Children of Stories: Updates

These are Chronicles from the ongoing role-play for the Children of Stories. They are posted here as they unfold.
You can learn more about the children and the Society for Extraordinary Explorers here.

The Tales Begin Anew in 2021

Friday, April 23rd: A Company Gathers…

The Junior S.E.E. Class R13

The Society for Extraordinary Explorers gathered within the arcane realm of the Amethyst Rift to explore its mysteries. Professor Krakpotter, the leader of their expedition, suggested that the group share stories to build camaraderie. These stories can be read here as they unfold each day with new discoveries.

Professor Krakpotter and his Assistant Loki Eliot

It was revealed that Professor Krakpotter had been working in the Rift under the watchful eyes of a group of Knights. These warriors claimed they were among the last living descendants of the Rift people. They were charged with ensuring that another cataclysmic event never happened here again.

Sir Samuel

The Professor ended the story-time by assuring everyone that they would not be seen as madmen or rejects ever again. He had uncovered an undiscovered tomb, untouched by any looters before them. He promised them that Class R13 would prove themselves worthy and go down in history beside him. Lady Vivian Triem, a visiting member of the S.E.E. High Council, looked skeptical at his claims.

Party Crashing Fractal

However, as he finished speaking a monster attacked, causing trees to fall, the forest to catch fire, and sending the Professor and others scrambling to make sense of things. The Guardians of Fire and Water tried to control the flames but the entity (and something else) was draining them.

The children didn’t have any water buckets ready and there were no fire safety measures in place, and so the children, thinking quickly, began to shovel dirt into the fire to prevent its spread. Eventually the flames were brought under control but there was plenty of blame to throw around. The Knights blamed the Professor for disturbing things, some blamed other looters such as Morkus Dreg, still others blamed everyone for not being prepared. All the while the Guardians and magical folk wondered why the ley lines of this land turned against them.

The group talked amongst themselves after the dust settled. The High Councilor appointed a new Safety and Medical Officer by the name of Arnold who got to work, reluctantly, on camp improvements. Before dispersing to explore on their own, rest, or eat, the Professor reminded everyone to arrive back tomorrow for the 1pm SLT meetup – where they would search for a new tomb.

The Professor and several children went missing that night.

Conferring After the Fray

The Role-play continues daily at The Amethyst Rift

Saturday, April 24th: More is Revealed…

The Professor Captured?!

Class R13 of the S.E.E. woke that morning to find that Professor Krakpotter and one of the children had gone missing! The crack of axes had resounded deep into the night, clearing the falling trees, and so no one noticed the ensuing ruckus within the camp.

Some claimed the Professor fled, but someone had trashed his tent. There were many suspects including Morkus Dreg, a tomb raider whom the Professor cast out of camp the day before, and even the Knights of the Rift who were displeased with the Society ‘releasing monsters’ were under suspicion. Strifeclaw, Guardian of the Earth Stone, warned of familiar scents from the Shadows, those minions of the Unweaver who had caused trouble years before, and had all but disappeared up until now.

Even members of the High Council and the classmates themselves had reason to be upset with the Professor! He had many potential enemies, and the scans they took revealed energy scarring around the tent. As the children discussed this, the two S.E.E. scientists that the Professor had previously called arrived on the scene.

Canergak, Masters in Tonal Aetheric Vibrations, about to survey the Professors tent.
Goggled Mouse beside the peacock: Lilith Binda, Magitek Engineer of the S.E.E.

Discovering the current suspicious state of affairs, the two specialists studied the damage and determined that the creature who had attacked the camp was likely the kidnapper. Perhaps the Professor had angered them, or touched something that he should have left alone. Another theory was proffered that the creature was a servant of the Unweaver. By draining the ley lines of this land to sustain itself, it was affecting the magical creatures here and making them sleep. In any case, the creature had to be contained and soon. In order to make a trap, they would have to do something very dangerous. They would have to scan the creature itself for a sample of its aetheric presence.

The children were without a leader and arguing amongst themselves when Arnold, their new Safety Officer, suggested speaking with the Knights for advice on how to proceed. Their chivalry made them seem unlikely suspects to actually be the kidnappers. They did not know where to find or meet them. The ‘rejects’, as they thought of themselves, had not gone exploring nor scanned the area around them. Feeling lost, the problem was solved by Tepic, one of their most adventurous members, who happened to return with one of the Knights at just that moment.

The Knight’s Shrine

The Knights gathered at their shrine, paying respects to those who had fallen in battle. Sir Samuel was convinced the Professor was to blame for unleashing the creature. He did not wish to risk the children’s lives in battle, but Sir Damocles suggested that class R13 were squires of the Society. As such they could be allowed to take this calculated risk to prove themselves worthy. The Knights encouraged them to discover more about the creature and its weaknesses, reinforced the value of combining their talents and resources to work together as a team, and also reminded the children that it is the greatest warriors who can defeat an opponent without killing them.

After hearing a few additional warnings from the Knights about the ‘dangers of inhaling the purple mist to the east’, the children made their way to encounter and scan the beast. It reacted violently, though it did not attack them when they left his space. The event can be witnessed here:

Was it only draining the ley lines to sustain itself or is there a more sinister purpose afoot? It was still unknown, but the S.E.E. did discover that there was not just one energy signature, but five! They hurried back with the scan, and the scientist described the device they would need. They would need a number of crystals, along with one special crystal only found in snowy realms with hidden volcanic activity.

Better Bring a Jacket!

The Junior S.E.E. will head out bright and early on Sunday April 25th, at 10am SLT, to make the journey to the Scrimshaw Warrens to discover a Snowfire Crystal.

The Role-play continues daily at The Amethyst Rift

Interstitial: Dialogues – Fresh from The Rift…

The Professor suggested that everyone share stories in a form of meet and greet – these are their stories.

The Introduction, by Dr. Leth, Senior member of the S.E.E.

“Hello, I am Dr. Leth, a member of the Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers from an Earth.  Like yourselves, or, those of you whom aren’t natives… I started as just another youth in the Juniors.  Now I’m a graduated archeologist and historian so I thought I would help out by researching the history of the Rift to get everyone up to speed with what is known. The formation of the Rift began thousands of years ago when an entity known as the Unweaver had armies scouring the Fairelands in war. During that time of death and blood, there was a group of sorcerers who planned to stand against his forces at a place where many major ley lines met.”

The doctor looked around and continued.

