explorers. She had told stories to the Junior S.E.E., and even helped the Moles at the Carnelian Archive. Doctor Leth had been deeply affected by the encounter there, but it was worse than anyone realized.

The scholar requested directions from the Gathered and pretended to have insight on their mysteries. Niki, who sat near the mirror, was happy to escort her to the Story Stones and others followed. Reynard the Fox used silence magic to leave the few remaining campers ignorant, and illusion magic so no one suspected Leon stole the shard until morning.

The Broken Shadow Lilith

The Gathered attempted to approach her, and Tepic snuck behind the troubled Doctor, but she raised her weapon and suggested they keep their distance. She told them as she fled that if they wanted their shard it had been taken East. Not trusting the Shadow to give the right direction they headed West hopefully. (That or they were completely lost.)

This was the correct choice it seemed, as in Funglemire they found Lilith’s ghost. She kept repeating the same rhyme over and over.

The itsy bitsty spider…
ran cross the gears and springs…
writhering down to destroy……
the childs dreams….

Itsy Drider: Giving nightmare fuel to the COS since the Bubo Owls

Lilith repeated the rhyme and was unable to say anything else. It was clear she was trying to help though. Promising to restore Lilith to her true self somehow, the Gathered made their way to Giggenwhirl. The Faireland that was a childs dream. They confronted Itsy in the cave, but rather than destroying anything she believed she needed to protect it. The Shadow had been reverse cursed? Perhaps healed by the dream?

They didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, as Itsy revealed the mirror had been broken by Leon. He planned to throw the Mirror Shard into a volcano. If they hurried, they could head him off at the Isles of Aquarius.

Leon about to turn fully shadow

Strifeclaw departed for Safe Haven to clear her mind, and many of the Gathered got confused and lost running across the Sipala. The path was broken and unclear, and many became lost. Fortunately, Beryl the Cat was happy to help lead the lost to the Isles, along the borders. A much easier journey!

Leon, the cursed Bubo Owl, had manifested his ailment more visibly after smashing the mirror. The Gathered confronted him, but he had already thrown the Mirror shard into the volcano.

They did not have the time to detain him, and rushed across the Isles to the Woo Hoo Bay!

The Fire Guardian resting after his dark ordeal the previous nights

Hope was not completely lost though, as Cale the Fire Guardian was still using the Volcano to roost. His attack on Arnold and Candance still left him recovering from his wounds upon the molten rock. A second fateful encounter at Safe Haven had healed his soul enough that he was willing to discuss a trade.

He offered the Shard in exchange for Arnold to no ones surprise. The hotheaded avian wanted to be the “Guardian of Pecking Arnold on the head.” Pecking Strifeclaw never worked out for him, and he was not trying to kill the feline anymore. Well, overtly much since he wanted to keep him in the Volcano.

A mighty new nest

The Gathered could not agree, although some desired that outcome, and offered to make a fireproof Arnold plushie instead. Cale wasn’t completely sold, so they also took out their Ocean Phoenix Quills and offered them as a nice part of his nest. He did like the idea of a nice nest of feathers and twigs. He agreed and the magic from the quills brought him some peace. He even started to shrink back down.

The Gathered left him to heal as he dropped the mirror shard. The allies returned to camp and considered how they could restore the mirror, or if the magic would would restore it alone. Their hope was rewarded as the Mirror was repaired before their very eyes as they presented the shard.

A Magpical door to the Ironmonger

The mirror was grateful to be restored. It revealed a new location in the House of Ember, upon the rootops.

Using the Zipline spells, upside down green flame symbols near buildings, the Gathered quickly discovered the pathway that lead to a creepy forge across a lava pit.

The forge of the Ironmonger is less than welcoming

Inside they found a mushroom smith known as the Ironmonger. They had built a sentient Cauldron years ago for a grand purpose, but it had run away and they lacked the motivation to forge anything anymore.

The Ironmonger is a Mushroom person? Has anyone told Polenth?

