Blogger Challenge: I Remember


I remember the depths. The glowing plants, the exploration, the freedom. I remember the ocean pressure around me like an embrace. I remember the seas of Siren’s Secret, Devil’s Locket and The Tides.


I remember flying over the Ruins of Nu Orne, reaching the suspended cliff city of Caras Calar, testing my strength to reach the peak of Hope’s Horizon,  gliding over the Lotus Valley Dream,  feeling the soft breeze tickle my feathers.


I remember fluttering within the brilliant colours of Blackwater Glenn, finding new friends in Wiggenstead Mooring, fleeing the darkness of Mourningvale Thicket into friendlier Medhir Woods.


I remember dancing in the Crimson Fields of roses in the red dawn, remember riding strange vehicles, playing strange instruments, oh, I remember.

The Fairelands are stirring, taking new shapes, woven from dreams and imagination to shift closer to our reality. It is time to remember the past forms, the Fairelands before the ones that will emerge in April. Time to remember the forms you have taken, the adventures you’ve had, the moments that took your breath away.

A challenge is issued, for bloggers and others alike: tell us your favourite Fairelands of the past, dig up the old pictures, reminisce, travel down the memory lane. Write about your transformations, talk about your favourite moments, re-live it all again. Re-live and prepare to meet your new favourite moments soon!

If you have forgotten sim names, our Pinterest Board has all the years and all the sims available for your gallery browsing pleasure. 

The challenge is open for anyone to do: there’s Flickr pool you can share the challenges in if you don’t have a blog.

Please post a link to your challenge post or flickr picture in the comments!

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