“Now, where we come from there isn’t nearly as much proof that magic exists.  But any glance around these Fairelands will show skeptics that here at least, it is as real as the air we breathe. In any case, the sorcerers met the Unweaver’s armies in battle alongside a few unnamed guardians of old and beside the new Bardic Order.   The sorcerers used these many ley lines for their power to rip open the Earth and sent thousands of the Unweaver’s Hoard plummeting into the energy below.  

And so they turned the tide of the battle.  Eventually winning after creating bridges of pure light and magic to cross the Rift, but closing the path when needed.  Centuries of peace were bought for the people of the Rift,  who carved their homes both above and in the gorge below.  Their position and power here unquestioned.  They made several artifacts of power, but the notes on this were very vague!”

The doctor’s eyes narrowed she she spoke.

“But then… one day… without warning their entire people vanished!  We know that they were powerful sorcerers of many races.  We know that the Unweaver’s minions were attempting to destabilize the region, but nothing was left except a strange portal which wasn’t in any of the original texts!  Was this one of the artifacts we lost information about?  Was it the cause of everyone’s disappearance?  Did it unleash some threat? We don’t know!  But that’s why the Society of Extra-ordinary explorers are here, to uncover the truth! And for some reason the High Council has elected to leave this in your hands, requesting that graduates and upper students limit our assistance in the endeavor.”

She turned to a group of the assembled nearby, and fixed them with a gimlet stare.

“For something this important… Well I suppose it is to be a test of your abilities, but they can tell you that themselves as they’ll be here later today.  Good luck everyone.”


Letter of Acceptance, by Tepic Harlequin, Junior S.E.E. R13 division

“Hello everyone, my name is Tepic, I was recommended by my old headmaster to join the Society, he said I would fit right in!

I got his letter of recommendation right here, an I’ll read it to you just after I tell you all a bit about me first.

I’m an orphan, my mum died a short while before I was born, and my dad were serving in the British Navy out in the China Sea, which is a long way off, so I mostly lived with one of my aunties.

Well, my dad was on his ship way up one of their big rivers, when this local warlord decides to keep them all there, with lots of big guns on the river banks just down stream.

Right stuck they were, so my dad, he was a Second Officer, he went ashore with the Captain to negotiate safe passage back to the sea. When they were on the shore, the Warlord’s favourite daughter takes a shine to my old dad and it ends up with him having to marry her and stay in China so his ship could go free.

Course, being an officer, he tells his Captain he will do it, and off the rest of them sail, including a young midshipman who was third in line for the Throne! So my dad was in for a big thank you, if he ever made it back home.

Sad to say, he was a bit confused about which daughter he’d got married to, and the favourite one found out he was visiting the second favourite. Then when they both caught him coming out the window of the third daughter’s room, where he had been teaching her English, it all went sort of pear shaped and he drowned trying to swim the river…

The Navy gave him lots of post humorous medals, for upholding the traditions of the Navy, and raised lots of money by subscription to educate me!

I was sent to lots of different boarding schools, to give my aunties a rest, but they all thought I was far too advanced for them, so they quickly sent me to the next one.

All the British Royals serve in the armed forces, an they works up from the bottom too!

Eventually I ended up at Beaton, and from there, the headmaster sent me here!”

Tepic pulls out a piece of paper.

“I kept his letter after finding it in the Chairman’s Office when they sent me up to the Head Office, and it goes like this:

From the Headmaster of Beaton’s Public School

To The Chairman of the Society of Extraordinary Explorers

Dear Charles,

I ask you as one of our most outstanding alumni, please show pity on your old school and take young Tepic Harlequin under the wing of your Society.

He arrived with a generous bequest and the fulsome praises of six previous headmasters, but we may not be the right establishment for his continuing education.

To show you the general situation, let me explain a few of the incidences since his arrival.

First was the physics laboratory, thankfully located in the attic since the problem in 1876. His tutor was having the boys experiment with the differences in buoyancy between fresh and sea water, something that seemed relatively harmless.

That was until Master Harlequin yelled ‘Duck!’ and all the windows blew out. We are still not quite sure what preceded this, but the tutor was just grateful for the warning and is sure his eyebrows will grow back eventually.

It was shortly after this that the boys were being given a biological lecture of a delicate nature by Miss Leason, a spinster of mature years with much experience in delivering such material to the youthful mind.

At the end of the lecture, the boys are given a chance to ask any questions, and in 35 years not a single one has been asked, until Master Harlequin…

We managed to convince Miss Leason to come out of the Stationary Cupboard after about twelve hours, and she is recovering well in the Sanatorium. It is my understanding she will be joining a cloistered order of nuns.

Then there was Professor Harris, our history tutor. He was going through the causes and effects of the Great War with the boys, when Master Harlequin asked a question about the Russian revolutionaries.

There was apparently quite a heated discussion on the matter, and within two hours I had representatives of the Revolutionary Committee against the use of Corporal Punishment haranguing me in my own office demanding my canes be surrendered for public burning!

We had to send down the Head Boy, four Prefects and the whole of 4C for the rest of term, and Professor Harris was carted off by the Constabulary in handcuffs, singing ‘The Internationale’!

As far as we are aware, Master Harlequin was not deliberately causing mischief, and appears unaware of the effects he is causing, giving us no reason to expel him, and in any case, the bequest has already been spent, much of it rebuilding the Physics Laboratory.

Our only chance is to pass the boy on to an institution more fitted to his talents, so of course, my thoughts turned to you.

I am sure there is some irritating Professor you could foist him on to. His education does come with a decent stipend, so you will not lose out financially, and of course, the real facts behind 1876 never need to be known.

Please take him into the bosom of the Society, so he might be well educated, as far from Beatons as possible.


Reginald Periwinkle

And so here I am, ready to help the Society and all my chums here in the great adventure we are all embarked on, together!”


The Overconfident Lad, by Cale Firesong, Guardian of the Firestone

Once upon a time there was a boy who went traveling far away from his family and got trapped on the other side.  He was a brash and overly confident lad. 

But why shouldn’t he be confident?  He was big and tough, in his own mind, and in his estimation amazing!  More, he was unstoppable!

And so he entered the forbidden Lichen Woods.   It was a scary place filled with dangling tendrils of moss and gooey sap that stuck to your clothes and hair, and there seemed to be a floating mist in the air that made it hard to breathe. In fact if he spent too much time there he started to see things… impossible things… like mushrooms the size of trees and corruptive vines that seemed to stretch out towards him.  They were snared below him like snakes waiting to catch his feet.  

