Blogger Challenge: Faire Folk

Create a character from the Fairelands. Pick one of the Faire regions as their home, make a look mostly from Faire items, make the character come alive. Take at least one picture of that character in the chosen home region and blog away! The more roleplay-style bloggers are invited to write about the character as well, but even those to whom pictures speak more than words can let those pictures speak loud and clear! Region exploration stories encouraged!

The challenge is open for anyone to do: there’s Flickr pool you can share the challenges in if you don’t have a blog.

Please post a link to your challenge post or flickr picture in the comments!

51 thoughts on “Blogger Challenge: Faire Folk”

  1. Dark Junctions

    Dark Junctions

    It’s raining tonight at Fairelands Junction where the soft drops echo splashes of myth and myrrh. A vast consortium of direct wonder illuminates in the crystals abound. It’s a treasured worthwhile visit for my soul as I spin from beneath the earth to find my purpose in tonight’s sojourn.

    I can only crawl in the depths of night; relying on my raven companion to guide my way. He flew me to an oracle of mystical surprises this eve……….READ MORE & STYLE CARD:

    Dark Junctions

  2. Necturn Moon Pursuit

    Necturn Moon Pursuit

    Forever is there a once upon a time….

    While dusk of eve clouds the moon, all life illuminates in bursts. Slithers of magical orbs heal the lands during the night to recover the wicked Lisandre’s death fall under the suns evening’s last sparkle. Baliana hides quickly before nightfall in hopeless fear of being seized.

    Read the rest of the story AND style card:

    Necturn Moon Pursuit

    Necturn Moon Pursuit

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