Special Galleries 2023

These shopping galleries feature previews of items specially made for children, centaurs, Dinkies, horses, Petites, and other avatars.

The galleries will be updated throughout the Faire, so check back often!

Please note that these galleries are not a complete catalog of every item at the Faire available for that avatar type. They provide merely a sample of stores that sell items for special avatars, so if you like the style of the previewed items and want to see what else that creator might have, just teleport over to the store using the SLURL in the item description.

To access each gallery, click on the headers or album names below.

Looking for the main shopping page? Click here: Shopping Guide 2023

Shopping Guide for Children

Shopping Guide for Centaurs

Shopping Guide for Dinkies

Shopping Guide for Horses/Mounts

Shopping Guide for Petites

Shopping Guide for Other Avatars

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