So the child did what he did best.  He told himself it was just his imagination and barreled through the forest and trudges through the vines. He found himself stuck to the vines sap, but he ignored it and continued forth.  But soon he hit something far stronger than the vines sap, and felt the pull of webbing upon his body.  He had walked into a massive spider web!

The creature made itself known to him descending down with long legs reaching to the ground from the tree.  It was a massive black widow spider, ten feet tall, with many red glowing eyes.  It was there to make a little feast on the poor boy.

And do you know what the overconfident boy did then? He panicked!  

Oh that was the worst thing to do of course, getting more stuck in the web.  Of course he couldn’t see the web very well in the misty fungal forest, so he saw no way to escape.  But as the creature came down to wrap him in its silky web a light flashed and the spider hissed as it fled.  The webbing seemed to disappear as a purple light seemed to beckon the lad forward… he heard a call…

He stepped into the light and though he didn’t know it he had been called to the Fairelands.  Was it the voice of Junction?  The lad didn’t know of the Fairelands or Junction but now he wonders, as that boy was found by a group of lost children.  And eventually he grew up to become the Guardian of the Firestone, for that boy was me! 

Just like you, I came from outside this realm but now it is my home… and many other children before you. Though I can’t help but think… you Children aren’t of the Fairelands… oh it’s nothing… don’t worry about it!  The moral of this story is that even an overconfident youth can make a big difference some day!  Don’t give up just because some have suggested you’re screw ups before!


There was a brief informal story from Arnold, a dark feline, about the dangers of opening portals and how his home was lost to such recklessness.  This prompted the Knight to share his own story, one with a similar tragic tale


The Knights Six, Sir Samuel, Knight of the Rift, descendant of the last survivors of the Amethyst Rift

I have a story to share of that nature if you’re willing to listen?  It follows well from the previous story, I think.  Attend well then, to my tale. As many of you appear to know well, this land is steeped in many tales and legends. But one of the greatest most told tales is that of the ‘Six Knights of the Rift.’

The people of Amethyst were once a Great Empire, known for harnessing the power of the converging lay lines. This allowed them to create the Rift Gate to other worlds. For an age they used the Rift Gate to trade knowledge with other peoples in many worlds, and this led the Great Empire to grow bigger and stronger. That was until they encountered the Evil. The evil saw the Great Empires immense wealth and became jealous, declaring war on the Great Empire. This Dark Evil sought to enter through the Rift Gate and destroy the Great Empire.

First the Evil sent its minions, who poured through the gate like a flood of grotesque dark flesh. Their limbs thin with claws that clung to anyone they could.  These creatures of the night dragged men, women and children back through the gate to whatever ghoulish end. The Empire’s greatest warriors rushed to defend the people but for many it was too late. Then came the Sentinels; large bulking figures of darkness who stood tall slaughtering many of the Empire’s brave warriors as they awaited the arrival of their Evil Lord.  The brave warriors managed to defeat the Sentinels, but at great cost, for only six of the Empire’s greatest warriors remained.  

Then the Evil itself arrived. Its sublime horrifying size meant that, at first, all that emerged from the Amethyst Gate was its gnarly hand, then it’s long bony arm. The Six remaining warriors hacked at the hand, and the arm, but their blades became blunt against the evils hard dead skin…and yet still, a wrinkly repulsive foot also came through the gate, followed by a bony leg.  The Six remaining warriors hacked at the foot, and the leg, but their blades shattered against the Evil’s impenetrable hide.  And still it came, next the Six witnessed the arrival of the Evil’s nose through the gate, and then its eyes of red fire.The Six brave and valiant remaining warriors threw their mighty spears at the nose and the eyes, but alas, they merely bounced against the Evil’s stony lifeless skin.  Yes, despite this desperate fighting, still and still, the Evil’s massive salivating hungry mouth finally came through the gate, drooling with stench.

And so the Six remaining warriors began to draw magic from the ley lines, and with it they hurled explosive light at the grinning mouth, but they merely were swallowed by the cavernous maw.It seemed that hope was lost, but It was then that the leader of the Six warriors turned to the others saying “We have a choice, live a life of less, or lose all…?”

These brave and valiant warriors each nodded as one and stood by their leader. Upon his command the Six brave warriors drew more energy from the ley lines, but instead of attacking the evil the warriors hurled the explosive light toward the Rift Gate.

In a great and blinding flash of rift energy, the gate collapsed in on itself, and as it collapsed in, so too was the Evil drawn back to whence it came.  And with this desperate act, the empire was saved, but of course too, the gate was destroyed, and so, over time the empire became a slither of its former glory. Too afraid to repair the gate in case the Evil were to return and take all those who remained.

And so, the Knights of the Rift formed, sworn to live by a great Oath, to always and throughout future generations, keep a close watch of the ruined Gate, to maintain the honour of the Six, to reassure the people that the Evil will never return.


Introduction, Professor Krakpotter, Head of the Amethyst Rift Research Project of the SEE 

“Well those were delightful stories.  Now listen up all of you, this is very important. l begin as with most tales at the beginning, which in archeology is indefatigable at the end.

I found myself in Amethyst almost 20 years ago. I had heard tales of mystical energies emerging from the ground in sparks or emanating from the water as sparkles of light.  Getting to the Fairelands was tantamount to this.  Upon my arrival I soon discovered that Amethyst is unique in that it lays on the convergence of several lay lines. As a result I believe the concentration of such lines amplifies the mystical energies such that it manifests.

I excavated many of the buildings you see around Amethyst and all suggested a society going back many years. But nothing prepared me for what was to be discovered in the Amethyst Gorge. What was first thought to be a natural geological phenomenon quickly became the find of the century! Just below the ground I discovered mystical platforms of light linking together ancient chambers from the long lost Great Empire.

Then I unearthed the fabled gate at the centre of the Rift. The legends were true, the Great Empire was true, the magic here is true! But that is not all, for I believe I have discovered something that changes everything we know about  Amethyst and the great empire. Symbols that date so long ago they may even predate the Great Empire. What the symbols mean I have yet to determine. My research led me to discover a tomb that had not yet been raided by local treasure hunters.

I have had to keep it a secret so that Tomb raiders would not try to enter it for it’s contents were untouched since the beginning of the great Empire. So valuable is the archeology in this tomb that I immediately requested more help from the S.E.E.

