The Party Schedule 2021

The complete schedule of what-when-where of the parties on the deck of the FaireChylde and elsewhere in the Fairelands will be right here, ready for your dancing feet and paws and other limbs!

All the times are in SLT, Second Life Time. The FaireChylde Fleet flies in The Dark Awakening.

Thursday, April 22
11am-12pm: Fantasy Faire Radio says, “Thank You, Fairelanders!” on air with DJ Zander Greene
12-2pm: Grand Opening Set: A Musical Tour of the Fairelands! with DJ Zander Greene

Friday, April 23
1-3pm: DJ Elrik Merlin – Live at the FaireChylde
3-5pm: DJ Caledonia Skytower – Live at the FaireChylde
7-9pm: DJ Pietor Grigorovich – Live in Mithlumen
8-10pm: DJ Tamlorn Carterhaugh Wood – One Team at the Fairechylde
9-11pm DJ Rapa Tone – Live in Mithlumen

Saturday, April 24
11am-1pm: DJ Rahdu Rajesh – Live in Somniatoris Arx
1-3pm: DJ ColeMarie Soleil – Live in Somniatoris Arx
5-8pm: DJ Vasa Vella – Live in Amethyst Rift
8-11pm: DJ Cay’s at Woodland Lake Chief Gunawan – Amethyst Rift

Sunday, April 25
9-11am: DJ Otenth Paderborn – Live at the FaireChylde
10-11am: Live Singer STINNA – One Team in Tempest Bay
11am-Noon: Live Singer Corwyn Allen – One Team in Tempest Bay
12-2pm: Fairelanders’ Masked Ball at Paer Thura – DJ Gem Sunkiller
3-5pm: Relay Rap with Trader Whiplash-Ballinger at the Fairechylde
5-7pm: DJ Chopper Gurbux – Live in A’Dracunas
7-9pm: DJ Female Winslet – Live in A’Dracunas

Monday, April 26
8-9am: DJ ELECTRO SPACE TomHarley – Live at the FaireChylde
9-10am: DJ ELECTRO SPACE Danilao De Luna – Live at the FaireChylde
10-11am: DJ ELECTRO SPACE Drushila – Live at the FaireChylde
11am-Noon: DJ ELECTRO SPACE Dave Rave – Live at the FaireChylde
Noon- 1pm: DJ ELECTRO SPACE Marc Porthos – Live at the FaireChylde
1-2pm: DJ ELECTRO SPACE Spike Decosta – Live at the FaireChylde
1-3pm: Roleplay Event: The Children of Stories, with DJ Zander Greene
2-3pm: DJ ELECTRO SPACE DjMuekas Preez – Live at the FaireChylde
3-4pm: DJ ELECTRO SPACE Easy Ninetails – Live at the FaireChylde
4-5pm: DJ ELECTRO SPACE Recki Laville – Live at the FaireChylde
4-6pm: DJ Rora Vastranad – One Team Party
5-6pm: DJ ELECTRO SPACE Moll Vaneth – Live at the FaireChylde
6-8pm: DJ Bain Finch – Live in J’Adoube

Tuesday, April 27
10am-Noon: DJ Ruth Spiritor – Live at the FaireChylde
Noon-2pm: DJ Briony Writer – Live at the FaireChylde
1-3pm: Dancing in Chinese Myths: A LitFest Party with DJ Aoife Lorefield
2-4pm: DJ Fiz Underwood – Live at the FaireChylde
4-5pm: Live Singer Maggi Morpath  – One Team in Isles of Tarrin
5-7pm: Jail&Bail of Sharni Azalee/Kilik Lekvoda/ColeMarie Soleil, with DJ DaveOSaurus in Wandering Woods
7-9pm: DJ eClipse Club & Resort Iniry Vaher – Live in Cereulean Bombora
9-11pm: DJ eClipse Club & Resort JAdmiral Maelstrom – Live in Cereulean Bombora

Wednesday, April 28
10am-Noon: DJ Ginniji-san – Live at the FaireChylde
1-3pm: Jail&Bail of The Lindens, with DJ DaveOSaurus in Cereulean Bombora
3-5pm: DJ Junkyard Blues Ali Heron – Live at the FaireChylde
4-6pm: DJ Matt Carlton – One Team Party
5-7pm: DJ Junkyard Blues Bard Wasp – Live at the FaireChylde
7-9pm: DJ Club Zero Belleen Morte – Live at the FaireChylde

Thursday, April 29
10am-Noon: DJ Kirana Rawley – Live at the FaireChylde
1-3pm: Jail&Bail of Teager of Teegle, with DJ Calliope Andel and Mike Chase in Isles of Tarrin
3-5pm: DJ Dani: Lord of the Llamas – Live at the FaireChylde
4-6pm: DJ Ruth Spiritor – One Team Party in Featherfall

7pm – 9pm: DJ Tamlorn Carterhaugh Wood – Fantasy Faire Radio in A’dracunus

Friday, April 30
11am-1pm: DJ Minty Vanilla – Live at the FaireChylde
4-6pm: The Jailing of Alia Baroque, with DJ LilithVon Hexem in Valhalla
6-8pm: DJ Club Zero Glitch Axelrad – Live at the FaireChylde
8-10pm: DJ DaveOSaurus – Live at the FaireChylde
10-Midnight: DJ Rox Arten – Live at the FaireChylde

Saturday, May 1
11am-1pm: DJ Club Zero Craig Obscure – Live at the FaireChylde
1-3pm: DJ Magda Kamenev – Live at the FaireChylde
12:30pm-3pm: Roleplay Finale Party: The Children of Stories, with DJ Zander Greene
3-5pm: DJ Cruz Kontrol Edward Thatch Morgan – Live in Tempest Bay
6-8pm: The Fairelanders’ Masked Ball with DJ Elizabeth Tinsley at Paer Thura
8-10pm: DJ The Symphonic Experience DeaD – Live in Khol Dracys
10pm-Midnight: DJ The Symphonic Experience PsychoSoundWave – Live in Khol Dracys

Sunday, May 2
10am-Noon: Jail&Bail of The Tinies, with DJ Gem Sunkiller in Featherfall
6pm-8pm: The Final Shindig, Chapter 1: DJ Glitch Axelrad – Location TBA
8pm-10pm: The Final Shindig, Chapter 2: DJ Hazard Fizzle – Location TBA

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