The Gathered needed to search for this Runaway Cauldron rather late in the evening the next day, but they were determined. The kids returned to camp to protect the mirror and rest. That was when the Gathered realized that Ace Wolfe had gone missing in the Witches Cave!

They returned to the horrible study and moved stealthily behind barrels and walls. The Witch did not notice them for once, but alas Ace Wolfe was gone. Only his whispers on the wind warned them, “Fly, you fools!

The Children returned to camp, and tears were shed, so Beryl the Cat shared a story from their homeland. Eventually the camp settled into sleep with many questions still unanswered.

Saturday, April 29th: The Runaway Cauldron

The Troubled Treasure Hunter who couldn’t remember her name

The Gathered needed to locate the Cauldron which could be hiding in any Faireland. The only clue they possessed was that the ores were originally from Junction untold centuries ago. However, it was possible they might pass their quarry in a closer realm if they were not careful.

While they debated the possibilities two missing allies returned. Ace Wolfe appeared unharmed to the relief of the Gathered, but he didn’t pounce anyone and called slobber unhygenic. He was ordered to deliver a package for Arnold. Wolfe was lost to the Witch’s dark influence.

The second arrival was Candance who introduced herself as the Treasure Hunter. The Magpie was cursed during the desperate fight against the Fire Guardian late Thursday night. The Gathered were reluctant to trust her, but she had promised to help them look for the Cauldron.

Following a cursed Magpie is not the worst idea they have ever had.

It became apparent that if this was a trap they could easily turn the tables with their numbers and the lanterns. The Gathered agreed to follow the cursed Magpie through the Fairelands and trusted her treasure sense.

They passed into the Shimmering Fens and made their way across the bridges. They paused to help others keep up at every turn, and made it to the main bridge where a wolf was perched upon the rails.

Erebus the Wolf is here to cause trouble at the Shimmering Fen

The dark figure taunted the Gathered, and then Candance and suggested that she would be joining them soon. The Children approached and tested their lanterns against him and his momentary flinch was enough to make him fall back into the water. It was a strange encounter, but it was the first sign that their guide hadn’t fully lost her way yet.

Strifeclaw healing and hiding in the Winding Valley

They continued East to the Winding Valley with curved roads that sometimes carved right through trees. Candance ignored the upper roads and cut straight through. Strifeclaw rested outside a cave in this lush valley full of plant life. Her stone appeared unmarked to some, but it was darker than normal. The Guardian growled at them, and then bid them good luck on their journey for now.

The snowy realm of Frostweald was explanation enough for why the Earth Guardian did not join their quest. The dwellings of this frozen realm seemed to be built into mountains of snow. The travelers were mostly unprepared for the cold, and shivered deeply. The kids made their way quickly through until they encountered what looked to be Whisper, the new Lord Shadow. He tempted Candance who would have fallen under the Witch’s curse completely without the Gathered there to help.

He ordered a wheelchair. Apparently the people he ordered from have never seen a wheelchair.

The group pressed forward into the blessed realm of Junction, and made their way up the icy path. The Fairelanders entered the Worldling cradle and found Arnold in a strange walker machine from afar. Arnold had been wounded in the battles for his life against the Shadows and spent days recovering at Safe Haven. To get around his promise to Tamlorn, where he would not ‘walk’ off the islands, the feline ordered mechanical assistance.

Ace attempted to deliver his package, but the feline gestured to the lantern on his shoulder. It was fitting that the lamp Ace bequeathed for Arnold’s protection was keeping him safe from the canine. The children changed the subject and asked the former Shadow if he had seen a Cauldron nearby.

Arnold told them he had seen a few pots further up the path. However, those turned out to be regular kettles that belonged to someone else. Candance was certain that treasure was nearby and the search intensified. Eventually the group noticed the island under the portals had a circular structure almost completely buried in snow.

Most hidden treasure doesn’t dig itself out, so that was really kind of it.

The Cauldron unearthed itself and refused to return home to the Ironmonger. Instead it suggested they take more ore from Junction to forge a new Cauldron. The Gathered hunted and quickly returned with several pieces of Junction ore. Then an unexpected and truly momentous event shocked the Gathered to their cores. Junction spoke to them. quietly and briefly.