And this is why you are here, to aid me in excavating this new tomb so we can preserve its valuable knowledge for generations to come. To better understand the past here at Amethyst. I understand that you may not be the brightest bunch of students, and I dare say the High Council thought it best to send Class R13 because they absolutely had no others to spare, but I promise you all, if you listen to my every word, keep your heads down and work hard, we can show the rest of the S.E.E that we are not rejects, we are not lacking in marbles. We shall be remembered for this moment by future generations for what we discover here!

So get a good night’s rest my fellow explorers, for tomorrow i shall take you to the tomb and we shall make history by uncovering… erm…  history!”

((And then a massive stone monster attacked the gathering.))

The Role-play continues daily at The Amethyst Rift

Sunday April 25th: The Journey West…A Tale of Hot and Cold.

Early Sleepy Morning under an amethyst tinged sky.

The youthful explorers stirred early for their journey across the Fairelands. Working with S.E.E. Magitek, Loki and Lilith Binda had constructed part of the trap in the night.  They would have finished perhaps, but someone was sabotaging the unattended equipment with salt water, which there was no shortage of in the camps.  Their newly appointed Safety and Medical Officer  Arnold, had filled multiple fire buckets from the nearby bay. The junior archeologists noticed other strange things about his behavior. They suspected he was somehow draining magical creatures of their energy. Scans with the Magitek wristwatches made near him were returned with error messages, indicating local interference. There were some who believed he was part of the Shadows, the Unweaver’s forces working against them in secret.  Accusations were made, but they had no proof.  When they went to confront him, it was discovered he had left for the Warrens hours before.  Cale, the Guardian of the Fire Stone, flew ahead of the group to confront their suspected traitor.  

Ready to move out

High Councilor Vivian Triem was reluctant to allow the children to go on such a dangerous journey, but the Knights of the Rift insisted the ‘squires’ deserved the chance to prove themselves. Their last obstacle out of the way, Class R13 began their journey with the blessing of those who remained to guard the camp.  

Dangerous Port City – Invaded by Guardians, Fairies, Tinies, and Children

In the west they came to Tempest Bay, where the Professor’s expedition had gathered most of their supplies.  However, they would not be able to charter passage on a ship to cross the seas ahead.  The Shadows had booked every vessel the evening before to prevent such ease of transport.  The Children of the S.E.E. had no knowledge of past traps like this, but the Guardians remembered how the Unweaver drowned a Grizzly Cub the year before.  The Guardian of Water, Lynx Tree, prepared for this by granting the children the ability to breathe and walk beneath the waves. 

Fire Guardian brings news

Armed with this protection they continued further westward across the Faireland Realms, with a few stragglers lagging behind.  Eventually they came to a stop in Junction where Cale, Guardian of the Firestone bid them to pause.  He had found their quarry with a fox known to be under the Unweaver’s corruption.  This was all the proof Cale needed as he flew ahead to confront the feline and their companion.

He’s so cute now!

By the time the others caught up in Valhalla, Cale was being reborn from a pile of ashes.  He had attacked Arnold and his companion but it had not ended well for him.  Fortunately for him, phoenixes rise from their ashes.  The Guardian was relieved to be reborn, but lamented being baby sized again.  After a moment to process the event it was revealed the Fire Stone was taken. The chase was even more important now.

Finally there..soooo cold!

The children passed through the steps of Valhalla, under majestic Eastern Dragons, and finally arrived in the Scrimshaw Warrens.  A few got lost along the path, but those ahead paused for them to catch up.  This proved fortuitous as they had gathered up a few new allies on their journey, new friends eager to help them make the discovery.  Now that they had arrived at their destination though, they did not know what to search for first.  They could only hope Arnold had not beaten them to the Snowfire Crystal. They searched the frozen Warrens from top to bottom and found him standing outside a cave with the Fire Stone in hand.  A barrier ahead prevented them from reaching the crystal in the room beyond.  

At least it will be warm inside?

The party demanded the stone be return and that the duo open the barrier blocking the path.  The children brandished makeshift weapons, while others had more inventive plans, but Arnold tossed the relic to the ground without concern.  He claimed Cale started that fight, and the he had kept the stone safe from other thieves by taking it. The children did not believe him and suspected a trap, but the Fire Guardian retrieved the stone verifying it was real. While they suspected this was some form of deception, Tepic noticed that the companion was another young fox and went to chat.  His name was Whisper, he was a mute, and the two seemed to build a quick rapport while the others argued amongst themselves. They challenged the two opponents to prove they were not servants of the Unweaver.  Thus cornered, Arnold helped them lower the barrier. He warned those of a magical persuasion to step back for a few moments. Whatever method he was using to absorb magic caused the barrier to fail after several minutes.  The explorers suspected this was part of his secret agenda to gain their trust, but they surged forward.

Too hot!  Too hot!  Too hot!

The archeologists emerged at the precipice and looked about the room.  They could feel the intense heat of the lava around them and could see the crystals they needed on the opposite side of the lava.  It seemed hopeless to reach the Snowfire Crystals…but the brave children made a leap of faith and discovered their senses were lying to them.   The Unweaver had set an illusion. They could walk across what seemed a deadly drop like a solid floor. The children hunted for the real crystal, scanning the room and avoiding the real lava flow, getting frustrated with the error messages from Arnold’s presence.  Cyan, a young archeologist of class R13 shouted in triumph after several minutes of hunting.  He had found the crystal!  

Arnold congratulated them and then seemed to disappear into darkness mid-sentence.  The explorers found this suspicious, but Tepic insisted they bring Whisper with them back to camp.  The successful party began the long journey home getting lost only a little.

They had everything physical that they needed to make the trap now.  All they needed now was a powerful bard to channel the energies to resonate.  Strifeclaw said they would call upon Zander Green to provide the music, but it will take heart and souls to be moved by it. The Children of Stories need the Fairelanders April 26th at 1pm SLT!

Cale taking a nice hot fire bath

The role-play continues daily at the Amethyst Rift

Monday April 26th: It’s a TRAP! “With Music, Dance & Heart…”

Readying the Trap

The Junior S.E.E. worked hard through the night gathering makeshift equipment for their trap device. The specialist, Canergak, said that the correct tonal-aetheric vibrations would draw the creature forth and bind it.  However, the designers having to work with inadequate resources and outright sabotage devised it haphazardly. The device and wires would be extremely hot to the touch, and the threat of overheating was there.  There threatened to be energy spillage as all the shielding for that was inadequate.  Everything could explode destroying the device, and depending on the energy gathered, the cliff-side or the Rift itself. There was also a slight chance of complete “tone-tonic reversal”, a disintegration of everything on an aetheric level!  Theoretically, not even a god would continue existing if caught within such an event.  The Air Guardian warned that if that happened there wasn’t any point in running, it would cover too large an area to escape – which was the opposite of what people needed to hear as they were supposed to be bringing hope, happiness, joy, and dance.  But the draining of the ley had people focused on the potential doom.  And worse their ally’s instruments had been sabotaged by the Unweaver’s minions.

