The One Team Initiative

We’re building on last year’s One Team Day to lend our support to nine Relay Teams, three experienced hands who’ll be acting as mentors and six newer teams that we plan to boost in true Fantasy Faire style!

The mentors are names Relayers will immediately recognise: Team ACTS, Team Shadow and the Cure Chasers. They’ll be joined by Game of Thrones Cooperative RFL, Immortal Horde, Friends For a Cure, Fighting Sunflowers, Atlantis For Life, and Scorpion Stingers.

ACTS will have their traditional Faire presence, this year in (surprise surprise) Tiny Town. The other teams will have their own campsites on Astrid’s Nemeton, home to the Theatre of the Mists and our community efforts for the year.

All week! Watch out for announcements and be sure to join them for events throughout the Faire. We’ll be there, so should you be, too! And on Monday 30th April, The Story Well will host a nine-hour extravaganza with each team taking centre stage for an hour
to music from the Faire’s best-known and best-loved DJs.

Because while we believe that team identities matter, there’s an underlying team that is Relay For Life. That we as the Faire are just one small part of that team, and that our friends are as much a part of what we do as we are of their own efforts. Fairelanders all, Relayers all, we’re coming together to make the best and biggest difference we can together, because that spirit of teamwork is how the fight will be won. While our strength as individuals contributes to our strength as teams, it’s from each other’s strength we reach our goals. We are One Team, with One Goal, stronger together than any one person could even dream of being. Together, we are the cure.


Atlantis For Life
Cure Chasers
Fighting Sunflowers
Friends For a Cure
Game of Thrones Cooperative RFL
The Immortal Horde
Scorpion Stingers
Team Shadow

A RFL of SL Event

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