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Thursday April 20th
The Legend Of The Godfrog

The Lilypods of Mudrana live in the Land of the Lilypad providing music, song, and mischief in praise to the godfrog. Legends tell that should the godfrog falls asleep, the pond will dry out, and everything in the land would perish. The Lilypods provide instruments and entertainment to aid the frogs of Mudrana that croak and sing to preserve their world from death.


The children all tell their own stories about how they got here, and if you join them for their story time on Friday April 21st you can learn these many conflicting tales first hand! Some say Fae brought them here willingly, some claim they may have been stolen by a wicked goblin, and still more tell of a wicked bard who forced them to flee to the safety of the pond.

But whatever tale they believe, they agree that when they arrived they agree they were entrusted with a sacred duty. Keeping the godfrog awake and the pond alive!

Feel welcome to join in with them and hear their stories and join whatever adventures are coming to them! Story telling at 2pm slt to 4 pm slt



Friday April 21st
The Telling Of Tales


The Lilypods of Mudrana gathered with the Faire goers and their Guardians to share tales of their past. Though there were many happy tales, others served as warnings of dangers and events to come.

These tales can be found here…

Armed with the knowledge that a wicked bard had stolen the knowledge that could stop the corruption in Mudrana, the children were determined to stop the Bard King, the Unweaver, and whatever else tried to stop them from saving their realm. But they still did not yet how.


But a stone that had lain dormant next to their home for years had begun to glow. Their stories had somehow triggered it and the story that Dogstar had told about the wishing stone was at the forefront of their minds.


The children decided to rest and gather early the next morning to come up with a plan, and they think they have one now. It will take everyone to help them though.

Join the Lilypods as they use goodwill, cheer, music, and charity to show the wishing stone their intention is pure so that they can use the wish to perhaps stop the wicked Bard King and end the Unweavers corruptive hold on Mudrana.


Saturday April 22nd
The Memory In The Stones

The Unweaver has corrupted part of the land of Mudrana, and the wicked Bard King has stolen the stories and memories that would allow the Lilypod children the means to reverse the curse.


But after sharing their stories together in camaraderie a stone began to glow nearby their camp. It ‘sounded’ like the wishing stones in Dogstar’s Tale that could help them resist the Bard King and the Unweavers unholy plots, but they are not sure. All they know for certain is it is magical and that their destiny calls for them to unleash what is trapped within.


As the good cheer and memories woke the stone before, they hoped that more cheer, generosity, and good wishes would fully power the wish inside the stone so that they may use it to combat the evil plaguing their land. They didn’t know for certain what would happen but they had faith.


Their trust was rewarded, and were able to raise 30,000 L from Faire goers towards their cause. The stone cracked and a glowing wisp emerged.


He told the story of a boy who was tricked by a wicked spirit called a Pook to all who would pass, and if you go there now he will repeat its tale.


They now seek the Sunrise Fish, which they believe they have found. They will need to know how to discover the rest of the story to release the Bard Kings hold on it, and only then can they learn how to undo the corruption that began so long ago.

The children know if they fail, the Bard King will steal the song from the frogs and children causing them to forget. And if they stop singing and keeping the Godfrog awake, he will fall asleep. If he falls asleep then all of Mudrana will perish and be taken by the Unweaver.


Sunday April 23rd
A Fiendish Ruse

The Lilypods 2

The Lilypods were emboldened by their success in cracking the wish stone and were ready to uncover the secrets of the ‘Sunrise Fish’. They were unsure what they would find inside but they were ready to crack it open.

Hammer Time
Now stop…hammer time!

While they struggled to get through the stone, the Grand Master Groodburg appeared and laid claim to the statue.


The goblin pirate struggled to get past us, but the Guardians and the Lilypods would not let him pass. He then offered a trade…a story for the statue.

The Offer

He claimed that he had received it from a stranger on Morbus who was clad in darkness that he had not seen. The children found this suspect and refused to trade the statue for the story until he shared more.


In a huff, the Grand Master used his arm cannon and blew it up.


The Sunrise Gem was nowhere to be found though. Dejected he left and threw the story he had offered at Tepic.

