The LitFest Region Tours & Writing Challenges 2020


We can put you into the story.  The medium isn’t real.  The experience it creates in me is  what’s real.”  ~ Zander Greene, Fantasy Faire The Drax Files : World Makers Episode 4

Returning to Fantasy Faire this year are our LitFest Tours, when the Company of Faire Folk ride out, leaving  daily at 5pm from the Al-Ma’ala Gathering Place on the Drifts of Anamnesis to explore the Fairelands.

We invite you to put your Fantasy Faire experience into words. The Faire is brimming with stories: breathtaking builds and fantastical creations designed to touch your heart and soul.  What stories will they inspire in you?

The following pages will contain tour guide notes. On each Faireland’s tour day, a link will be activated. Check back here every day to gain access to inspirational writer’s prompts, one region at a time!

All Tours will start at 5pm, unless otherwise specified.

Friday, April 24th: Elemaria
Saturday, April 25th: Autumnium
Sunday, April 26th: Lunafae
Monday, April 27th: Agra Adara
Tuesday, April 28th: Lamented Fens
Wednesday, April 29th: Melusina’s Depths
Thursday, April 30th: Spirit Valley of Kuruk
Friday, May 1st at 3pm: Heliodor
Saturday, May 2nd: Zodiac
Monday, May 4th: Sirens Lore
Tuesday, May 5th at 4pm: MISTAKES WERE MADE!!
Tuesday, May 5th: Auxentios’ Pass
Wednesday, May 6th at 2pm: Ambigula
Wednesday, May 6th: Cassiopeia
Thursday, May 7th: Queensgarden
Friday, May 8th: Isle of Shadows
Saturday, May 9th: Fairelands Junction and Drifts of Anamnesis

How does the writing challenge work?

  • People can join the Company of Fair Folk at 5pm each day at the Al-Ma’ala Gathering Place on the Drifts of Anamnesis, and from there travel to one of the eighteen unique fantasy regions.  With the aid of a guide and a specially created guide card which they can access through a special HUD, they explore the region and open themselves up to what inspires them, what detail or overall impression sparks a poem, micro-fiction, or short story.
  • Or, if they prefer to travel independently, the can use the Tour HUD to access the guide cards and travel throughout the Fairelands.
  • They can then write their story or poem inspired by the Faireland they have visited.
  • Finally, they can share their work by submitting their pieces – by email to – to be posted online along with others inspired by the same region.
  • To have your story included on the Fantasy Faire blog, submit it within 2 days of the region tour – until the end of May 12th. Stories received after the deadlines until the end of 31st May will still be archived in our Tales pages, but cannot be featured on the live blog.
  • Some of the these tales may be chosen for broadcast on Fantasy Faire Radio. Writers are asked: If you do NOT wish your work broadcast, please indicate this on your submission.
  • Individual writers retain creative ownership of works shared.

To discover the Tales that have been submitted, visit Tales from the Fairelands 2020.

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