When Junction calls and selects the worlds to be her companions, she picks the ones that complement each other, the ones that form a unity together. But among all these worlds of magic and enchantment, she also notices small sparks, seeds of worlds: ideas, concepts, dreams. Worldlings. She pulls some of them into her embrace, gently harboring them for the Fairelanders to see, for the Worldlings to grow from the flow of inspiration around them, from the heartbeat of the Fairelands.

Worldlings in the Fairelands Junction

Dreamscape by Krystali Rabeni.

Dreamscape by Krystali Rabeni
For the first time, the gossamer world of Dreamscape aligns with the Fairelands and from beyond the mists the Dream Weavers and Sleep Keepers of the Night Guild wander amongst the mortals. At any one time, Dreamscape is the sum total of all currently occurring dreams. It is no larger and no smaller than this. It seems the Night Guild of Dreamscape have come to see why no one in the entire world is sleeping, for if it continues, the dream world will cease to exist. At least, until someone falls asleep and adds their own dream to it, thereby causing it to exist and once again drift away into the night.

Gardener Fairies by Grace Loudon.

Gardener Fairies by Grace Loudon
The Worldlings I created are color bringers to a land that spends half of it’s year in bleakness. The “Gardener Fairies” have a magic watering can and when poured on the dead ground new life and bursts of color are formed like a carpet across the terrain. In the display, you can see where one of the fairies is watering the empty ground with color – you can see where she’s going and where she’s already been. They work at the end of sunset so there is brilliant color in the morning. Here’s the poem I wrote for the display:

In the season of blight
‘tween the dark and the light
rallies ’round the Gardener Fairy

With a tilt of her vessel
over cracked ground and bramble
brilliant color and new life come to marry

In the blink of an eye
at the end of twilight
she moves swift without dawdle or tarry

As the day springs anew
comes the morning’s sweet dew
and the world bathed in radiant glory!

Straylight Memories by ColeMarie Soleil.

Straylight Memories by ColeMarie Soleil
The warm summer air whispers memories of a land long forgotten. Squinting through the light of the blinding sun you see hints of a faerie circle of life protected by the thick canopy of an enchanted forest. When you open your eyes to see it clearly, it’s gone.

Worldling by Noke Yuitza & Bryn Oh

The Summoning by Corvi Ashdene.

The Summoning by Corvi Ashdene
Once upon a time in a city far far away there lived a Sorcerer. This sorcerer was obsessed with the idea of summoning a dragon. He spent all his time in the Great Library researching summoning spells. He practiced over and over until he felt he was finally ready.
On the big day he drew his runes on the library floor and stood in the middle of them. Taking a deep breath he began the Words Of Summoning…

The City of Miroi by Kylie Todriya & Rowan Thursday.

The City of the Miroi by Kylie Todriya & Rowan Thursday
An undersea citadel and community from a time when magic and miracles happened, a lost colony of a people of art and song beyond their minuscule stature. A tale and song sung in words and light by those of the sea. Some call it the song of the whale, we call it the Miroi, the Lost City which Time forgot in the lights beneath the shifting sea.

The Empyreal Rain Forest by Syn Beresford.

The Empyreal Rain Forest  by Syn Beresford
What kind of magic happens while the rest of the world sleeps? Nestled behind, between, on top of the highest peaks, under an array of the worlds most beautiful flowers, perfectly strewn along dew covered greens of The Empyreal Rain Forest is where they call home where you can spot the Empyreal Fae. A place where the air is still crisp and clean, the water is cooling life for all creatures alike, and shining high above the lush canopy of greenery, the dark blanket of the night, are the bright stars…my how they shine.

Mythos Worldling by The Realm of Mythos.

Mythos Worldling by The Realm of Mythos
Mythos provides a reference to the many stories that have been formed by peoples from all over the Earth, throughout all of time, from the fascinating legends and myths of the Greeks to the warrior gods in Norse mythology. And everything in between.

We are an LGBTQ based network of sims, here to establish a community of open Rp and a fantastic place to live. You’re more than welcome to Explore the Realms below you. We ask you wear clothing that would suit the realms, Fantasy, Ancient, and the likeness to it. If you Joined the Mythos Group be sure and pick up the Welcome pack clothes we are happy to provide you with to get you started here.

“Mythos is a Sanctuary for Artists and the freedom of Artistic expression”

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Credits Due for the “Mythos Worldling”
Silvanus Varró (sylar.oppewall) -Creator Architect
Ǥαιυѕ Cαѕѕιυѕ Vαяяσ Aqυιllιυѕ (gareth.ellsmere) – Visual Effects
Sailor Vasiliev VarróÇrucifixus (sailor.vasiliev) – Source Materials
ŔσŻ ẞlackclaῷ Čorνϊηυs (roz11) – Organizing, Envoy, Event Coordinator

All the Worldling pictures by Alisaundra Andel.

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