World Builder Credits 2018

The world builders are the magicians bringing the Fairelands to life, creating a whole continent of connecting fantasy worlds for us to enjoy.

Fairelands Junction by Saiyge Lotus

Aetherea by Alia Baroque

Athenaeum Arcana by Beq Janus and polysail

Ardessa by Éclair Martinek

Astrid’s Nemeton by Lrriven

The Bazaar Dungeon by Loki Eliot

Erstwhile by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee

Falls of Hope by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Eldowyn Inshan

The Halls of Story by Elicio Ember

Pools of Ethuil by Searlait Nitschke

Sanoria by Chic Aeon

Severina by Lokii Violet

The Story Well by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis

Tiny Town by Kayle Matzerath

The Willow of Nienna by Kilik Lekvoda

A RFL of SL Event

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