Tepic Reads

They followed the trail of clues, one after the other, with Strifeclaw the Guardian of the Earth growing more distressed. It was if she wanted to say something, but could not. The children assumed it was because she was not sleeping with the music to keep the godfrog awake.


Finally they reached they appeared to reach the final clue and the last bit of the story. They cheered as they found a happy ending for the boy though he appeared to have forgotten everything. Even Avariel, the Guardian of the Air doubted nothing.

Lilypad Ladder

Strifeclaw, the Guardian of the Earth begged them to remember her warning during the tales she had told before. She broke the rules that bind her special knowledge to remind them that the Bard King had it within his power to tell a convincing fake story in the place of the true story.

Gem Prison

If the children had believed the false story, they would not have been able to complete their quest and their hunt for the truth would have been over. But for her interference Strifeclaw paid a terrible price.

Encased in a gem that slowly turned to stone, she was trapped to prevent her from interfering once again.

Stone Prison

The children must now seek out the real Sunrise Fish, and discover the true story stolen by the Bard King, because only then can they learn how to undo the corruption that began so long ago, and perhaps free their Guardian from their stone prison.

The Lilypods 2 (2)

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Monday April 24th
The True Sunrise Fish

The Lilypods gathered at Beryl’s stone prison and lamented that they were not back to just square one, but without the aide of their wise guardian.

Some of the Lilypods believed that Strifeclaw had imprisoned themselves in their anger at the Lilypods for failing to heed her warnings. Others disagreed. A few thought the truth might be somewhere in the middle. But they were certain that the only way to help her was to summon Dogstar once again.

The True Stone Fish_002

They traveled the Fairelands to regale Dogstar with their troubles. He told them that whatever had happened to the Guardian, the only way to right this wrong was to reveal the true story of the Sunrise Fish.

The True Stone Fish_004

They traveled back to Mudrana and Dogstar stopped them near the edge of the pond. He recognized a sunrise fish, though it was encased in stone.

The True Stone Fish_005

We must gather here tomorrow at 2pm I should think, and do what the Lilypods did before. Perhaps then the true story can unfold.

The ritual needs the generosity and presence of the Fairelanders! Join us April 25th at 2pm in Mudrana to help our Guardian and discover the story the Bard King hid so long ago.


Tuesday April 25th
Dogstar’s Ritual

After the Lilypods found the Sunrise Fish, many of them rested well that evening knowing what would be needed of them the next morning. But one child must always stay awake to keep the Godfrog awake as well.

Brinley the Lilypod was enjoying her evening, talking with Faire goers and keeping her dress from being eaten by passing deer when she visited Strifeclaw’s prison. There dark spirits spoke to her alone.

The Spirits Talk_001

They asked her why the children were fighting so hard for a land that had taken them so mysteriously, almost kidnapping them all.

The Spirits Talk_003

Before the taunting spirits departed they issued a dark threat, that their continued actions would provoke the Unweaver and they had other Guardians who could suffer as Strifeclaw had now.

The Spirits Talk_004

‘I don’t want this land to dry up and die!’ Brinley said defiantly. The Spirits departed and Lilypod left in a fury. She shared the warning, but neither she or the other Lilypods were to be detered from their actions.

We're ready

When the Lilypods, their allies, and caring Fairelanders arrived to help them, Dogstar cast his ritual on the Sunrise Fish.

Dogstar's Ritual

And Dogstar shouted to all present,

Signs of hope


Almost there


Now to break it


And he left us there to fill the stone with good will, charity, and cheer and the charity was great this day for 120,200 L was given by the end!

Freed Spirit(1)

The great stone fish cracked and the spirit bearing a truth was freed! It told how the Pook had tricked the boy into being eaten by the fish and was lost inside trapped for all eternity.

Even now it will repeat its tale about how the Pook, disguised as the frog tricked the mother into being his servant and turned into a Prince, but the tale ended as the mother found the precious gem he had gone in search of.

The Next part of the Story

The children believe they need to find that lost gem now in order to find the next peice of the story. Remembering their trapped guardian they rushed to see if the ritual had freed them as well.

