Fairelands Lore & Hunts

Several of the Fairelands have extra lore and information available about the regions, providing entertaining reading and moments of exploration as you learn to look at the stunning surroundings in yet another new light! Some of the regions even have small hunts! No, these are not the Fairelands Quest, these are small region level or store hunts.


Aarkenfen: The Sacred Bud of Life Hunt: explore, learn lore and find hidden letters for a gift. More information here.

The Aarkenfenians were a peaceful folk of stonemasons and sculptors living thousands of years ago. Under the gentle reign of King Aarktur they lived happy and free of sorrow, worshiping the sacred Bud of Life.

As you explore the land of Aarkenfen look for five more or less hidden letters that you can touch for hints. Once you collected them all, you should have gained enough knowledge to find the Sacred Bud of Life! Find it and touch the five letters there in the correct order to receive your final reward.

The Hunros Mine: Lore & Roleplay Adventures. More information here. The whole region was built specifically for the roleplay story of The Children of Stories. If you want to understand the region better, join in their roleplay, or the very least keep an eye on the website for their updates! In addition when you explore the Mine you can find Elfkin standing around with small ! signs next to them. Click the exclamation mark signs to learn more about the region.

Opet: Thoth Apprentice, Daily Region Hunt

Join the daily search for knowledge as Apprentice of Thoth and learn about the Gods, Opet & the Golden Delta.

Visit Thoth’s Sesh Hall. Find the currently active teaching tablet, click it for a hint. Use the hint to find the matching hieroglyphs in Opet and click them to receive your reward. Each teaching is available only on a given day.

Atheneum: Lore Quest. Get the HUD here.
Use the free HUD to follow clues about Atheneum’s lore and get a prize in the end.

Gaalthyr: The Life of Wilin, Lore & Story. Start here.
Begin by clicking P sign, then explore the region and find numbered buttons to click to read the next parts of the poem.

Doriath: Story & Lore. You will get a notecard with the story when you arrive to Doriath. Teleport here.


Multifarious in Sylvuselah
It seems the celebrating fae have misplaced their egg clutches! Can you help them find all the clutches and reap the rewards from their offering bowl? (Touch the small green statue supported bowl to begin. More prizes added.)

VRazeTheBar in The Carnelian Archive
Mini Quiz with Gaming Loot prizes. Click the dice on the walls.

Polenth’s Mushporium in Opet
Discover Fig’s Sand Guide: find the pages to learn the story and start a sand jar collection.

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