Mourningvale Sanctuary Murders – The Inspector’s Report

█▓▒░ Full Inspector’s Report  ░▒▓█

Six bodies have been found within the past week.  These bodies being deposited in this area.  See below for the full report from each department.

█▓▒░ Evidence Report  ░▒▓█

Found At the Scene:
Hoof print – one rather large
A bottle of red wine, perhaps left by the suspect
Very small piece of paper, handwritten with something that sounds biblical, in Latin. (Body #4)
Piece of paper with the words “Idle Hands” written upon it (Body #5)
Set of hoof prints and a shoe print (Body #5)
Identification on Body is that of a known pimp (Body #6)

█▓▒░ Coroner’s Report ░▒▓█

Dislike for those of sinful ways as in prostitutes, adulterers.
Torture seems to be done before the victim prior to their death, making the suspect appear to have a sadistic side.

Skilled in the art of using knives, with a steady hand, as might be suspected of someone with a medical background.

Bodies are carved with words of distaste that the suspect feels for the victim

Body # 1 – Female – “Harlot” carved into her stomach.

Body # 2 – Male – No words, but the body badly mutilated.

Body # 3 – Female – “Whore” carved into her chest, with various organs removed, more her reproductive system.

Body #4 – Male  – “Perversion” carved across his stomach.  This victim badly tortured, with the tongue cut out, eyes removed and castrated, again alive when this was done as like the rest.

Body #5 – Female – “Slut” carved into the front of her body. Both of her hands have been removed, as well as her reproductive system. Victim was alive during the removal of the parts.

Body #6 – Male – Body was found clothed, saturated in blood. Victim’s body covered in paper thin slices to the flesh, all over the body.  Written on his forehead in black permanent marker was “those that sell flesh shall have no flesh.”

█▓▒░ Investigators Report  ░▒▓█

With the evidence thus far collected, it seems the link is the killings are done by some kind of creature. This creature would be of a rather large and strong to be able to take on these victims and dispose of the bodies in a place other than where the murder had taken place.

The bottle of wine found at the scene is a type that can only be purchased at the Sanctuary Bar.  This means he must frequent the bar often.

The suspect is one that likes to marvel at his own work, as it appears from the scene that the he/she lingers and watches after the body has been deposited in its final resting place.

As stated in the coroner’s report, the suspect seems to dislike the concept of sin, particularly those of lustful acts of sex.  They punish their victims in a terrible manner, those that they feel deemed to sin.  They also feel the need to state their opinion on that victim.

The suspect is cocky, not afraid of being caught as they bring all the bodies to the same location.

█▓▒░ Suspects ░▒▓█

The list of suspects would include, naturally Belial, as a result of his long lists of crimes including, mass murder, robbery, extortion and others he has yet not yet been caught doing.

The second would be that was reported of a mysterious person wearing a robe has been seen near the site of the killing, talking to random people.


4 thoughts on “Mourningvale Sanctuary Murders – The Inspector’s Report”

  1. I accuse BaronGillesDeRais of the heinous murders that have swept through Mourningvale! His sly character and obvious retention of knowledge has drawn me to this conclusion. I am sure the chains that bound that bible to his torso and limbs, also bound those innocent victims as they lay in the clutches of this mass murderer! Justice will prevail!

  2. After much time spent talking to members of Sanctuary, spending time on the sim, viewing all the evidence and note cards, one is led to believe that Baron gillesderais is the most obvious person in the six deaths. His beliefs , hair – dark and long like found in the hands of the dead, drinking of Red wine, bible chained to his body and more lead to him being the most logical suspect.

  3. I accuse Barongillesderais of the murder of the 6 corpses at Mourningvale! He has all of the key components of being a murderer and acted like he knew less than he truly did. He stood there sipping the same wine that was found at the crime scene while I spoke to him and talked about many of the wounds that the dead had suffered as if it’s something he committed. He had bible pages all over his body and claimed that he “could have lost a page” when it could have been many pages that he lost! I say that he is clearly the murderer! Belial, you are lucky this time!

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