Beryl's free but...

Her prison had broken open, but the Guardian herself was nowhere to be found. Was she taken prisoner, or was she truly angry with the children? This would be questions for tomorrow, as well as the search for the Sunrise Gem that would take them beyond the borders of Mudrana to all the Fairelands!


Wednesday April 26th
The Enchanted Gem

The boy had been eaten by the Sunrise Fish and trapped inside. The Mother alone was tricked by the Pook into serving him in the form of a frog until he adopted the guise of a Prince once she served him.

His trickery got the Pook everything he wanted, and the woman was content until she found a strange orange gem near the pond.

The Lilypods were unsure what they would do next, and with Strifeclaw freed but missing they had no other guidance.


It was late that night that once again Brinley was approached by the Dark Spirits. She told them that no one would be detered from their ritual and that the results had obviously been for the best. The spirits warned that that the Bard King and Unweaver would now be focusing their attentions on the Lilypods more than ever.

Brinley pointed out that she and the others were prepared to fight. The spirits warned her that the Unweaver and Bard King had no need to fight to achieve victory.


“There will come minions, possibly even in disguise, who will try to take the gem you seek. They will take from you precious things, and seal the fate of the Godfrog and this pond to death, rather than lose.”


“Know this child…and spread our final warning. The Lilypods cannot find the Sunrise Gem in Mudrana alone. Search all the Lands today if you wish, but the enchantment upon it will prevent you from finding it. Only one who is considered an enemy to the Land of Mudrana can find it.”

Lilypod in Fallen Sands

Distressed, Brinley told the other Lilypods and they searched the Fairelands, but came up empty handed. Their guardian of the Air had no power over stones, the Guardian of the Earth Stone was still missing, and Dogstar was tired and occupied after the celebration the day before.

Frustrated, they returned home to think of a way to find the Sunrise Gem without the aide of their guardians before it was too late.


Thursday April 27th
Enemy Mine-r, Mr. Biggins

The Lilypods confronted the dark spirits and heard their dire warnings for themselves. Tepic of the Lilypods confronted them, stating the warnings sounded like the spirits worked for the Unweaver. They did not deny their allegiance to their dark master.

Confronting the Spirits

The Lilypods refused to heed these warnings, and were discussing a way to find the Sunrise Gem, even though it was a gem only an enemy of Mudrana could find.

How to find a gem

As they discussed the possibilities they soon heard the sound of rock breaking, and discovered a man with the audacity to dig into the mountain of the Godfrog! They surrounded the intruder with hostility as the stranger waved his pickax menacingly and said the statue was in his way. Matthew the Lilypod struck the man in the knee with a stick making him fall.

Enemy of Mudrana

The children soon had the man overwhelmed and talking. His name was Mr. Biggins, and he was looking for a gem to get back home with. The Grandmaster had taken his gem hunting device for himself where it had broken into pieces. He was intending to take a gem from the Godfrog’s mountain, which risked weakening the entire Land of the Lilypad.

Surround him!

The man had made himself an enemy to Mudrana, and it was then that the children realized that they could use him to find the Sunrise gem.

Mr. Biggins, who was tired of getting hit by Matthew’s stick, agreed that if they fixed his device he would help them find the gem they needed as well. They searched high and low, and Azura the Lilypod found two of the missing pieces, but no one could find the control box.

Strifeclaws Return

It wasn’t until Matthew stumbled upon their lost guardian, Strifeclaw, that they found that she had discovered it. After telling them why she had turned to stone, she gave the Lilypods the box they needed.

He even drew a picture

The allies of Mudrana were apprehensive as they offered the device to Mr. Biggins, and a few who had just arrived did not think they should put any faith into an ‘enemy of Mudrana’.

The device made awful noises that hurt the sensitive ears of many of the Lilypods, but they followed the man in circles, growing ever more distrustful and angry as they followed. Finally, he stopped and looked at a flower.

In Circles

He said that the gem was in the flower. Though skeptical, the Lilypods raised their horns to call forth the Sunrise gem with their music.

