Worldlings 2020

When Junction calls and selects the worlds to be her companions, she picks the ones that complement each other, the ones that form a unity together. But among all these worlds of magic and enchantment, she also notices small sparks, seeds of worlds: ideas, concepts, dreams. Worldlings. She pulls some of them into her embrace, gently harboring them for the Fairelanders to see, so the Worldlings can grow from the flow of inspiration around them, from the heartbeat of the Fairelands.

This year you can find eight worldlings in the Fairelands Junction, cradled safely in her arms. The worldlings have been created by Allie Munro & SkarScopio,  Casandra (brokenlovely), FionaFei, Jj Yowahoshi, Polenth Yue, Kadaj Yoshikawa, Sonya Marmurek and Strifeclaw,

Visit the Worldling Cradle in Fairelands Junction!

Aetherna by Kadaj Yoshikawa

Scaud eplauxto lo ust oec,
ust gam Sips aupres scaud pleunc;
Aurgost sid el lane
nonduin paexorspeu aufui nem miob.

(From the Golden Point she sleeps,
watching the many Realms from afar;
the Mother embracing with pity
every lost child seeking guidance.)

[approximate translation from Trarca, native tongue of the Aethernans.]
The City of Aetherna is a place of hope and sorrow.
Its ruins, now inhabited by elusive creatures hidden within the lush vegetation, have seen better years, in a distant and almost forgotten era.
The inhabitants were masters in many crafts, and their life quality improved dramatically as they discovered a new, magical element that they called Vaxtri (“Precious”, in Trarcan).
Unfortunately, this era was doomed to an end, because of the selfish and evil forces of the Unweaver, that claimed many lives to steal Vaxtri.
Centuries after this tragedy, mysterious entites are spotted dancing in Aetherna. Who are them? You’re welcomed to visit Aetherna to find out the rest of the story.

All the lore you could ever want available at the worldling itself!

The Broken Mirror by Polenth Yue

Shroomies love to explore, so they were sad when the wizard banned them from her workshop. Then she went on an adventure and they thought it couldn’t hurt to have a little look inside.

Nobody was sure who broke the magic mirror. Button said Agaric was the nearest to it when it shattered. Agaric said it was a chain reaction of things falling that started when Pearl knocked over the fairy dust jar. Pearl blamed Button because Pearl always blamed Button. Regardless of who was to blame, the moment the mirror hit the floor, they were whisked away to a mirror world of stars and reflections. They should have been able to step into a reflection and return home, but all the reflections were also broken.

Now the Shroomies must figure out how to fix the mirror world so they can return to their own. Pearl thinks they shouldn’t hurry, because the wizard is going to be very cross with them.

A Chinese Proverb by FionaFei

“A Chinese Proverb” is a “Worldling” created for the sole purpose of the Fantasy Faire at the Fairelands Junction in the style of Chinese ink-brush painting or “shui-mo”. With lots of nourishment and love, it may perhaps one day grow into a world of its own! The worldling shows a scene of a pond in the midst of a bamboo forest with distant mountains in the background. Cranes in the foreground forage for fish as a fishing pole nearby successfully catches one. The actual proverb is meant for the viewer to discover or even formulate one for themselves.

Critter Meadow by Sonya Marmurek & The Critters of Ambar

Critter Meadow was made by a pack of smol critters that wanted to offer Fairelanders a relaxing flopsi spot with noms. (The critters’ hooman frend whom they call Ladybun might have helped a bit in turning scribbled blueprints into the actual worldling.) The critters know how huge the Fairelands are, and how easily your paws can ache when trying to pad from one wonder to another. You are invited to lounge with the critters on the log, stump or the swing, enjoy some noms, and read the book that tells the story of the Critter Fairelands. All is green and growing, soft and safe, peaceful and welcoming. Naptimes allowed!

The Forgotten Conqueror by Casandra (brokenlovely)

The Forgotten Conqueror represents the epic fantasy tales of old. As you can see, the Dragon has defeated her Foe… but it is not the knight who is the forgotten conqueror, it is the Dragon.

Gremlin Gras by Strifeclaw

Long ago a demonic pact turned a traveling fair into a circus of blood and terror. The Ringmaster would invite their victims with enchanting music as curiosity drew them inside.

He growled in delight for a long time until the music machine broke down. Inside it he found a trio of Gremlins. The wily gremlins scurried as he discovered them. He thought them only a nuisance, but then chaos broke throughout the entire fair. The machines that made the addictive popcorn, the hall of mirrors, the ferris wheel of doom. Nothing was safe from this technological terrors.

They could destroy them if they could catch them, but they had relied on the machines and wonders to call the victims here. And now his targets could see everything fall apart and he lost his patrons. Worse they had erected a barrier of rubble around the place to start a popcorn slinging fight.

Soon, the destruction was too much and the demons abandoned the circus. He left it to the Gremlins who have turned it into a place of chaos and parties. They build floats to parade their victories during the day and show off at night.

That is why they call their new home Gremlin Gras.

Sirens Song by Jj Yowahoshi

Both music and visual art have always been very important to me, and both have inspired me in a multitude of ways.

For my worldling build, Siren’s Song, I wanted to make sure that it was both an aesthetic playground, and also something interactive and meaningful. I knew my friend Rhodan Fishbottoms had something at his aquatic sim that he’d scripted himself — a group of crystals that can record little melodies and play them back. So, I worked with him to apply the same concept to our musical gemstone circle, on the back wall of the worldling build. Anyone can come inside (though the sound tapers off outside the build) and click the colorful gemstones to make a little melody, up to 16 notes.

Visually, I wanted to lean hard into pleasing shapes and patterns for how things were placed, as well as a fantasy color palette. On both the ground, and the back wall, the placement of things was inspired by the Fibonacci spiral. For anyone unfamiliar, this is a naturally occurring formation that humans find very aesthetically pleasing, and visual artists often use it as a baseline for composition of their art. The fantasy color palette was chosen, well… because Fantasy Faire. But also because natural tones aren’t really my thing. 🙂

If at all possible, it is recommended to view my worldling build with advanced lighting on. This will ensure that you’ll be able to fully see all that is there.

When Pigs Fly by Allie Munro & SkarScopio

Ours was a last minute entry, we had 24 hours to do it 🙂 So that in itself is a bit of the story. My husband, RL and met in SL, and I had talked the day before and really were interested in doing a sim build next year for Fantasy Faire and when the opportunity came up to do a worldling I lost my mind and jumped on it. We were lucky to get the chance! We have been building sims in SL for about 12 years, so it’s a passion. We didn’t want to do something that someone else had focused on, so I started scrolling through my brain for something different. My main thought was that humor is very important in the world today, with everything going on, so I wanted to do something with a bit of comic relief as well. So I started thinking about old adages that you always have heard growing up. I love “When Pigs Fly” because it just says it’s never going to happen. Fantasy Faire seems like a huge obstacle that is never going to be able to happen, it’s just too much work, too huge, too much to organize, but every year it happens. And 2nd, pigs are just too cute. So our concept is….What happens above the tree tops up in the sky, between the trees and space? Of course it’s where all the fun is! A world of flight and beauty, where your creative mind can go wild. A world where ANYTHING can happen, even those things you have been told never will. When pigs fly all the good things happen! Whether it’s via balloon or plane, or you have wings, you too can join in our secret world.

A RFL of SL Event

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