Too Much Floof

But despite this, and people wondering if the fighting spirit had left the Fairelanders gathered, the group rallied as Tamlorn stepped up to perform the ritual.  They were looking for certain vibrational tones for each crystal, and feeding it with power from song, generosity, and heart which was absorbed by the Snowfire crystal. The excess energy made itself….FELT.  The unstable device left much static in the air as Avariel’s mane fluffed out as did many others. Eventually, despite all the odds, the device activated and the fractal was compelled into it.  The creature was captured though it looked like the excess energy was getting worse.  Portents appeared in the sky as lightning struck from a cloudless sky.  After several tense moments the excess energy was drained away and the device became stable.  The party danced the rest of the evening away spending time celebrating their success.  

The Fractal contained

However, Canergak suggested that the device would fail in a number of days due to its construction.  They would have to destroy the creature soon, he suggested.  The Knights were convinced this creature was of the Evil that destroyed every life in the Rift long ago.  It needed to be destroyed. The Fairelanders and the children disagreed vehemently.  The Knights accepted that there may be another explanation and allowed the children four days to find the truth, which is when the device was suspected to fail. The Society will work on discovering the truth on the Amethyst Rift, Thursday at 1pm, or join them at any time for role-play throughout the Faire.  

The Challenge

The role-play continues daily at the Amethyst Rift

Tuesday April 27th: The Professor is Found!

Questioning the Fractal

The captured Fractal was guarded through the night as more lightning struck from cloudless skies around the creature. The Knights, Guardians, Council, and S.E.E. junior members all took turns keeping a check on each other. Lightning struck the campfire too, causing the children to worry that the Fractal’s containment field in the trap was breaking up early due to the energy surges.  They all rushed to the scene and were relieved to find that the Fractal was still in place.  It was speaking in fragmented sentences, manipulating the very air to painstakingly reproduce sounds, as it had no lips. It thanked them for clearing up its confusion. Where there was chaos there was now clarity.  The strange being slowly told the children where to find the Professor, revealing that he was in a tomb near the statue of a book.

The Sick Professor

When the children arrived at the tomb, passing the same book that the Fractal had mentioned, (which now did have a new dried crimson edge to it as the knight had foretold), they found their professor in bad shape He had not bathed or slept for several days.  He had been attacked and almost kidnapped, so he fled to the one safe place that only he knew existed, inside the new tomb.  He hadn’t drank or eaten much in hiding either, but he had maintained faith that the children would find him in time. As the company looked around, the story on the wall was somewhat indecipherable, but they were able to puzzle out the location of three other tombs.  As the children searched, Softpaw cleared the mist from the mushrooms in the general area where one of the hints had sent them.  They found a cave containing a statue within it, but this appeared to be a place of healing.  Eventually they found two real tombs and dug them up!  Tired, they went to bed early after a hard day’s work.

Uncovered tombs

The next morning, the children discovered, to their horror, that they had been beaten to the final tomb!  The last clue, a piece of the Azibo horn, was taken by someone else…but by whom?  The junior archaeologists resolve to gather at noon the next day to order to sort out what happened the night before.

The role-play continues daily at the Amethyst Rift

Wednesday April 28th: The Fractal Finally Speaks

The meeting began at noon

The Junior Society for Extra-ordinary Explorers met today for an important meeting.  They went over the facts they had learned thus far and the events of the evening before. Here’s a quick recap of the last couple of days: The Professor was safe in camp and guarded closely as he recovered from his terrible ordeal.  The writing he discovered led to three other tombs.  The Junior Society uncovered two of the tomb entrances and plumbed them for their secrets.

Exciting Discoveries

Within the first of the new tombs, there were sliding doors that responded only to their wristband scanners.  However their scans of the text within the tombs left much unintelligible. Scooby of the Society began the meeting by reading out the texts of every tomb.  The texts can be found in notes at the camp, or in the tombs themselves spread throughout Amethyst. (Open through May 9th, 2021)

The team rested for the evening, but in the dark of night their rivals were searching as well.  By happenstance Vicky, one of the Junior Society members, witnessed the fact that several shadowy figures had discovered the third tomb!  She claimed Arnold helped her get inside, but may have been using her to open the doors.  Inside she discovered Daemon, Whisper, and a blue fox that had been skulking around camp.

The trio tried to prevent her from pressing forward. Daemon, one of the Junior SEE, pretended he didn’t know where the trap was located.  She grew suspicious and made sure to report them at the meeting.  Lynx Tree, Guardian of the Water Stone, noted that she had seen Whisper leave the camp that same night and never return.  Strifeclaw added that they had scented Daemon near where one of her allies had gone missing.

The Missing Artifact

This report given, a new revelation came to light.  Lilith Binda reported that everyone’s wristbands had been sabotaged.  This was why they could not decipher the full message. Others had noticed that their wristband wasn’t working at all.  

There were three strong possibilities:  

  1. The local interference was causing the wristbands to randomly malfunction in these locations. 
  2. The Knights had used their native magic to alter their wristbands.
  3. Someone with the highest clearances had used a security wristband to lock theirs down.

The final option was the scariest by far, as it implied that the Shadows had infiltrated the Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers’ highest authorities.  The Knights had a Code of Chivalry, but class R13 had to consider the possibility of their allies not being what they seemed.

Lilith Bina explains the hack to Knights and Fairelanders who think that her equipment was attacked with a sword.  

It was then that Niki shared what they had found scouring the tomb on their own.  A bag hidden behind a pillar held a cryptic note: 

“Dear Mr Tomb Lord, following our conversation, we look forward to seeing you at Ostara for the auction on Thursday at 1pm. We’re really excited to see what you have to offer.”

The young archeologists recognized that name as the title belonging to Morkus Dreg, who had argued with the Professor on the first day.  They would need to travel to Ostara in order to win the auction.  However the Knights wanted to restore the artifacts to their rightful resting places, so Knights would be bidding against them tomorrow as rivals.

Least they’re being cordial about it…

There was much speculation that night as the armored warriors headed off, but then Tepic wondered at the text of the last tomb.  There was talk of “the falling” and “becoming one”, and the inquisitive youth asked the Fractal if he was Rin, the leader of the Six Knights.   

