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The Lost Children of the Fairelands

Main Contributors

Loki Eliot – Our builder and chief story crafter. He leads the SL kids group on adventures but only behind the scenes. In character, he’s just another of the Lost Children of the Faire. He also creates the amazing sims that he brings to life here, and the amazing effects we use for our fund raising events. (Broken walls, giant dragons in ice, stones that alight and unlock a story)

Beryl Strifeclaw (Gager Resident)
Since the second year of the Faire roleplay, I have acted as the coordinator behind the scenes. I.E: I am liaison from the Faire roleplay groups to the SL kids. I attend the meetings, write up the blogs, plan the fund raising aspects, and relate everything that Loki needs to know about the Faire and its lore. Loki can’t make the meetings and I do my best to lighten the load so he can focus on building. I also help him craft the story in a way that it works with the Faire’s own lore and ways to in the end raise money for Relay. As fun as our RP is, what puts it above is how we use it to do good.

Ever since the first RP began in the Faire I always play Strifeclaw Guardian of the Earth Stone, Protector of Children. I have gladly reprised the role every year at the childrens insistence.

Avariel Falcon
Avariel Falcon has been a fan of the Faire before most of us knew it existed! Every year she offers to let us build what we need on her sim and helps with ideas. Because of her, Loki made sure the Bazaar Dungeon was made wide enough so the bus could drive through.

Though she remains the Guardian of the Air and a protector of the children, in the roleplay she has taken a step back. She is always there when we plan though and an active part of all our fund raisers when we have them.

Avariel Falcon’s first home has always been the Faire. Last year I sat beside her as it counted down to fading away until the sim closed and we were logged off.


The Most Active Players – Without them we wouldn’t have a real roleplay! We don’t hand them a script, we tell them who they are supposed to be and then they find themselves in situations and they help write our story and flesh it out making up stuff we didn’t even intend!

Tepic Harlequin – Every year he is quick to write a story for story time and help the other players by creating an immerse story for our new set of characters (only the Guardians are the same characters)

Cyan Rayna – Quick to write a story as well and contribute to the world. He takes part in the fund raisers and helps us all

Candance (Candancetherunaway) – Another who has really stepped up especially this year. She helped fund raise and took part in the general roleplay throughtout the entire story.

Daemon = Been there for years, always active and getting immersed in our world and in the fund raising.

Other players of note who have assisted in fund raising or greatly in the past:

Tokada the Rebel, Sebi Edmund, Jimmy Branagh, Matthew Querion, Azura Kitty, Dogstar, Poe North, Margo December, Myrtil Iglay

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