We Are Dragons

We are dragons is a group of Role Players, Club Owners, and Stores. We come together to fight cancer along side a great community! The Second Life RFL community that is! Our team even if new has a lot of heart. Helping each other throw hard times!

This is the list of sims, Clubs and Stores that proudly wave their flags for Relay For Life!!

Thaczil Di Wurunwi
Sovereigns of Elyona
Santa Ramona Splash
Nocturne WOD
Paradise Creek

Extreme Fusion
Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar

Hobo Cookie Monster
Blue Rose
Grim Death Co.
Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru: Magic Scroll

Team Captain: Ascot Stormcrow (kane.stormcrow)
Co-Captain: Kittara NiasseyBishopDeBrabant (keitha.ildor)
RFL Helper: 銀 虹 Ginniji-san (silverfox.rainbow)
Creator Kiddo Gear: ℛℴℴ ℴƒ ℛAIƝℬOⱲS (rooletta)

A RFL of SL Event

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