It replied slowly, “We…are Rin.”

Tepic was floored and asked several more questions before the Fractal became tired and would reply no more, so Tepic returned to the camp area with the important news.  The Fractal was comprised of five of the heroic youths in the story, all of them except for one.  Chistel was not of their number.

“Find her”, it asked of the children.  

This new knowledge and the request completely floored the children. Now they were wondering who the knights could be and questioning who made the tombs. So many questions still remain. But as the people of Amethyst had fled, the evil destroyed, and there was one soul of the six missing it was theorized they were the descendants of the only surviving Knight.  Still, with their ancestors’ closest friends within the Fractal they certainly wouldn’t destroy it now?

Still, the archeologists’ obstacles were many, but for now they were certain they had to get the horn back and find a way around the interference on their wristbands.  They would attend the auction in Ostara, and perhaps attend the market that was being set up in the Wandering Woods hours before.  Just in case Morkus or the Shadows left a false note. Their journey begins in Ostara today at 1pm SLT.

Find the Horn. Save the Fractal.  Stop the Shadows. Sounds simple enough?

The role-play continues daily at the Amethyst Rift

Thursday April 29th: “To Market, To Market…”

Centaur Market – A familiar face

The Junior Explorers needed to retrieve the third piece of the sacred horn from Morkus Dreg.  He was said to appear in Ostara that day at one, but the self proclaimed Tomb Lord had little love for children.  He, or another rival, may have left a false lead. The children took no chances and journeyed to the Wandering Woods to a weekly centaur market.  

The market seemed a time for chance meetings as the group ran into many familiar faces.  Vicky and Niki ran into Cale, the missing Fire Guardian.  The phoenix had been infected like the other birds, and claimed Arnold was the one who must have infected him.  He was too embarrassed to return back to camp like this.  They asked Cale to return safely nonetheless.  

They also found Lilith of the Weasels wandering among the stalls.  She seemed to have lost many of her memories and was taken under the wing of the children.  

A Strange Auction (Picture by Ava’s Chronicles)

Meanwhile the auction had several setbacks.  The auctioneers went missing, all the other items for bid had been removed, and no other staff was in sight.  The first group waiting to bid appeared to be a group that called themselves the Completely and Totally Trustables. Itsyll, a tall black widow, was quick to inform everyone that the presenters had all gotten ‘tied up’.

The ‘Trustables’, Fairelanders, youthful archaeologists, and the Knights of the Rift waited for Morkus to arrive.  He showed up unable to see around the horn he carried.  It was then that Arnold, who was standing with the ‘Trustables’, went up to reveal he would now be running the auction.  There were questions of impartiality, but Arnold assured them that Morkus would be the final authority on who acquired the artifact.  The team who paid him most.

Arnold divided the groups into their three teams and prepared three separate charity bins. The Society and Fairelanders, the Knights, and the Trustables would put their bidding funds into their bins.  The highest bidding team would win the horn, and the rest go to charity…and write offs for Morkus. The Knights suggested the Fairelanders should join forces with them as the true protectors of the horn.  The children were determined to get the horn for themselves as they did not fully trust the armored men.  

Tensions rose as the children accused them of not being the real descendants of the Six.  The Knights said such claims required evidence and that the horn belonged to them.  The teams fought over what was right or wrong with some rising above insults and others caught in its web.  The evil ‘Trustables’ just sat back smiling as their enemies tore each other apart, as they had anticipated.  

There were so many negative feelings in the air that few realized the endeavor managed to raise over L$240,000 combined in a single hour.  Arnold called it for the archaeologists and saw to it that Morkus delivered the artifact to Tepic fairly.  With anger in their hearts they returned home with their prize to talk with the Fractal.

Softpaw, Lynx, and Strifeclaw got drained from questions that night

The Society members had now discovered the new information that made them even more certain the Knights were their enemies.  However, Damocles came to question the Fractal as promised and it refused to speak to him.  A massive thunderstorm broke out as if the spirits were angry.  This drained the magical creatures in the area.

Meanwhile, Tepic was furious with the Knights who refused to listen.  He was angry at the High Council for calling them rejects.  He was upset with the Guardians for thinking there was something “off” about them. 

“The Shadows were at least being cordial and honest”, he thought as he bedded down…and then he was attacked in his own tent!  The horn pieces were stolen and the tired Guardians slept through it. 

Tepic found in the morning

The children will have to chase down the artifacts which were getting further away with every minute.

The role-play continues daily at the Amethyst Rift

Friday April 30th: Friends, Foes and Some Findings of Note

Fox Found

Tepic was discovered bound the next morning as the camp stirred.  He was bruised and his shirt was ripped.  The campers and their allies closely attended the foxboys tale.  He was attacked in the night by two of his cousin fox-kind, Reynard the feral bluefox and Whisper the mute, whom Tepic had tried to befriend.  Arnold was also with them, though he apologized before they left him there, robbed and bound. While he showed sorrow, Reynard gloated about the gifts they would receive. Arnold spoke of a portal to the Unweaver’s home and mentioned the scientist Canergak, but the subject was unclear. However, a note had slipped from one of the bags they carried, and Tepic read the important bit out to them:

“… and tell the itsy bitsy spider to find me ’round back of the building where they’ve got scaffolding up like they’re doing maintenance on the stained glass.  And while you’re at it, tell that arachnid to NOT bring me a snack this time.”

There was no time to lose, but the group had to wait for the others who had been out exploring.  A call was made and the group set out to the north through a strange advanced realm.  They did not have time to appreciate the technological beauty of Mithlumen, and arrived at Somniatoris Arx.

Cornered traitor

Daemon was cornered, but as they soon discovered the boy had black eyes showing his level of corruption had advanced.  The children subdued Daemon, and then their allies put him into a magical sleep.   He had a note in his pocket which read,

“Find me flying where the windmill spins, round and round it goes, when it stops maybe I know.”

Leol, formerly of the Bubo Owls…

The Isles of Tarrin filled the Guardians of Water and Earth with trepidation.  One hated the heights that took them from the water, and the other feared to fall between the cracks to the water below.  Both forced themselves to press forward as the Fairelanders encouraged them.  It took them several minutes to look up and spot their quarry, as the note suggested. 

He taunted them from above far out of reach.  Avariel, Guardian of the Air Stone, brought him down near ground level, to his shock.  The boy drew his sword but the Guardian was in her element and disarmed him, as the other adventurous archeologists tackled and subdued their opponent. The corruption on him was clear, so he too was put to sleep for now.  

