The Fairelands Quest: The Dreaming Cat

Once upon a time, there was a land that fell out of memory. It lay in a faraway forest in the midst of tall mountains. Few pathways entered there, and mostly, they were hidden.

Time passed, and with nothing that brought the forest to mind, most people forgot it. But the creatures who lived there weren’t concerned. They had what they needed, and used what they had. And with it, they built a land that was uncommonly peaceful, where all prospered and wisdom grew. They lacked for nothing — or so they believed.

But sooner or later, everyone needs someone. So when the Bard Queen suddenly sees groups of desperate forest creatures leaving their native land, what could it mean? What could they want? And when those questions are answered, what danger will be revealed?

Adventurer, you may be the only one who can unravel the mystery. You’ll need all your cunning and compassion to solve The Dreaming Cat, this year’s episode of Fantasy Faire’s epic story-based experience, The Fairelands Quest.

Both parts of the Quest are now open. The Quest continues through May 8, the closing day of the Faire. You can pick up a Quest HUD at the landing point of any Fairelands, for example here in Fairelands Junction. Don’t miss the deluxe version, which includes stunning outfits for men and women specially designed by Janire Coba of Belle Epoque.

Step up and take part — your challenge lies ahead!

Looking for a preview of the vast treasures to be won for completing the Quest?

Check out the Region Prizes (Part 1) and Treasure Hoard (Part 2) galleries on our official Facebook page.

Region Mementos

Treasure Hoard

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