Behind the Children of Stories

The Children of Stories do not hail from one land and they welcome all who wish to join them in peace. Many of the kids hail from Escapades, a playground packed with quests, adventures, and interactive experiences created by the World-builder, Loki Eliot.

Escapades Adventures from the Destination Guide

However, the Children of Stories also hail from the Steamland cities of New Babbage, Steelhead, Rosehaven, Jadida Mondrago, and many others. The Willow Scouts also join them in their adventures.

What could possibly go wrong indeed…

The Guardians and several adult allies have joined the children throughout the years and hail from a wide variety of locations! To name a few: Aquila III, Avilion, Mischief Managed, Rosemont, and many others have joined the roleplayers and joined the family just by getting involved! This year, Rosemont joined the Children of Stories to sponsor the Hunros Mine.

Rosemont Crowned

A RFL of SL Event

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