The realm, briefly as if the time to speak was limited, explained that they allowed the Cauldron to hide until it could serve its purpose. Junction herself had sent out the lanterns that summoned the Gathered to defeat this enemy.

The Witch housed a spirit far more terrible than they dared dream.  The Alchemist, whose description they were acquiring through the dream realms, had not understood the true threat. Not the Unweaver, nor Lord Shadow, but the very source of the Shadows known as the Shadow Supreme or the Shadow Weaver.

We might have brought more than we needed.

Junction bid them to return to the task they had intended, but with one diviation. The final ritual must be performed within Junctions own heart, and not in Flambois. There was no argument, and a sense of wonder at the miracle they witnessed.

The Children needed to return to the Ironmonger with their prizes through the portals above. They hurried to craft a zipline spell back up and Arnolds car ropes dropped for those who found the magic uncomfortable. At the Ironmongers dream they received the final piece of the description.

Myrtil was a spritely imp who wore the hat of a wizard and the coat of a potion maker, covered in spills from countless brewing. Her eyes were big and round that reflected the universe while her featureless face gave a youthful sense of confidence. Hovering above the ground and with no apparent legs to stand on, she would glide between desks effortless with a magical twirl. Her hands plucking whips of magic from the very auras around her for use in her alchemy. And thus she was known across the lands as one of, if not the most skilled alchemists of her kind.

The Mirror has become a portal!

Her description was finally complete. The kids returned to the Mirror and read the description outloud, and it opened a portal to a new realm. The comrades walked into a Room of Stars, or perhaps a Chamber of Stories.

Myrtil appeared in a panic unaware how long she had vanished. The Alchemist thought they were at the failed ritual and slowly realized her new situation. They agreed to hold the ritual at Junction, and considered it an honor to have a second chance. There was no backing down now. Tomorrow the final battle with the Shadows would be waged at Fairelands Junction.

Sunday, April 30th: Finale!

The childern of Stories Room of Stars

The Guardians, except Cale Firesong, rested in the Chamber of Stories to combat the darkness. The room was too beautiful to let the dark thoughts and anger overtake them. The Dark Mark upon Strifeclaws stone had grown darker outside, but was unchanged early this morning.

The Gathered started their journey through the Fairelands, with a minor detour caused by the Faireland Pawlice, and arrived within Junction. The portal landing was the only wide open space but it was unsuitable for celebrations. An iceberg was chosen for their special event, and magical symbols appeared over the water to provide room. This made it possible for Strifeclaw to participate in the ritual, albeit from a safe distance.

Arnold waited near the Cauldron, engine running on his strange walker, as he waited nervously for the event. Daemon hovered slowly towards the party. He was completely transformed into a ghost shadow. The Fire Guardian, Cale, was still trying to hurt Arnold, and Strifeclaws stone was marked with darkness. The only one Arnold dismissed was Ace Wolfe who had changed dramatically in the night. The canine was twice his usual size and calling himself Bad Wolf, The Children kept the two apart and tried to remind Ace of his true self.

The realm filled with those ready to fight the Unweaver and his agents. Zander Green had come armed with Dawnfyre, the Sword of Hope. Nancy had her music ready to go at the top of the hour. Finally Myrtil the Alchemist floated forward ready to begin the ritual. As they were closest to her element, and her corruption was the lowest now, Lynx asked the waters to bless their efforts, defeat the Unweaver and this curse, and banish the witch for good.

The Cauldron danced to life even before the Bard Nancy started to play her music. Sparks of magic erupted from the cauldron as the banishment ritual commended.

Symbols began to appeared around the cauldron. Azuris noticed that the five symbols were Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and last symbol they had not identified. Was it the symbol for the heart, or perhaps Junction herself? The children and Fairelanders danced together as the symbols on the cauldron began to light up.

‘Bad Wolf used the confusion and dancing to deliver his package for Arnold. The feline took the letter off the top, carefully ripped it open with his claws, and read the letter for everyone to hear from one of the Shadows.

