Who is behind The Children of Stories?

Our roleplayers come from near and far, but many hail from the Steamlands and the SL Kid havens of the Grid. Most are part of the SL Goonies, led by Loki Eliot, whose sim, Escapades, is a playground packed with quests, adventures, and interactive experiences!

Visit Escapades in world here.
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Or use this to see what their plans for 2021 are this year.

The City of New Babbage
The City of New Babbage

New Babbage is a vast Victorian steampunk City-State led by the Mayor and Clockwinder,  Mosseveno Tenk. This is also a lair of avid bloggers and roleplayers, as well as wonderful builders who form a vibrantly eclectic and diverse community. Excellent for exploring and roaming by land, sea or air.

Visit the regions here.
Join the inworld group here.
Learn more about what’s happening on their forum:
Follow on Twitter for news : @BabbageMystery

Other realms from whence we hail:
The Realm of Rosehaven:


Steelhead Bay:

The Dark Unicorns of Aquila III:


A RFL of SL Event

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