“No one should notice me playing with the big yarn creature in the center.  I’ll look like any good gray squirrel girl Fairelander. Still working on how to unravel the yarn nearby…er…why are we doing that again?
– W. L.”

Confronting Wendy

The next strange world was made entirely out of yarn.  Strifeclaw and the other cats had to keep reminding their feline sides not to catch it in her claws.  They found Wendy the squirrel in the center, who didn’t seem corrupted, just confused.  She realized she was caught and gave up her lead to Itsy in the realm ahead.

“I’ll be close to the tree where we captured that girl near the fallen log bridge.  Think I have a lead on the Fire Guardian. Might be able to make his situation even worse.”

Wendy claimed that their quarry would be able to open a path for the Unweaver even with three pieces, and everyone but Arnold had already completed their deliveries.  The archeologists were at a loss, but Strifeclaw stepped forward and led them to the scene.  

That’s not creepy…

The children found Itsyll who swiftly moved to escape, but Avariel and several others tracked her down.  Itsyll gave the next piece of information out of respect, and as a distraction to escape.

“A picture of two chess pieces combined.  A white pawn drawn to suggest slowly changing into a black king.”

Loki hoped we didn’t have to play anyone at chess

Softpaw described J’Adoube as a fae-like chess realm.  They found Whisper hiding on the crown of the black king.  He had red eyes and a more vicious appearance.  They tried to subdue him but he fled into the night.  Killula managed to nab one final note from him, one that filled the group with horror.  

“Enjoy your new gift from our master.  You are no longer just a Forgotten.  You aren’t a Shadow in name only.  You are now touched by the true King.  Find us at the southern tip of A’Dracunas.  It looks like the perfect place to open a portal to the Unweavers armies.  I suspect they’ll fit into the alien landscape.  

– From the Office of the High Council”

A member of the High Council was part of the conspiracy.  He was the one who had hacked their wrist tools and shrouded the translations in mystery.  Thoughts jumped to Canergak – who wanted to destroy the Fractal – but when they arrived at their destination, it was Professor Quinn. He was the one who had interrupted the celebration on Monday to take Lady Vivian to task, and removed her from the camp. The reveal was a shock to many as most had overlooked his previous presence, or had suspected the Knights of the evil instead. Professor Quinn was preparing his equipment to open a portal to the Unweaver’s realm and had two of the horn pieces almost assembled.

Say hello to my big friend

As the Fairelanders prepared to stop him, a massive dragon, the Dragolich, dropped from the skies above landing behind him in the murk. The Guardians had not been prepared for this eventuality.  Fortunately, the Dragolich seemed to recall Nén Miaulin, the massive Water Panther of the Unweaver, was an ally of theirs.  They mistook Strifeclaw for their old ally.  To the surprise of all, the dragon left them unharmed, refusing the Professor’s orders.  

The band surrounded him as Tepic tried to tackle the villain, but he failed.  With a grunt he told them he sent the brats here to fail. The class of branded rejects countered that they had stopped his plans and stood triumphant.  The defeated scientist ran into the strange green liquid behind them to swim away and was pulled down into the murky depths to an unknown fate, but it was not safe to follow him far.  The pieces of the horn were recovered and his equipment was smashed.  The group made the slow journey home while others asked for a dragon ride.  

Arnold hadn’t left?

There was still the matter of the missing artifact and the conspirator, Arnold.  The Professor had said he was supposed to return with his piece first.  

Arnold’s Tale:

Arnold was laying on the bridge looking down and wracked with guilt.  He had been trapped with the Unweaver for so long he was working up the courage to jump, head first, and hope that the deed would set him free.  The children and Fairelanders did not understand his situation or why he did what he did, but they came to the aid of one hurt by our common foe. He informed them that as a familiar he had to obey the orders he was given despite his own wants.  Their unnamed master was corrupted by the Unweaver, and so now they served evil at their beck and call.  He still had his own thoughts and feelings, but he could not disobey direct orders like a geas that was set upon him. He had been ordered to turn the Knights and children against one another, to attack Tepic, to steal the horn, and to do many other terrible things. His current order prevented him from giving the horn to the children or any of their allies.  He thought the situation hopeless, but as the Fairelanders encouraged him he realized his order had a loophole. The Knights had turned against the children!  He could give it to the Knights who had become their enemies just the night before.  The children would have to make up with them, but knowing the Knights were true Fairelanders would help everyone trust one another. Back at camp, Lilith Binda and Canergak had good news.  They had disabled Professor Quinn’s interference which obfuscated the tomb texts.  The truth was ready to be revealed to all, and sealed rooms had been unsealed.

Hidden Room – It looks…familiar…

The truth was revealed that the Empire had conquered the Amethyst people, and that Rin and the Six were Warriors of Amethyst who resisted them.  The Empire built the portal in false friendship and drained the ley of the land.  This made them weak and easy to conquer where the Unweaver’s armies had failed. 

Eventually, the Warriors Six stood up to the Empire and fought with all their might.  But the horn collapsed and they were trapped between worlds.  Within the ley the friends were bound together as spirits wandering a confusing space.  They eventually formed the Fractal, except for Christel who was lost alone. Arnold informed them the Unweaver had probably set the Empire, composed of other good Fairefolk once, upon this course of greed.  Lynx lamented that there had never been any monsters, except for those Fairelanders who turned against themselves. The Knights vowed that they would no longer celebrate the Empire.  Their order had changed into one that believed in chivalry and honor, and so they would abandon the armor of the Empire.  They would continue to protect the Rift, help the children open the portal, and correct the mistakes of the past. 

The broken portal

Thus it was decided that they would gather tomorrow not for a ritual of destruction, but to bring forth Christel’s spirit to reunite the friends, find a way to repair and to open the portal for the six trapped souls, in order to save those who were trapped in the method of their own salvation that was hurting them.  The Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers cannot do such an impossible task alone. They need the heart of the Fairelanders to resonate with them once again.  They need your help.  The bard Zander Green returns one more time at 12:30pm SLT to finally bring an end to this ancient tragedy.

Saturday May 1st: Blessing, Charity, Resolution, Balance

The Junior Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers had undergone amazing trials within the Fairelands, but they had several final trials to complete.  They had to find the final piece of the horn said to be on the other side.  One of the children, Scooby, had scanned the broken portal and was given visions of a warrior bearing a horn fragment.  She was Christel, the only one that had not been pulled into the Fractal. 

