Worldlings 2022

It’s said that Fairelands come and go, but Junction abides. This ever-changing realm is never the same from one year to the next. A magical forest. A sunken temple. An enchanted mountain. Her form may change, but always she returns to us – bending the fabric of space and time, bringing other ancient realms together to create for a while the majestic chain of worlds which we call the Faire.

In addition to these fully realized worlds, Junction bears another gift as well. Cradled within her lies a nursery for newborn realms, every bit as magical as their elder siblings though not yet ready to stand on their own.

The Worldlings are the children of our dreams, cradled in the heart of Junction. And like any child, they need to be nurtured. The greater our love for them, the stronger Fairelands grow. So too, their love for us – for our community – empowers us all.

We invite you to visit the Worldling Cradle on Junction, to meet and embrace the Fairelands of tomorrow.

Visit the Worldling Cradle in Fairelands Junction

Courage Doesn’t Always Roar by Warwick Falconer
This worldling is dedicated to all those who risk their lives to heal others. Viewer can decide what is going on. This country doctor has either traversed a dangerous river during a storm to come and care for someone in the distant house, or is leaving his safe home to to do so somewhere in the stormy distance.

The Elements by Ariana Petrova
It is a visual representation of the basic elements; earth, water, air, fire and spirit. The first four are found all around us, but the fifth is found within us. By utilizing the surrounding elements we can expand our connection to the world around us and beyond, symbolized by the portal and stars.

Hope’s Wish by Solas Enchantment
A place of good things to come.

Light by Aki69
Light coming into the darkness.

“Momento” Beyond the Mysts by Sharni Azalee

The Realm of Fae by AdelinaLawrence
Step into the world of the fairies where you can sit by the forest clearing and watch the fairies dancing around you and let the fourth dimension embrace you!

Sialdor by Dacien & Marcel Blackwood
‘The Walled City Mired in Mist’

Of all the great cities across the continent there is none shrouded in as much mystery as Sialdor. No one quite remembers in what age it was founded, or even by whom at this point. Tales in taverns across the land throw rumors as freely as the spirits flow. It is known though that the city keeps its secrets and guards them well. So well in fact that those who go looking with ill intent rarely if ever return. Still if one is fortunate enough to find themselves within those walls they would find a trove of knowledge. A wealth of arcane magic and apparatuses that serve the Order and further their studies.

Any young lad can take up a staff and study to be a common wizard, but to truly master the art of the arcane? To learn the intricacies of the art and how to twist and bend the very aether of the world at your whims? Then your path would lead you to Sialdor.

The Space Between Space by Ameshin Yossarian
Another dimension where a mystical being called the Guardian calls on ethereal beings to free trapped souls from confinement.

Waponi Isle by LRRiven
While this year I stepped back from world building to take a much needed break, I still had the dream of my next story. I will bring it to Fantasy Faire next year in all its glory. Every year I pick a theme, a story to tell. This world’s story will be about living for today because we never know what tomorrow will bring. This island will show of how sometimes the sacrifice that you think is needed, isn’t. It will also teach us that what we think we can control? Is just a figment of our perceptions.

The Village People by Cassie Eldemar
It’s a fine spring day in the Village and the little people are out having a picnic in the park.

Worldling by Mystic & Hamish Blackbart

A RFL of SL Event

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