We were just here

The flower opened up and the Sunrise gem emerged, showing that the woman poisoned the Frog Prince, and in his last moments the Pook turned into a frog and ate the woman after shrinking her as well. He then turned to stone.

The Sunrise Gem

Mr. Biggins took his device to look for a gem of his own, but as he left the spirits returned to issue their dire warnings. The Lilypods and their allies as one chased them away. With their enemies gone, the children went to what they believed was the Frog Prince statue.

They made plans to thwart the Unweavers threats to make the Godfrog fall asleep, by planning a loud race the next day, while the Guardians of Air and Earth stones prepared a Woading to break it open.

The Frog Prince

Join the Lilypods for racing on Friday, and help them keep the Godfrog entertained and awake as the Unweaver tries to make the sickness in the land spread.


Friday April 28th
Entertaining The Godfrog

With the sunrise gem found and the Unweaver increasing his efforts, Loki of the Lilypods decided that the best way to keep the Godfrog awake was to keep him entertained. He arranged a noisy race on the back of pondskippers.

Azura and Scooby

The children cannot let their Godfrog falter now, when victory and defeat are both so close at hand.


The Lilypods need everyone to join them Saturday in Mudrana at two pm as they attempt to break open the Stone Frog, and put an end to an ancient tragedy and save their land from a dark end.

Darkness Falls


Saturday April 29th
The End of The Stone Frog

Saving the Godfrog_001

The Lilypods awoke Saturday morning to a horrible sight. At first they thought the purple miasma was beautiful, but soon discovered that it was the final attack by the Unweaver upon the Godfrog.

Saving the Godfrog_003

The Guardians had worked for two days on a powerful enchantment, that Dogstar prepared for the Lilypods. They would channel positivity into the stones and crack the false Frog Prince and release the woman trapped inside.

Saving the Godfrog_004

Saving the Godfrog_033

There was no time to lose. The Godfrog was weakening with every passing moment, and should he fall asleep all life in the land would perish, including those who were trying to save him!

Saving the Godfrog_024

They stepped into the miasma and brought their joy, charity, and happiness to counter the Unweavers daunting presence.

Saving the Godfrog_012

Soon, to the shock of many the great stones began to rise from the ground. The Guardians had known, that it must be done, but the Lilypods had been shocked. Some feared that the flying stones would fall upon them.

Saving the Godfrog_018

Their fears and disagreements still held them back at first, but Strifeclaw told the children and revelers that only positivity could help them succeed and to believe the stone would not fall and they would save their world.

Saving the Godfrog_031

The negativity slowly faded to warmth, happiness, joy, and charity. Within the first hour of the ritual over 30,000 was raised.

Saving the Godfrog_036

Lilypods shared stories of what made them happy, and as the total given away to charity rose so did the power of the stones. The number more than doubled. 70,000

Saving the Godfrog_042

But they were not done. 90,000 was achieved no more than ten minutes later.

Saving the Godfrog_043

110,000 not long after and the number climbed higher and higher in the hope of saving their world and combating the evil of the Unweaver.

Saving the Godfrog_051

The Frog Prince cracked and the woman’s soul was freed from her suffering prison. She told us the end of her story, and how the corruption began in Mudrana.

Saving the Godfrog_053

Her anger and rage had seethed inside the Frog for centuries, and the poison she had used upon him had also tainted the land. We had eased her rage and soon we would have the permanent cure for the realm.

Saving the Godfrog_059

With the story revealed the power of the Bard King wanned in the realm, and as for the Unweaver his presence had been repelled by the potent ritual that had been powered not by the Guardians or Dogstar, but you. The people of the Faire and the Lilypods who put everything into the fight against the Unweaver and gave your positivity, time, and charity.

Saving the Godfrog_060

In the end over 155,000 Linden was given for this cause, and the Bard Queen, the benevolent protector of the realm, doubled that amount.

314,000 Linden went to helping the Lilypods stave off this tragedy, and it will go on to aid in the fight against another evil in the other realm we all know.

Thank you, Faire Goers, for joining us and caring. Perhaps we will see you again next year.


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