Read this aloud to make sure you understand my instructions correctly, because the disgustingly hopeful wolf is still inside your mind, trying to prevent you from fulfilling your destiny! Use this to lure Arnold the traitor into a volcano. Do not under any circumstance give it to him! Just point at the ground and press the button-. The light will do the rest!

Arnold facepawed in embarrassment at his former allies as everyone laughed. The transformation didn’t make Bad Wolf any smarter. The Shadows monologued, gloated, and were overconfident in their power. Fen, a Lilypod of the Gathered, noted that even the Unweaver suffered from the lack of competent help.

The Sigils lit up on the cauldron as the event proceeded, and Bad Wolf tried to sabotage it one more, but it backfried. Instead of cursing the Cauldron with darkness Ace was restored to his true self. He shrank down and started yelling at the kids to run, unaware he wasn’t at the Witch’s Study anymore. The Gathered, well most of them, were happy to have their slobber monster back.

The kiosk began to climb quickly, with the children of each year offering a match of their own. Every year was represented with 10K matches provided by the children themselves. Arnold offered 25 K when they hit 100K, and more as the kiosk climbed and hope soared again. Cries of ‘Make Arnold Pay!’ rang out, but with a whole different meaning.

By the halfway point they had already raised 250,000 linden and half the symbols on the cauldron were lit bright.

Daemon, trapped as a Winged shadow, felt his memories stirring as the children tried to reach him. The mark on Strifeclaws stone was brightening once again. The Alchemist said that the best case scenario was the Witch was banished without fuss. The worst, they would turn on one another and destroy.

With thirty minutes left to go, the kiosk went from 350,000 to over 600,000 in an explosion of generosity from the Fairelanders, Children of Stories, and Arnold. The eight symbols were alost completely lit upon the cauldron, and the spell was almost ready. Daemon felt the power of the hope pierce the curse upon him and the Winged Shadow reverted back to his true Magpie form. He was ready to join the fight against the Unweaver once more to the joy of all.

Arnold, with the last of his money spent, departed despite cries for him to stay to be part of this. He wasn’t gone long however when he came running back, discovering that the Shadows were camped outside Junction and waiting for him. It seemed his fate was tied to what happened here now. Softpaw moved in front of the feline she had tried to kill earlier that week to protect him.

The Alchemist smiled and raised their voice proudly, “And now for the final ingredient, a special piece of stone from a fish that fell in love and swallowed a pebble!” As they added this to the brew, the music shifted as the Gathered, Bards, Fairelanders, and everyone present prepared themselves. The Lanterns were lit and prepared to focus their power.

The spell began to light up the sky and the Witch appeared towering over the populace. The spell captured her and was now preparing to banish the hag forever. The Children and Fairelanders cheered as the evil struggled against her binding. With an eruption of light the Witch groaned as if banished for all eternity.

…but that was not the end. For the Shadow Supreme appeared from the heart of the fading Witch and grew. The Alchemist squealed as the protective barrier, the runes, the Cauldrons magic, and the rest of the enchantment was severed by a superior force.

The crowd looked to the Shadowtouched as the power of this dark master intesified, though they fought the influence defiantly. Strifeclaw’s stone darkened further as they and others could not look away from the terror before them. Arnold looked for an exit, but there was nowhere to run anymore.

When everything was at its darkest, the voice of Junction reverberated through the realm filling her people with hope and awe. The lanterns heard their creator, and grew brighter as the lanterns and Gathered rose as one into the sky together.

The Gathered were confused, but soon the Children realized Junction had brought them here for this purpose. Their hearts united and symbols of the Gathered’s stories surrounded the master of Shadows. The seal reformed, and the Shadow Weaver realized Junction aided the ritual directly, as only the Fairelanders heard her voice. He knew this was his end, but warned the Unweaver would last forever as the Shadow Supreme was banished forever.

Cheers erupted from the surprised Fairelanders as tears of joy were shed at their success. While tears a final vision was granted to them…and the Fairelands cried together.

But these were not tears of defeat


April 30th – Back at Camp

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