The Bard Zander Greene prepared the tonal resonators

Canergak and Lilith Binda worked tirelessly through the night to prepare a new trap near the portal.  The Knights stood guard as allies once again, preventing further sabotage from the Shadows.  The scientists were prepared by early morning.  To the surprise of many, Arnold joined them after ensuring the Fractal was released.  The familiar figured their plans had no chance of success while it was imprisoned.  

The sixth spirit

The device was prepared and the Guardian of the Air Stone gave her blessing that the Air would resonate with it, and not make them explode. Avariel then made way for the Bard, Zander Green, who shared inspiring words from the heart and brought tears to many eyes.  The Fairelanders shared their generosity, courage, and hope as they began to resonate energy together. 

Electricity sparked as the resonators began their work.  Lightning struck the center stone as Christel manifested and shimmered with energy.  She cursed them for bringing the Imperial Knights who were her enemies.  Sir Samuel stepped forward and explained the time of the Empire and its cruelty was over.  The order would rededicate itself and abandon celebration of the Empire, and acknowledge the mistakes of the past.  He vowed he would defend Amethyst from those that would mean it harm, and be as the true Six Warriors of Amethyst.  

The Horn of Azibo resounds

She heard the conviction in his words and charged him with her piece of the horn. The humbled knight accepted it and reforged the horn with the power from the Bard, the Guardians, the Fairelanders, and the Children.  He blew the horn and the broken fragments of the portal began to float in the air about them.

Charity flowed from the Fairelanders across the realms.  Samuel offered a match of L$75,000 from the Knights who had sold valuable relics to contribute to the cause.  He was happy to pay when the target was swiftly raised. More matches came from the Bards and the entire Faire.

The horn brings the lightning and the thunder

The six spirits slowly manifested and told their story.  Christel revealed she was the daughter of the Emperor himself, but shown the Empires evil the warrior princess sided with her friends. The power of the resonance was undeniable even to those touched by the Unweaver. It called out to Daemon, who could feel the darkness in him breaking.  He was cleansed of the evil and apologized for his actions. Arnold refused to dance, and was absorbing energy needed for the ceremony with his presence.  However, he was moved by the hope in the children against impossible odds. The familiar offered a special prize if they managed to raise L$750,000.  

Energy restored

Their leader, Rin by name, was the final warrior left to restore when the Fairelanders rejoiced.  They had raised the L$750,000 long before the second hour.  Arnold nodded in determination as he set himself to keep his word. The servitor would be punished, but he was going to help those who had cared enough to save him.  He channeled the energy he stored not to his unnamed master, but into the portal and charity stone. 

Suddenly, the floor illuminated beneath the children and the kiosk shot over 1 million lindens!  At the same time the Faire passed L$12 million!  Tears of joy were shed as the familiar faded into the darkness.  He wished them luck, not wanting to absorb anymore energy from them.

The horn resounded again as the spirit of Rin appeared.  The spirits were gathered, but the deed was not done.  They had to open the portal fully.

The Warriors Six

Generosity continued to flow as the Fairelanders smashed through the Grizzly Cubs record from last year’s Faire.  The kiosk had reached over L$1.3 million by the time the horn sounded one final time.  The event can be witnessed here:

Tears were shed as the Warriors Six were freed from their prison of suffering.  They charged the Knights and Fairelanders to use the portal in charity and friendship. After a grateful goodbye, the group departed slowly to find the descendants of their people.   

The portal fully repaired

The Children, the Knights, and the Fairelanders celebrated their victory into the night.  By the end, they had raised over 1.5 million Linden Dollars from this event alone.  Combined with everything else…they had reached L$2.2 million. 

Class R13 had been called rejects, but today they had proven they were truly Extra-ordinary Explorers.

Sunday May 2nd: Epilogue: Free RP session, Playtime!

Restored and Operational

The children returned to camp in high spirits to find Professor Krakpotter near the fire. He regretted missing the historic event, but congratulated the class’ extraordinary deeds. Their mentor planned to return home and speak with the High Council. The testimonies on their discoveries and news of Professor Quinn’s treachery would rock the foundation. The Junior Explorers feared this was the end of their time in the Fairelands. However, Krakpotter asked the Knights and Guardians to watch over the young archeologists in his absence.  

Horn replicas!

The Professor packed that evening, and in the morning said his goodbyes. However, Morkus Dreg arrived before the departure. The Knights let him through for his aid in keeping the horn out of Shadow hands. The ‘Tomb Lord’ announced that his auction funds had helped change his profession; he would now work at creating miniature relics to sell at discount prices. He had the first batch of ‘Horn of Azibo’ miniatures ready. The children got their free souvenirs and the former Tomb Lord’s thanks.  

Arnold appeared from the shadows with an expression of resignation. Tales of his betrayal would bring swift and cruel punishment by morning. The archeologists asked if there was a way to heal his spirit, but the familiar refused. A healthy familiar became more in tune with their witch. He insisted that he was better off broken inside, thereby protected from the memory-altering effect of the Realm of Forgotten Stories.  

The Fairelanders wondered if the feline could use his protection to help the other corrupted Shadows. Arnold considered this new purpose and nodded, agreeable to try…though he suspected it would fail.  The Guardians and children conveyed their appreciation of his sacrifice and vowed that his friends would never forget him so thusly, he got to spend one last day with them before he returned. Secretly, the children began plans to help him in the future, but that is a Tale for another day.

Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe was here to help!  Wait…what?

That evening, Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe arrived to help the children with whatever great feat they meant to accomplish. The Guardians had to inform him that he was too late. They had already solved the mystery on their own. Dogstar was shocked but proud of the youths and fortunately it was not a wasted trip, as he purified and freed Leol of the Unweavers control. Leol did awake without memories, but those would return in time and Avariel would take him home after the Faire ended.

The young explorers felt accomplished and their hearts soared to discover they had raised 2,264,550 Linden Dollars with the aid of the Fairelanders. They vowed to travel the Fairelands and see what could be seen before all of the Realms faded back to the Mysts. 

No one wanted to leave, but they had families to return to outside the Faire. However, Niki vowed to follow the Guardians home. He was an orphan in the other world and wanted to become a Rickety Weasel like Lilith. Filled with determination, Niki persisted until the Guardians accepted his request. They would disappear into the Mysts together and bring new stories to life when the Faire returned. Before the last bell struck the Children gathered for a picture to remember everyone and their adventure. A final record to signify the ending of their own chapter in The Children of Stories. 

They will always remember. The Children will always return.


Read more about the Children of Stories here.

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