Worldlings 2023

It’s said that Fairelands come and go, but Junction abides. This ever-changing realm is never the same from one year to the next. A magical forest. A sunken temple. An enchanted mountain. Her form may change, but always she returns to us – bending the fabric of space and time, bringing other ancient realms together to create for a while the majestic chain of worlds which we call the Faire.

In addition to these fully realized worlds, Junction bears another gift as well. Cradled within her lies a nursery for newborn realms, every bit as magical as their elder siblings though not yet ready to stand on their own.

The Worldlings are the children of our dreams, cradled in the heart of Junction. And like any child, they need to be nurtured. The greater our love for them, the stronger Fairelands grow. So too, their love for us – for our community – empowers us all.

We invite you to visit the Worldling Cradle on Junction, to meet and embrace the Fairelands of tomorrow.

Visit the Worldling Cradle in Fairelands Junction

Cassie Eldemar – The Playhouse

FionaFei – Worldling

Gilgamesh Alpha – Worldling  

Jilly Darkheart – Fairy Crossing 

MeridelGray – The Ice Dwarves’ Redoubt

Polenth Yue – Honeymoon Recharge

Ravenstarr – Outrunning The Storm

Roxksie Logan – The Castle Village of Rydenshire

Softpaw Sommer – Worldling

Warwick Falconer – Worldling

The worldling pictures by Polyhistor Serpente.

A RFL of SL Event

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